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  1. Getting pictures from the girls who went to castings at the moment, I'm a lazy human and the recent GOT episode left traumatize so yall gonna have to check the file names to see the names. Disclaimer: I do not know who half of these women are so I'm going with that wireimage says, some of them are not even IDed by the site
  2. Clearly I am a huge fan of Adriana, so the more the merrier to me, and I actually love her in the preshows hosting the dumbass game they do
  3. Myla's boobs are waaaay bigger, I think is still barbara
  4. Maybe Lais could go to this location? She doesn't need to go to castings for VS and once the Fashoin week +VSFS madness starts, she'll be busy so I hope she shows up here
  5. Marisa Miller got rejected every year from 2001 to 2006 even when she was a regular catalog model, had she given up she wouldn't have been made an Angel in 2007, I get frustration sucks but Sandra is an idiot for giving up in her alleged biggest career goal so easily. This is the modeling industry, at 30 your career is dead unless you do something big and Sandra isn't exactly a baby anymore and as Sanni accurately said, for girls like Sandra VS is the only way to make it big or she'll be selling cheap bikinis and underwear until a younger, hotter girl comes around.
  6. Things are different this year, fittings are next week. I think they went straight for callbacks this time
  7. I don't think Monica is that bad, she has been at castings for ages and it was fine. The uber skinny models started to get cast when Sophia replaced Todd and started choosing girls she liked. Sophia still has 24 hours to get to NYC so I don't want to get my hopes up, but if she doesn't show up I think the casting could look a lot better with the catalog girls like Nadine, Robin and Roos having better odds.
  8. If Sophia is not in castings, I expect Sui He, Lily D and Constance to not come back as they are Sophia's girls. Maybe we'll also manage to not have the entire nepotism crew? Ed seems to be more into glamazons and more voluptuous girls and less into girls like Kendull
  9. The fuck? Can't believe Sandra said that, so much for VS being her dream, some girls get rejected five times or more and having worked with VS before, sounds to me like Sandra feels entitled when she's not. Kristina needs to go to castings and all, honestly the VS we love you ship comes just once, saying that in a live video doesn't seem like the smartest thing. I'm sure Alannah will end up walking, not surprised Ed is obsessing over her, he did the same with Barbara, Taylor and now Kaia and Alannah
  10. Yes, she's done filming already.
  11. Where did you get this list? Just curious but Kristina has been shooting a A LOT for VS this year, and Sandra has stated that VS is her #1 goal, makes no sense to me they wouldn't go o.o also, didn't Maggie confirm castings are 17th and 18th? Alannah is 17 so she is not up for discussion, but Ed loves her so I expect her to walk for sure next year. She's beautiful so i hope she does
  12. The Heidization of Adriana is now one step closer. Watch her host the VSFS this year
  13. They also deal with things we don't, like you're too fat, too skinny, too old, too young, you look horrible pregnant, too ugly, too pretty, did you pop the baby?, did you lose the weight?, when are you coming back to work?, WE MISS YOU COME BACK TO VS. One thing is commenting here on BZ where the models are most likely never going to read what we say, problem is, people leave these kind of comments in her social media, IF she is actually suffering from PPD, I bet constantly reading all these things doesn't help at all. Not saying model's lives are easier than ours, just different struggles, social media is one of theirs.
  14. Jessie J, take it from here ...
  15. That's a whole lotta speculation and I'm sure a lot of people will jump in your throat but ... I thought about it too, i wouldn't be surprised if it's true, but the odds are we'll never know for sure. Something does seem off with her and indeed she doesn't seme to be in communication with anyone, I expected Behati and Candice to get together with their kids right away but Behati has barely left LA and except for her recent Tokyo trip, I think every other time she's been joined by Adam.