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  1. Elle Trowbridge Imaan Hammam Chandler Bailey Xian Mikol
  2. The video in the release article is from 2019 so not all of those girls will be back, also, I will say that as a little girl you inevitable do go through magazines when you're bored even if you're not supposed tho. I don't remember how young I was the first time I saw a VS catalog but I was definitely still a kid and it did leave quite the impression on me I've met many many girls who found their dad's SI/Plaboy magazines would love to see them. So it's actually a very accurate statement to make. Hyunjoo looks great, so excited to see more of her but I couldn't care less about Marquita or Josephine, they are both a hard pass for me. I don't even remember the rest of the lineup anymore but I wouldn't be surprised if Olivia Culpo gets the cover, she's the most relevant girl they've got.
  3. She stopped following VS on instagram, VS didn't post a birthday message for her like they always do and she hasn't done absolutely anything for VS since late 2019, she's done.
  4. She's always been gorgeous but she definitely looks even better now than she did in 2007 when she first came out, she looks so much more elegant and refined.
  5. Her body is to die for, thanks everyone for the updates
  6. Alright folks, calm down and stop trashing Doutzen and her husband o.o. You don't have to be a fan of the man but this is getting bit too personal so move on from this topic.
  7. Just because she is a model doesn't mean she can't dip her toes in other industries o.o, particularly when the product she is selling is very related to some of the things Elsa works with literally on a daily basis like lighting, makeup, etc. This is smart as fuck, I'm sure it'll sell really well, good for her getting her coins
  8. Abby Champion Annie Morrissey Bridget Satterlee Danielle Herrington Eden Fines Effy Harvard Elle Trowbridge Sofia Jamora
  9. These are some of the girls I don't recall seeing in the comp, there's a few I'm not 100% if they were in it or not but there's so many girls it's hard to know for sure Eden Fines (Israel) Alexandria Morgan (USA) Duckie Thot (Australia) Mariangela Bonanni (Venezuela) Danielle Herrington (USA) Yael Shelbia (Israel) Lotta Kaijarvi (Finland) Myrtille Revemont (France) Solveig (Denmark) Leonila Guz (Ukraine) Frida Gustavsson (Sweden) Jac Jagaciak (Poland) Georgia May Jagger (UK) Hwang Hyun Jo (Korea) Vanessa Moe (Denmark) Thylane Blondeau (France) Alina Kirchiu (Ukraine) Chase Carter (Bahamas) Caroline Lowe (USA) Valentina Sampario (Brazil) Yasmine Wijnaldum (Netherlands) Olivia Jordan (USA) Aiden Curtiss (UK/USA) Angela Ruiz (Venezuela) Samile Bermannelli (Brazil) I'm personally fine if the "big girls" like Adriana, Alessandra, Candice, Taylor, Elsa, Lais, Doutzen etc sit out next time because they've been around for ages, they've won competitions, usually perform well, everyone already has a very solid opinion on them that won't really change and I enjoy seeing new girls like Annie or Renee getting some spotlight and being "discovered" in the competitions. As for teams, I'd like to make teams but I also enjoy the surprise, so whatever works best for you Pretty Added
  10. Stunning, I wish she was working more.
  11. She's just posting pictures and sharing content and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. You need to give it a break with the rudness, if you don't like it just scroll down.
  12. Anny Champion Annie Morrissey
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