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  1. Hi people! Does anyone know what this models’ name is, please? I’d really appreciate it if you could find out, thank you! Kind regards, Daniel the photographer
  2. Does anyone know who this model might be?
  3. https://appsliced.co/app?n=facetune-video-selfie-editor&l=dev Hi there! Hope you are all well. I'm just wondering if any of you know who this model is? I'd like to do a few collaborations with this model. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, Does anyone know who these models are? I can’t see their modelling portfolios as Nike doesn’t credit their models for some reason. Id really appreciate it if anyone knows the name of these models. Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot! Just one more, do you know who this girl is?
  6. Hi, does anyone know who these beautiful ladies are? heres the link for the first picture for a closer look; https://www.marksandspencer.com/open-front-cardigan/p/p22511119?image=SD_01_T38_5722_BD_X_EC_90&color=PLUM&prevPage=srp Thanks
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