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  1. She looked stunning at the VS event, so so happy for her!
  2. Looking great for VS, hope they cast her for the show this year
  3. Roosmarijn de Kok, Vanessa Moody and Robin Holzken
  4. She looks so much like Uruguayan actress Barbara Mori! Equally stunning
  5. Lool I'm gonna need the full story on this! I had no idea
  6. Living for her VS work! She is everything
  7. Girl we need to chat about this im trying to figure out how to use my personal skype in my new job computer atm, PM me if you are in whatsapp or anything I won't take about 100 years to figure out how to use lol
  8. Agreed. But you and I agree with fashion about 99% of times cuz #Elsafanstruggles lolol It's Thursday! Yall think we're getting a new hoe or will VS stick to 15? I think that if there's nothing this week and next week, four will be the final number for 2019. I'm interested to see if they drop someone, this is also usually chop chop time of the year as well.
  9. Honestly everyone looks great in that shoot, I like it and it's a diverse group of girls which I'm here for!
  10. I actually like most of the girls VS and Pink are using lately tbh, and I'm in love with Lorena Duran she's stunning
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