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  1. That blue is 10/10 on her, it just suits her so well
  2. Literally no one looks at her hair arm? Like this may be one of the oddest takes I've read on BZ and I've been in this forum for like 15 years
  3. I said what I said Jokes aside, I did listen to the podcast she did recently and I think I'd forgotten how soothing her voice is, I respect that she's not super into doing interviews and that type of thing but I wish she did a bit more often, it was also a really insightful interview as well. I got the vibe from that podcast that she seems to be pretty much done modelling tho? They kept talking about he career as a model in past. Hope I just misunderstood, I love to still see he pop up in magasines and campaigns even though clearly it's not her priority these days
  4. You're all a bunch of fake and newbiw fans, Hoskinator has been a thing for years, it was even the theme for her 30th brithday attire
  5. She looks gorgeous in that photoshoot, thanks for sharing!
  6. I'm so glad she's back to work after taking some time off, she's still just as amazing!
  7. Closing this thread, for good. You people are simply incapable of not doing armchair diagnosis of a woman you've never met (and lovely to see we've hit a new low here by also bringing in her children!) and quite frankly, it's exhausting having to delete posts all the time.
  8. Everyone gagging over the boots and knit outfit and I'm just here celebrating that she has confirmed she's letting her hair grow again she's had it short for long enough now, i am ready for her to embrace the long hair and curls again. Her style is always on point tho, and I adore Helsa but ffs it's so expensive i cannot bring myself to buy anything.
  9. IDK about patterns and colors, but I can assure that the quality is far, far, faaaaaar from the same. Ten years ago VS bra used to be worth the 50 bucks you were paying because they'd last forever, but the quality started to drop a lot while the prices remained the same or were increased, which has turned a lot of former customers off from purchasing VS because you can get the same stuff at half the price in other places.
  10. She has not named names, but she did say she's lost several jobs due to her activism so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case. Fuck them, honestly. And good for Bella that she prioritises Palestine over money.
  11. Unlocking this thread with the hope that everyone will stick to the multiple warnings we've given. Feel free to discuss Adriana's professional work, appearances, upcoming projects, etc. Do not, start acting like you know her, discussing her private life, her mental health, her relationship, trash-talking her partner, etc. Keep it civil, keep it light-hearted and if you truly feel the urge to give a TED Talk on how much you disagree with everything the woman does, please do get out and touch some grass instead of bringing it here. Merry Christmas!
  12. Gagged! She looks absolutely stunning, my good sis still has it
  13. Clauds


    For the love of god, please, stay on topic. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to discuss if/when Adriana is going on holidays, if it's too much or too little and more importantly: it is not related to the topic at all.
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