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  1. It appears to be Andre Albuquerque Regards, Jonas.
  2. It's Peter Badenhop. regards, Jonas.
  3. This one appears to be in the wrong forum.
  4. Hi, This is Paul Kelly. Instagram paulkelly2 regards, Jonas.
  5. That looks like Pedro Marinho https://www.instagram.com/pedromarinhoof/?hl=en Regards, Jonas.
  6. This is Paul Kelly. Instagram paulkelly2 https://www.instagram.com/paulkelly2/?hl=en Regards, Jonas.
  7. Hi, there is no photo. Regards, Jonas.
  8. Hi, I think you forgot to post the photo. Regards, Jonas.
  9. Hi All, Perhaps you can help with this search too. Two male models, who both primarily model hairstyles, whom I am searching names for. I have labelled them 1 and 2. Many thanks in advance, Jonas.
  10. Dear All, There are a couple of stock photo models I came across constantly in searches, online advertisements and on some social media sites, but these two never seem to be tagged in order to discover their names. If Anyone does know these guys, please let me know by stating 'black haired guy is ________' and 'blond haired guy is_________'. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Jonas.
  11. Brook Klausing, landscape gardener and model.
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