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  1. A big CONGRATS to you LuckyXR!!!
  2. I gave it a solid 7 as well. I think I enjoyed it more than Prometheus. I kept saying Wow! alot during the movie. Ridley does know how to make pretty movies.
  3. Agreed. He was only 2 years older than me. I had the privilege to see Soundgarden in a dive bar in Dallas when they were just really getting airtime. The concert is still one of the top shows I got to see. I hope you've found whatever solace you needed. Be at peace.
  4. 1)’s-prequel-to-‘the-dark-crystal’/ar-BBBh8oV 2) RIP Chris Cornell. 3) I'm worried for my brother, he had surgery and he's not healing up like he's supposed to and got an infection.
  5. Texas drawls are a bit different than the "true" South. Most of the southern state except for Florida, they almost always end their sentences as if they're asking a question. Just putting that out there.....I kind of like the drawls from Tx and New Mexico but then again. I am Texan....... Going back into hiding. To keep this on topic.......Leo De Caprio
  6. In the open casting call, the only one who really jumped out at me was the woman in the bikini saying she's an RN. Body was close to being "perfect" for bathing suits.
  7. I'm right there with you, Pink. I love Ashley, I think she's beautiful and is a decent model. However I think she's believing her press in that she's the best thing since sliced bread. And big Fat girl here, I'm getting tired of her being everywhere. Candice Is Gorgeous. Iskra Lawrence would be great too.
  8. ^ Yep, yep, yep! I went to school with several like that. Girls, and boys.
  9. ^ She is very pretty. Re: Met Gala.... it was only a matter of time, with the fascination on the "insta" celebs, I'm not really surprised that shit happened. I always thought that the "A" List guests were adults who knew how to act like grown ups. Geeze, I'm starting to show my age, aren't I?
  10. I'm thinking she's shallow. Not insecure, just shallow.
  11. wow.
  12. Real life sucking at the moment. But that's not really news. R.I.P Dearly beloved, dearly departed Pepe. A moment of silence for the once and future meme frog.