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  1. Victoria's Secret "Fresh Face" Angels

    Gigi Lorena Imaan Duckie Chase
  2. Charlotte D'Alessio

    She looks gorgeous! The darker hair suits her so much better
  3. Rupaul's Drag Race

    Yup, she's come full circle now she can go! I don't think she's that good anyway, I feel like her outfits are okay and she's not exactly my cup of tea when it comes to comedy. I'm so over her using cliché fat jokes every single time
  4. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Noor Schauten has also been working for pink and she's got big boobs. But yeah, Pink does mostly sell small sizes which is fine by me but my sister who is a 34C has a hard time finding things for her Also Rihanna is coming with a lingerie line now, VS is cancelled for me
  5. Rupaul's Drag Race

    Yeah Kameron is not really charming me and we're almost halfway through the season so IDK. Cracker is still my favorite by far, followed by Asia and Monique. I think Monique or Cracker should have won the challenge tbh, it feels to me like Ru gave Eureka the win to have the whole full circle moment
  6. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    GIRL This is so fucked up yet so accurate. I do love me some Carmen Carrera and would love to see her doing VS but i agree is not going to happen.
  7. Victoria's Secret "Fresh Face" Angels

    Jessica - 10 Nina - 90 Cindy - 10 Imaan - 10 Lorena - 30 McKenna - 10 Niamh - 10 Samile - 30 And happy birthday Pinky! Hope you have a great weekend
  8. Rupaul's Drag Race

    I'm gonna need Eureka to leave next week because she's honestly super super annoying
  9. Victoria's Secret "Fresh Face" Angels

    Bella - 50 Leomie - 50
  10. Victoria's Secret "Fresh Face" Angels

    Alexina - 70 Caitlin - 10 Noor - 10 Myrtille - 10
  11. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    They sometimes meet the artisans or designers where they live, doesn't really mean anything
  12. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Honestly RPDR is an endless suply of amazing gifs, it's hard to pick one sometimes
  13. Victoria's Secret "Fresh Face" Angels

    This round sucks o.o Barbara Palvin - 40Blanca Padilla - 10Daniela López Osorio - 10Gizele Oliveira - 10Hannah Ferguson - 10Kelly Gale - 10Raven Lyn - 10
  14. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Sis, you took me to church with that gif
  15. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Also super happy Sam is working with them! I loved her so much at the show