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Black Tape Project Show 2019, Miami

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On 3/25/2020 at 4:35 AM, WimBelleza said:

One of the most remarkable shows of the year 2019, I think. Also in Los Angeles and New York I believe but with different models.

In the sequence of their presentation I ask the ID from the following:

(the models that I recognized with number but without photo)


1. BTPMI19-1.thumb.JPG.39221d5725f4bbb5e9ce1bb0358b3f7d.JPG



olia artanova





5.Jasmine Blandford

6.Karina Ramos











12. Jazzma Kendrick

13. Paola Diaz







16. I think Qui'yona Salmon

17. Joelle Frederick









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Again 2 names I´ve never heard of. Happy with that. By the way you mean no. 18 I guess. No 19 I have, it is LeeAnna Michelle Burton.

By the way: have you seen my comment on your topic about Wildfox?

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11 hours ago, WimBelleza said:

Olia Artonova I found already. Any other model IDed?  I have some more: 2 = GabrielleCatano,  15 = Carina Mancebo.

Very good chapichapo, Ashley Rossi is even a new model for me.

Not sure for these 2 names.

2 = Olia Artanova

15: not sure...

3,7,8,9,10,14 missing

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I know no. 8 , she is Anna Geyer.

For me 2 and 15 are okay. Both photos with manes are on the Internet. It´s now Quiyona Salmon (Google) and you will see the photo on het own Instagram.


So I miss 5.   No 14 I recognise from another show, but also before  I couldn´t find her name. 

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