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  1. Seen how everything is going so fast do you think we would know how the fantasy bra/bralette would look like and who is getting it by the end of August?
  2. She is been looking hot, in the holiday pictures
  3. Elsa is looking hot for the holiday commercial
  4. Stella, Jo & Adri looks hot. Taylor, Sara, Elsa, Candice, & Lais look pretty. Happy Behati was not there. Lily, Jasmine, Romee, Ale & Martha, were meh
  5. @Souled-OutMay since when? It used to be July
  6. Maybe she was shooting for the fantasy bralette.
  7. She is hot like fire. I would have prefer seen her in the VS cowgirls holiday instead of Martha, Stella or Romee those girls are so boring.
  8. She looks better with short hair. She should have cut it a long time ago.
  9. Taylor is in Aspen already.
  10. I want too see new faces,!there so many to pick: Dani Lopez, Alina Kirchiu, Cameron Rorrison, Bridgette Satterlee. Alexina Graham, Megan Irwin, Rose Bertram, Xian Quon, Anastasiya Scheglova, Vika Bronova, Yara Khmidan, Anne De Paula, Elizabeth Turner, Marina Laswick, Jessica Strother, Sofia Jamora, Yada Villaret, Moa Aberg, Charlie Austin, Lisa Marie Jaftha, Lana Zakocela, Caitlin Ricketts, Sophia Miacova, Daniela Cosió, Bruna Lirio, Gigi midgley, Gia Radionova,'jessica morrow, solange smith, Lydia Simonis, Nicole Harrison, Elizabeth Sawatzky, Esther Heesch, & Victoria Lee. bring back Barbara Palvin, Georgia Fowler, Jac Jagaciak, Vita Sidorkina (gain weight body) Sanne Vloet, Bregje Heinen, Irina Shayk, Shanina Shaik, Kelly Gale, Ming Xi, Sui He, Joan Small, Gracie Carvalho, Irina sharipova, Edita Vilkviciute,
  11. Ashley is not curvy, she is fat. Is sad how people like you is trying to make her seem she is a normal size.
  12. Yes she is. Do you know the definition of curvy?
  13. Oh yes, Barbara as a curvy angel. Ashley no.
  14. Alina Kirchiu would be perfect for VS https://www.bellazon.com/main/uploads/monthly_2017_08/Screenshot_20170724-065326.png.a5040a0c3367e5a7ba5fafaffa88b3a5.png