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  1. Exactly. I don't think i know a single woman who would wear that in their daily lives. I would pay to see Candice's (and all the girls tbh) face when she was told she had to model that outfit AND try to sell it when she probably would never actually wear that VS needs to go back to simple, sexy lingerie shoots and stop trying to sell this image. It honestly just makes the girls look very stripper-y
  2. Poor Candice has now joined the list of models who got stuck wearing horrible VS shit in the streets. Honestly what the fuck are they doing? What kind of woman would actually wear this "here's my bra in a casually completely open shirt" shit I hope Candice doesn't go the Sara/Josephine route and starts wearing that crap in events, her hair is looking great tho, hope she keeps it long.
  3. Looking lovely in that editorial
  4. Stunning girl, hope to see more of her
  5. I'm not sure about bras being harmful, but a good bra can be very expensive and you need to hand wash them. Braletters however, are cheaper, perfect for the washing machine, extremely comfortable to wear, leaves no marks on your skin and still make your boobs look really good. However, this is coming from a B cup woman so they work perfectly for me and I rather wear bralettes than normal bras, but my friends with natural bigger boobs say that while braletters are comfortable-ish but don't provide enough support. And when you see VS' campaigns, Lais is barely wearing bralettes and when she does she is usually wearing the ones with cups so I'm guessing she needs the extra support and her boobs are pretty much perfect. Now, put Kate Upton, Myla Dalbesio or any woman with big, not-so-perky boobs in a bralette and it would most likely be a mess because they just need the support cups bring.
  6. I'm still not sure about the black look, the top of the dress is odd looking but the hair and make up looked nice. Also she looks amazing in the new VS
  7. Super pretty girl, thanks for the updates
  8. Bryana is evertyhing she's so underrated it hurts
  9. Just because we hadn't heard about it, it doesn't mean it isn't true. Leo did have to give back an Oscar he had gotten as a present from the Wolf of Wall Street crew that belonged to Marlon Brando, which honestly a lot of people had absolutely no idea about, yet it has been confirmed he had it. So i wouldn't be surprised if it is true for Miranda as well, sucks that she got stuck in the middle of this when she probably had zero idea of where the diamonds came from.
  10. Love love love her! Thanks everyone for the updates
  11. IDC what she was shooting that they made her get fake tan for but that orange tan is a no-go hope it translates better in whatever thing she was shooting with proper lighting and stuff, I do love it when she has the curly hair tho
  12. Wasn't she with her boyfriend like a week ago? I think she and Jared are still pretty much together, I actually wouldn't be surprised if they got married within the next year
  13. Her body is just perfect, my fingers are crossed SI will cast her
  14. We need to find the person who styled her hair and makeup for this thing and make sure it styles Adriana every damn time, the flawlessness was real
  15. She's so naturally beautiful thanks for the ed