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  1. I meant in the sense of, what the can VS do for her career at this point? Nothing. She's done it all for VS already, there is literally nothing new for her to do there. And VS is not going to make her more famous than she is already, she already got everything she could out of them. It's the same with Adriana, as much as I love their work from the company, it's just going to be the same stuff all the time. VS has been stuck with the same people for more than a decade (photographers, stylist, PR people, etc), it's become boring and messy. Also, I sincerely doubt Candice will be featured as heavily in the catalogs as she was pre-baby (same for Behati). VS seems focused on pushing their newer models, particularly Elsa, Taylor and to a lesser extend Josephine seem to be taking over the brand and it's very likely that Grace Elizabeth will follow in soon. Other than the paycheck there's nothing exciting about VS-Candice (or VS-Adriana, VS-Alessandra, VS-Lily, VS-Behati for that matter) combo, heck, even for the show they just all get two shitty outfits and two seconds of screentime in favor of the new girls and the children of satan nepotism. Wouldn't it be better to see her doing something new and refreshing? I do understand why she's probably going to stay tho, the paycheck is good and I'm sure they won't demand as much time from her as they did before, however, as a fan I rather see her moving on to bigger and better things.
  2. Candice needs to stay away from SI, that magazine is a hot mess these days, their shoots get worse every single year o.o, I'd love to see her doing more HF as well tho and leaving VS for a high end lingerie company like AP or La Perla. She's done VS for way too long, I feel like there's nothing else she can do for VS or that VS can do for her at this point in her career
  3. Barbara Palvin (E) - 8Rose Bertram - 10Vita Sidorkina (F) - 6Vita Sidorkina (G) - 5Barbara Palvin (H) - 9Hannah Ferguson (C) - 3
  4. Here:
  5. I've never been, but @HighMaintenance has been to the show twice and Alejandra from AlesBeijo's has been as well, however I don't think they can share backstage/secret stuff since it could ruffle VS feathes and get them in trouble. They did post/send other members some stuff when they went like pictures, videos and the order of the lineup for us to post here. None of them are really active on BZ tho, Im not sure if they posted more in the Beijos forum, you'd have to check there to see
  6. I wonder why she hasn't showed up yet then? Not that I ever expected her tho Also Elsa is running some marathron stuff with her man's company in NYC so I guess that's why she isn't there and i don't expect her to show up at all in LV either. @Prettyphile shh, I won't say anything. I rather see shit hit the fan on its own eventually
  7. Barbara Palvin (D)- 9Hannah Davis (B) -7Kelly Gale - 8Lais Ribeiro (B) - 10Vita Sidorkina (D) - 9
  8. Stella is the queen of not attending the girls' birthdays and I respect her/love her for it. Not a single fuck given on her part
  9. And how is Vie's fault that you missed them? Feel free to believe whatever you want tho.
  10. See, shit like this is why we don't share nice things anymore @HighMaintenance Don't even bother girl, not worth it unless you have DNA proof that you've touched 'em VS models.
  11. Are you saying girls like Mia Kang, Danielle Herrington and Myla Dalbesio are not elite models? The horror! Let's get real, all you need to get cast these days is to kiss MJ's ass really hard. Nothing else
  12. She's the best thing VS has nowdays with Lais and Taylor tbh. I'm dying for the three of them to shoot together They could be the new Adriana, Gisele & Karolina Also why is VS re-doing pretty much the same shoot as the Vogue Spain editorial? o.o
  13. I'm here for a Lais, Taylor and Elsa as main girls. All the other girls are doing nothing for me these days
  14. Barbara Palvin (A) - 9Barbara Palvin (F) - 10Bianca Balti - 8.5Hannah Ferguson (A) - 1Vita Sidorkina (A) - 6 The more I see Hanna's shoot the more I hate it, how did SI manage to screw her like this?
  15. According to who? I think Josephine, Lais and Elsa are doing far better than Sara Also yall say what you want but when all the girls are posing with Sara it's awkward AF, she's the new Miranda