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  1. SI SWIMSUIT 2020 Location: Wyoming, USA Photographer: Ruven Afanador - Vita Sidorkina - Emily Didonato - Danielle Herrington - Kim Riekenberg (Rookie #1) - Myla Dalbesio - Marquita Pring (Rookie #2) Location: Bali, Indonesia Photographer: Yu Tsai - Brooks Nader (Rookie #3) - Olivia Culpo - Jasmine Sanders - Kate Bock - Shamu - JooJoo Hwang (Rookie #4) Location: Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands Photographer: Josie Clough - Haley Kalil - Robin Holzken - Lorena Duran (Rookie #5) - Olivia Brower - Samantha Hoopes - Valentina Sampaio (Rookie #6) Location: Dominican Republic Photographer: Kate Powers - Kelsey Merritt - Anne de Paula - HalimaHa - Josephine Skriver (Rookie #7) - Camille Kostek - Anita Marshall (Rookie #8) Location: Turks & Caicos (Model Search) Photographer: Yu Tsai - Tanaye White - Christie Valdiserri - Brielle Anyea - Clarissa Bowers - Kathy Jacobs - Jamea Lynne Byrd
  2. For sure, the media jumped on it when she worked with VS as well, but it happened on its own. It didn't feel like another desperate attempt to stay relevant, and I am pretty sure that there's still a whole lot of people going through the VS website, seeing Valentina and not questioning how much of a woman she is. Which won't happen with SI, she won't have the chance for people to see her as a woman or a model first, everyone is now automatically going to see her as the SI trans chick, which I personally think it's shit. I wouldn't have made the whole trans thing a big deal now, I think they should have waited until the magazine was out and people had formed an unbiased opinion about her and then open up about it and raise awareness. Now she's just gonna get a shit ton of unnecessary hate and a lot of people will talk shit about her footage and pictures regardless of how good they are.
  3. REMINDER: As launch time approaches, I just want to remind everyone that if you find anything that has leaked, you cannot share it on Bellazon as it is copyrighted by SI and it will get us all in trouble. It doesn't matter if it has been posted already in Reddit or TFS or any other online platform. Leaked content is NOT allowed so please, don't post anything until has been released through SI's official platforms or a third party approved by them. It goes for this thread and for model threads as well.
  4. Say whatever you want, but if SI wasn't making such a big deal about Valentina being transgender, the odds are that the vast majority of people wouldn't even realize she isn't a cis woman, clearly here in BZ it's different but the average person has no idea who she is and wouldn't stop once to think about how much of a "real woman" she is. Which is why I have an issue with SI, they are trying so so so hard to be woke pushing shit down our throats, instead of letting it happen organically. When VS started working with bigger girls and even with Valentina, they said literally nothing about it, yet people responded to it really well. All this parading around screaming how woke and inclusive they are, to me is pathetic and it feels fake as fuck. I understand the need to raise awareness but this type of thing instead of feeling truly inclusive to me, but in cases like this it ends up feeling more of a them vs. us thing. That being said, Valentina does looks better than about half of the girls in the magazine. I'll take her any day over the fat ones, any fucking day.
  5. She looks great in the videos and pictures, and I am also glad the worst kept secret is out I wonder if we will be getting more surprise models tho
  6. The secret rookie is not Lo Rae or anyone yall are crossing your fingers for. Also Lo Duran looks great in her video, but yeah the pictures are not that great, I think the way they are editing the colors is not doing them any favors. From all the girls I've seen, the videos are way better than the pictures.
  7. Elle Trowbridge Imaan Hammam Chandler Bailey Xian Mikol
  8. The video in the release article is from 2019 so not all of those girls will be back, also, I will say that as a little girl you inevitable do go through magazines when you're bored even if you're not supposed tho. I don't remember how young I was the first time I saw a VS catalog but I was definitely still a kid and it did leave quite the impression on me I've met many many girls who found their dad's SI/Plaboy magazines would love to see them. So it's actually a very accurate statement to make. Hyunjoo looks great, so excited to see more of her but I couldn't care less about Marquita or Josephine, they are both a hard pass for me. I don't even remember the rest of the lineup anymore but I wouldn't be surprised if Olivia Culpo gets the cover, she's the most relevant girl they've got.
  9. She stopped following VS on instagram, VS didn't post a birthday message for her like they always do and she hasn't done absolutely anything for VS since late 2019, she's done.
  10. She's always been gorgeous but she definitely looks even better now than she did in 2007 when she first came out, she looks so much more elegant and refined.
  11. Her body is to die for, thanks everyone for the updates
  12. Alright folks, calm down and stop trashing Doutzen and her husband o.o. You don't have to be a fan of the man but this is getting bit too personal so move on from this topic.
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