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  1. That's exactly what I mean tho, it's not mistake that the entire is so bad. I fully believe they put the women in those nasty swimsuits to make them look worse, more "relatable", because those who are better-than-average looking look terrible here and there's absolutely no way it's a coincidence. I am ready for this to die, it's time to let it go. They need to take a look at VS and let it go, take a break for a few years and maybe come back in a few years with a fresh team.
  2. I didn't even know this thing was out until Martha's cover -unfortunately- made it to my instagram feed and the only thing I can say is: I hate it. I hate absolutely everything this trash magazine has become. The only shoot with any sort of redeeming qualities is Duckie Thot, the rest are either incredibly unattractive women, attractive women in horrible swimsuits or horrible styling and editing. I have come to the conclusion that this is intentionally and deliberately bad, because you cannot be so consistently incompetent across the board. That being said, transphobia is not okay, so I've deleted a couple of comments on that, you know who you are so please stop making those comments.
  3. This may just be my new all-times favorite Elsa look in a red carpet, she looks absolutely stunning. It's head to toe perfection
  4. Clauds


    I am not 100% sure but I think VS is not doing long-term contracts anymore so idk, seems like now they run things campaign-based, so I don't think we'll see her all over the VS website but I wouldn't be surprised if she does more campaigns for them and walks the new show. In fact, since Adriana is probably the biggest name that they can afford, if she walks the show my best bet is that she'll get to open and come full-circle from having closed the last show in 2018
  5. Clauds


    It was Adriana who decided to leave VS AFAIK, and I don't blame her for it, once Alessandra left, the gap between Adriana and the other girls was too much and she looked (and probably felt) out of place, and she's not stupid, she probably knew VS was a sinking ship that was also limiting her options. Coming back now that they are re-branding and the public opinion on VS is not as negative anymore is a win-win for both of them, Adriana is probably getting a lot of money for this campaign and VS gets some caché back for having an actual icon return
  6. I hate the styling, buns have never been Adriana's friends but still glad she's back. I guess she's a shoe-in for a Mother's Day campaign? Especially since she had a baby recently and so on
  7. Clauds


    Not Adriana giving VS its first Instagram post with only positive comments in like five years
  8. When I tell you i gasped... I am GAGGED. And I agree this could be a step in the right direction, I did not see this coming and I am super happy.
  9. So they finally got an actual model, who looks actually nice and they put her in the world's most hideous and unflattering bikini? Werk
  10. Clauds


    Jeez Valentina is what, 13 and she is already almost Adriana's height!? I had to look twice to make sure it was her. And nice to see Sienna, we definitely do not see her as often, they are both beautiful young ladies.
  11. Oh I fully agree with you on this, Candice has never stroke me as wanting to be extremely famous, she always looks annoyed in paparazzi pictures lol, but the problem is that in these day and age you have to be that famous to stay relevant in the long run, which is probably Candice's (and many others) prerogative because you want the gigs but you don't want to be parading in random events and PR stunts. And again, I think had VS worked out for the long-term run, I think she'd had stuck with that for sure. It's just unfortunate for her (and for a few other girls) that it didn't and now it's time to comeup with something else. I am definitely not overlooking her relationship/motherhood, but I don't think that's something that has changed the direction of her career to be honest? We still don't see Candice acting out or getting herself in messy situations, the closest to that we've seen is the Kanye debacle and she kept her mouth quiet, did not say a single word about it, of course none of us know her personally but I just don't think Candice is that interested in being a celebrity per se, but rather a profitable model. She's still successful, probably one of the most successful models of her generation but I agree with you she should also keep diversifying herself and show different sides of her, which seems to be what she's doing so good for her. As for her brand, I have no idea about the quality but at least the designs seem good? I've never bought anything from it tho so I cannot say if they are overpriced, but I would never pay that much for a swimsuit so idk, I am probably not the target audience lol. Anyway it's all speculation, but I am glad to see her still working and doing different things. I just wish she'd try something else looks-wise, she's had the same look for such a long time and I think it'd be refreshing to see her trying something else. But then again, I get that "blonde bombshell" is her bread and butter and it would be risky for her to do something else.
  12. I am sorry but Candice did not sign a VS contract out of the goodness in her heart, she signed a VS contract because she wanted easier money and recognition, which VS was notorious for providing in the 00s. The problem is that by the time Candice got a contract and became a top-tier Angel, the decline within VS had started and by the mid-10s there was nothing to stop the trainwreck and she jumped ship too late. Not saying she isn't happy though, and I am sure she got plenty of money out of VS and she enjoyed not having to work as much as other girls to make her money because she had steady paycheck, enough that she was able to start her own brand which seems to be doing well. The problem with it tho, is that she became known as a swimsuit/lingerie model, and that is a hard gig to keep up once you start getting older, that's why diversifying is so important, so that once you are past your body prime (or you just get bored of it) you can still book other jobs in other areas. This is why many models turned down VS contracts or left relatively quickly, because they did not want to be tied-up to one thing for so long. Again, using Rosie and Miranda as examples: they also started with VS, became known as lingerie/swimsuit models, the difference is that they left VS early enough that they still had plenty of time to do other things, started their own brands/collabs, etc and now they are in a position where if they never want to do a lingerie/swimsuit shoot again, their careers will be okay, Rosie has become a style icon and Miranda is making so much bank with Kora. Candice, however, is still mainly known for her body because that has been her bread and butter for more than a decade now, but will that still be her bread and butter in ten years? Hard to tell, which is why I think she's trying to diversify now, so that she has broader options in the future. Had VS not had the downfall they did, I am sure Candice would have pulled an Adriana and stay with VS for 20 years, which would have been completely okay. Clearly tho, that clearly will not be the case because we all know what happened to VS.
  13. Candice could have, should have scored major deals with the big fashion houses and other contracts, and also become more mainstream famous a la Gigi Hadid, but she stayed with VS for too long which was IMO, a mistake because it meant she had a lot of restrictions. She should have left around the same time as Rosie or Miranda, leave at her peak and exploit it to her benefit, it's the same Gisele did back in 2006. I am guessing that's what Ali meant? That she could have, should have diversified more and earlier in her career. Not that Candice is the only one who made the same mistake, I think none of the girls saw the downfall of VS coming so they chose to be loyal to the brand thinking it would turn them in the next Heidi/Tyra and that they would eventually get a Gisele/Adriana level of paycheck and of course, even if none of them ever really got there, staying with VS also used to mean financial stability in an industry that is merciless.
  14. I mean those are their current models, so I expect to see them all in the show
  15. Doubt it, Savage has the same aesthetic across all platforms, edgier and more risqué than VS ever was, Savage is also aimed at African Americans. I am sure VS will have an equally messy cast, but I am sure the tone will be a lot less risky and more average American friendly.
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