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  1. They were not there alone, that video is from a Victoria's Secret swim photoshoot with a bunch of people and IIRC, his airline used to be the flying partner to VS so I guess that is why he was there doing videos.
  2. She's come such a long way and has had such a good evolution as a model, she's definitely the most consistent, hard-working girl of her generation and probably the closest thing we'll get to a true Supermodel these days. I love how versatile she is and how she really seems to be invested in fashion.
  3. Yeah I usually don't like to comment much on model's personal lives but Irina and Bradley were one of my favorite celebrity couples, they seem to be spending a lot of time together again these days, I wonder if they've been lowkey back together for some time? Because a lot of times they've been spotted together their daughter hasn't even been there so the whole co-parenting excuse ain't it lol. Either way, she's looking stunning these days.
  4. The woman has a one month old baby, of course she is MIA o.o. I don't know when she'll get back to work, but whenever she chooses to, I am sure she'll have plenty of opportunities. She's at a point in her career where she can pick whatever she wants to do, and the industry has also definitely shifted into being more inclusive of "older" models as long as you are at a certain level which Adriana clearly is in. As mentioned above, the fact that she kept working through the pregnancy tells that has no plans of retiring. I just hope she is enjoying herself and her baby, she'll be back whenever she is ready.
  5. Indeed I have! I am hoping that for the next season she will have more fitted pieces that could work better on my frame. I love the pieces she launched now, but it's the type of clothes that just don't work for me, so I am crossing my fingers that next season it will be a similar aesthetic but with less oversized clothes
  6. I was very, very excited about the collection but damn those prices! Unfortunately, I was also on holiday when it came out so it all sold out before I could get anything that being said, upon reviewing all the pieces, as much as I adore them I will not be getting anything when they re-stock, mainly because most of the pieces you can tell are created thinking of tall, Scandinavian people and my tiny 155cm-self will look completely ridiculous in most of the pieces, lord knows oversized pieces are my worst enemy the one piece I could see myself in is the Jersey mini dress but idk yet. She has been looking stunning for all the events though, and I like the new shorter hair. Her look for the Venice festival was stunning and I am also glad to see her on the catwalk again.
  7. Alright folks, agree to disagree on the marriage topic but that discussion ends here, further posts on the subject will be removed and I'll hand out warnings. Ain't nobody coming to this thread to read your views on marriage and relationships.
  8. She looks amazing FL&L, stunning!
  9. Clauds


    As much as it would make sense for Adriana to release a skin care line, it is a market that is insanely saturated and I can't see it being truly competitive right now, plus I don't think that has ever been Adriana's niche, same for a clothing line for example, she has never bee known for being a fashion icon lol we all know she is very hit or miss in terms of what she wears. I think she'd be better off launching gym and athletics stuff or her own swim/lingerie line, as those are the things she has always been known for and it will feel more genuine and within her brand, if the makeup/skin market wasn't so saturated then maybe but as of right now I just don't see Adriana being competitive next to the big names like Rihanna, Gaga, Selena Gómez, etc who have cosmetic lines. Truth is though, Adriana seems to eat super clean so what I'd want for her to release is a recipes book lmao, because that has a holistic impact: hair, skin, body, we truly are what we eat, etc. I am 100% sure it will never happen but that's my personal Adriana-related product I'd like to see.
  10. Thread cleaned, some yall are just nasty people, you can dislike a person all you want but calling her names is never okay. If you don't like someone, just don't go into their threads, no one is forcing you to look at their pictures. P.S: I deleted all the posts as I didn't want to keep anything referencing the original post as a lot of models do visit Bellazon and no one wants to read that crap about themselves, but those of you who were making just fun of the original post are all in the clear
  11. Damn Bella looks stunning in this. Do you know who is the black model in the purple set? Also gorgeous
  12. Yeah the show getting worse probably also hurt the brand, I also think getting rid of the catalogs was not a smart choice, they were such an easy and good marketing and reminder of their products, particularly Christmas and Swim catalogs were super exciting to get in the mail but suddenly that was also gone. Sorry to hear you had a different experience, I actually enjoyed mine a lot, finally found white, black and nude bras that fit me just fine but yeah there's definitely more diversity in terms of fit and sizing these days as well. As for quality, maybe it's because every other brand has also lowed quality and upped their prices so suddenly VS isn't as bad anymore. That being said, last week I ordered SKIMS for the first time and the quality is top and the prices are the same, if not lower than VS so I guess my comeback to VS was shortlived lol
  13. Congrats to Lais and her man, she looked absolutely stunning! Such a natural and beautiful look
  14. I agree with this, I think those of us who were actual customers from the brand have a different perspective for the decline. Not everything can be blamed on Epstein nor poor marketing, the prices went up and the quality went down and not even Adriana or Elsa would make me pay 70 bucks for a shitty bra so I was one of those people who went from loyal customer to lol nope, bye. I do think after Gisele left they lost a bit of spark, but IMO 2009-2010 is went things started to go wrong in terms of marketing, models, and products and then 2016-2018 it just hit a new low. That being said, I recently went to a VS store and was pleasantly surprised to see that the quality was much better and they also have some super nice new designs and colors, and not as many horrible patterns that are useless. I actually ended up buying five bras, all without wires and just in solid colors, all super comfy and I love them. As for the campaigns, I do miss the days of the true Bombshell campaigns, but ngl, seeing a model with a body similar to mine makes it much easier for me to make informed purchases regarding the size and the fit.
  15. OnlyFans has copyright policies in place that mean the content cannot be share outside their platform, it's in our forum rules. Additionally, you've posted five times in this forum exclusively to ask people who pay for content, to give it to you for free, without contributing once. This is indeed a photo sharing site but there's been zero sharing from you, just requests which has rubbed multiple members the wrong way.
  16. Hi Voreos, there is nothing else to do if he is inactive/not answering emails. That being said, if you are the rightful owner of certain content, you can PM or anyone from the staff with proof of owning the content + a link to the content you want deleted and we will delete it.
  17. Georgia Nina Isabelle Rachell
  18. Glad to see Edita is still very active and killing every shoot she does
  19. I like the Cannes look, except for the hair, other than that I quite like it. I hope she goes to more events though, I always love her Cannes style
  20. Clauds


    OBSESSED with this Cannes look, she is looking amazing and I am so here for her embracing this pregnancy
  21. This shoot is absolutely stunning, she looks incredible!
  22. I adore this cover! And I am so happy she has finally embraced pregnancy and didn't go into hiding as she did before, she is absolutely glowing.
  23. So now that I've had time to digest the mess, these are my favorite pictures, had I been the one choosing the cover model, it would have been Lorena or Camille as they are the ones with the better shots, especially Camille seems like the lighting and editing was on point, Lorena wasn't as lucky in that regard. And these are the pictures I didn't hate
  24. Could be, but that angle is defeated when you look at the girls who look like they ate Lorena
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