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  1. Wow Lorena is soooooooo beautiful. Grace, Taylor, Lorena, Georgia and Barbara P. are the most beautiful girls in the show IMO!! All angel material!
  2. Candice has a great walk IMO... and she looked fantastic this year as opposed to last year where she looked quite washed out. I also think Behati looked amazing. I like her walk too! Taylor should walk the runway like she did in that video posted recently of her outside the VS building and how she flicked her hair. Gorgeous! The tartan segment would’ve been extremely powerful had there been a better song/singer. I feel like we are going to cringe for days when we see that segment! so excited to see the show later!!!
  3. That Lela James person is not a great singer on the VS stage. Her vocals sounded so strained!
  4. Behati would’ve done a much better job at opening! Taylor is gorgeous but her walk is lackluster. The song didn’t help at all. I feel like if Kesha performed her version of the song it would’ve been tons better!
  5. I think Downtown will be a good segment. I don’t like Rita Ora but the song she sang is good for the runway! Nice beat!
  6. The stage looks absolutely stunning wowwww...
  7. Right ?! Just Got Paid is such a great tune!
  8. The girls have all gone silent which means they’re dressing up and we’ll get outfit pics soon.
  9. The runway looks fabulous! And this thread is on fire! favorite time of the year for sure!!!!!!
  10. The show is about to start! Are we ready or what????? SO EXCITED! also Adriana’s make up is surely not finished??
  11. Georgia and Taylor look fucking stunning!!!
  12. How can the hair be bad if they JUST started with it... let them finish!
  13. They should toss that whole look into the bin IMO. It’s fucking awful to look at. She’s 95% covered up! is that Mary t-shirt outfit seriously a part of the show? Whyyyyy.
  14. That Mary segment looks absolutely tragic but the others seem promising! So excited!!! I’ve been waiting for a celestial like theme for years and years. Pulling an all nighter tonight for sure 😂🤣
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