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  1. I have seen Chanel in other shows more attractive. This "version" I nearly can?t recognize.
  2. No. 8 should be Talia Graf? I have Talia in this show as one of the last in the show. I think that this is Talia. If not, who is this model?
  3. Great to see how this cooperation works very well. For no.2 I think of Maggie Genzer, but I am not sure.
  4. Here are my questions. Some of them I have seen before, but I can´t find them quickly. Going on with your nummers: 7. 8. 9- 10. 11. 12. 13.
  5. 3= Emma Shea 4=Alexandra Baron Is Karen Lima an option for 6 ? Later on I will put more photos of models that you probably recognised already.
  6. I know no. 8 , she is Anna Geyer. For me 2 and 15 are okay. Both photos with manes are on the Internet. It´s now Quiyona Salmon (Google) and you will see the photo on het own Instagram. So I miss 5. No 14 I recognise from another show, but also before I couldn´t find her name.
  7. Again 2 names I´ve never heard of. Happy with that. By the way you mean no. 18 I guess. No 19 I have, it is LeeAnna Michelle Burton. By the way: have you seen my comment on your topic about Wildfox?
  8. Olia Artonova I found already. Any other model IDed? I have some more: 2 = GabrielleCatano, 15 = Carina Mancebo. Very good chapichapo, Ashley Rossi is even a new model for me.
  9. hello chapichapo, I downloaded the video (was a new one for me) and will be busy today with making stills and ID-ing but I can tell you already that no 4 is an easy one for me, it is Nina Matos. I guess that there are others (in total 39 models !) that I can´t ID. Is it okay for you that I place photos of them in your topic?
  10. why not? I found a photo with the same bikini on Indah and also the face is correct On the other hand it seems impossible because this show is from 2014 while the other photos of Cameron that I have are from 2019 and there she looks younger. A suggestion who is this model?
  11. I found no.1 (after a lot of scrolling through the Instagram of Indah). She is Cameron Rorrison. I had seen her in others shows, but did not recognize her now.
  12. I should say that no.3 is Miki Hamano, but checking her Instagram I can´t confirm that.
  13. From the period 2012-2016 I don´t have much, mainly the shows of Luli Fama and Beach Bunny. But this show of Indah I really like and I miss some fine models. 1. Is she the beautiful Natalaya Cabral? 2 3 4 5
  14. I found no. 1 (a really beautiful model), it is Nina Matos. And I think that no.3 is Talia Graf.
  15. Thanks chapichapo. Not new, I should have found them by my self, but I didn't. And often if I combine different photos it´s wrong, I experience later on. There are 3-4 people that help regularly with ID-ing the models of MSW. Many thanks !! The last months I spent a lot of time searching in Google and Instagram.It was worthwhile: the results were that I could ID 270 models on my own while 110 models were ID-ed by 4 users of Bellazon (before mostly by KimFlorida). Now 80-85 % of all models that I have from around 75 shows are identified. I will go on (at a calmer pace) making topics hoping that they are appreciated. I should like it if the small group of people able to ID will go on helping. For me it should be helpfull too if you have an idea about a name without being sure. I can search the Internet and try to confirm it.
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