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  1. Clauds


    OBSESSED with this Cannes look, she is looking amazing and I am so here for her embracing this pregnancy
  2. This shoot is absolutely stunning, she looks incredible!
  3. I adore this cover! And I am so happy she has finally embraced pregnancy and didn't go into hiding as she did before, she is absolutely glowing.
  4. So now that I've had time to digest the mess, these are my favorite pictures, had I been the one choosing the cover model, it would have been Lorena or Camille as they are the ones with the better shots, especially Camille seems like the lighting and editing was on point, Lorena wasn't as lucky in that regard. And these are the pictures I didn't hate
  5. Could be, but that angle is defeated when you look at the girls who look like they ate Lorena
  6. Clauds


    Yes, she used to have a contract with them, IIRC Chris Hemsworth and Karolina Kurkova also had contracts with them at the time.
  7. Yeah but the magazine industry wasn't as nearly dead in 1985 as it is now though. This to me feels like one last cry to try to move units in a dying industry; I personally cannot remember the last time I bought a magazine before recently purchasing the latest Vogue Scandinavia issue, which I bought exclusively because Elsa Hosk is on the cover with an editorial I adore, other than that I think the last time I bought a magazine must have been at least a solid five years ago, and I don't know anyone who still buys magazines other than my husband who is subscribed to medical journals because he has to. I also don't think SI would approach Kendall, she's too boring to be in SI these days, if not Kim the other from the clan I can see them going for is Kylie who also rides on the whole "inspiring business woman and billionaire" bullshit. Right now to be in SI you need to have something extra like being fat, or old, or transgender, or to have some disability or you need to have gay parents, or have to be a nurse during the pandemic, to be pregnant or having given birth during your fitting, etc. If anything I am shocked Lorena Duran still made the cut, there isn't a single other woman on the magazine this year besides Lorena without a "story" as far as I can tell.
  8. This is why Kim got a cover: Yumi's cover: 5,119 likes and 143 comments Grandma: 2,822 likes and 96 comments Ciara: 5,492 likes and 142 comments Kim: 36,7k likes and 1,165 comments Sure, some people are giving them backlash but numbers don't lie, the woman has hundreds of millions of fans. I predict her cover to be sold out insanely fast and to be a best-selling cover, she is a money making machine wether we like it or not. This issue is a shitshow and other than Lorena Duran who is by far the MVP, there's a couple other girls that did okay, but overall it's just bad.
  9. Dis magazine so bad, that it has me finding Kim Kardashian and Josephine Skriver attractive, let that sink in
  10. She looks great, she has one of the top bodies in the magazine this year and her cover is my favorite. Come and fight me one by one
  11. No one. This was also a very poor business choice, a lot of people hate Elon Musk with all due reason because he's just another rich fucking a-hole who is full of crap and therefore will not be happy with this, I think the backlash from this will be big. Surprised by Kim's cover, she actually looks good, she has been growing on me lately. And again, from the 28 "models" in the magazine I know 14, and out of the 14 I know I don't like more than half Hailey Clauson is the best one in the issue, glad that she is back but also she is too good for this now. EDIT: Spoke too soon, let's just say Hailey wasn't having the best day of her career when they shot this o.o
  12. Listen, I am well known in this forum for my Kardashian hatred but I can fully understand why she is on that cover, even Ciara as a WAG and famous person (because let's face it, her music career is dead), but Maye Musk?
  13. Clauds


    UGH. This face!!! Adriana's beauty remains unmatched, and she still looks so youthful as well. Cannot wait to see the final results of this
  14. Clauds


    These rankings are fake, I know as a fact that Isabeli Fontana used to make way way, way, waaaaay more than any of this lists claimed, Gisele has also said multiple times that those lists are bullshit so take it with a grain of salt. Also the fact that Chrissy Teigen is in this list should be telling enough, when was the last time she even worked as a model?
  15. I don't know half of these women and even in those I know, I wish I didn't know them can't wait for another disastrous cover
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