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  1. She has 17 before SI, she had barely done any modelling so it's normal she wasn't successful she stopped doing SI because she grew tired of it, and the whole modelling industry, which is normal I guess, she never seemed to be one of those girls dying to be famous and model forever. She looks great still and she'll forever be one of my favorite SI models. She seems to be more into indie projects tho, so Idk about her doing big shoots again but one can hope.
  2. SI was quite terrible this year other than Barbara, Lais and some pictures of Rose and Myla, mostly because they got lucky with styling and a great photographer but I've lost all hope for that magazine. However, it is great exposure for Myla so it never hurts and I'd love to see her get another chance and maybe have a better shoot.
  3. She's grown a lot on me since SI came out, she's lovely and I liked her shoot a lot, I hope she gets another year
  4. Same here, she was so good! Such a shame she barely does photoshoots these days
  5. Goddamn it Iskra I like you but stop overlining your lips and that plump lips bullshit, it looks horrible just like it looks horrible in every other model, when is this horrible trend going to die? That being said, I'm glad she's doing so well, she's a fresh breath of air
  6. I was hoping The Lions would take her career to a new level but I feel like she's more interested in becoming a celebrity (or as they like to call it today "an influencer" lol) than in building a career as a model tbh. It sucks because I think she's a beautiful girl with so much potential
  7. She looks amazing, let's just hope 'em post-baby boobs show up at some editorial
  8. This is my problem with Russell, it's way too tame and every shoot looks exactly the same to me, he's been with VS for 15 years and it's just boring at this point, is not as noticeable with Elsa because she hasn't worked as much with him but if you compare two pictures of say, Candice or Lais from 2010 to 2015 it looks literally the same. I'm just over VS tbh This whole cutesy, cute, festival vibe crap is not my thing, which is why I like Bellemere's work, at least his shoots were edgier and sexier. Adam's shoot does look promising tho.
  9. Sky is blue and Barbara won with Lais being #2, le shock Not because I like them both a lot, but tbh, the others stood no chance this year next to those two. Surprised about McKenna tho, I love her but I actually felt like her shoot was very underwhelming.
  10. I have to say, as good as she looks in the new VS pictures, I'm kind of over it. VS stopped working with David Bellemere and went back to old boring Russell James and I ain't feeling it at all, it's boring and I'm already sick of it I'm ready for Elsa to leave VS and do something sexier and edgier like AP or La Perla which ain't happening cuz Elsa seems to love her VS paycheck but one can hope
  11. I knew Barbara would slay this competition, Im sure she's also MVP She really did have the best shoot this year, by miles and I madly love the picture of her with the hat, it's easily my favorite SI picture in years.
  12. They've done some VS stuff together, not alone but still, I think they look good together, google is a magical thing I'm not saying there's a problem with people wanting Candice to shoot again for MF, I said it's normal for the brand(s) to have more spokespersons right now, don't be so pressed.
  13. Looking stunning in the new editorial, thanks for posting
  14. I read the recent discussion and I just want to +1 everything Kiki said, yiiikes this whole thing o.o
  15. This is why I love her, she's so open and authentic her videos are great.