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  1. There's less than how many eps until the end of the series? We've only a handful left this season and a smattering for 8. I'm not sure if anything will ruin it for me until the end credits of the last show. By then it will be too late.
  2. Stormy, when will you learn? Though the Princess Bride meme was pretty funny.
  3. As Clauds said, it's a lingerie show. Girls should look hot in the product. After all, isn't all about selling the merchandise? I mean, besides our amusement here at Bellazon?
  4. Totally agree. Growing up in the middle of the Cold War (yes, I'm that old) not once did I ever worry about waking up to bombs, even though we still practiced duck and cover drills in elementary school. In the (many) decades since, I've had that thought twice. Once when a lightning bolt hit just outside my bedroom window that did sound like a bomb went off; and once now, this week. In another thought, HI @Kevork89! Great to see you again.
  5. Are the idiots in charge actually going to bring us into another damn war?
  6. Is Michael Bay directing it again this year? I keep waiting for a Tansformer, or a Ninja Turtle to cameo in these commercials. Is that too much to ask?
  7. ^ Stormy, be sure to share what you think!
  8. So who's going to lose their shit the most at this?
  9. Sounds good. THanks.
  10. WHat of the 'old' angels, besides Candace and Behait? Where's Adriana, Ale & Lily?
  11. Maybe it's because MJ wants to look the best out of all the girls cast in the BTS?
  12. Snow, Dark, Exotic are all themes that have been overdone through the recent years. It's just my opinion though.
  13. I often wonder the same think Pretty. To the board; who would you love to see walk the VSFS 17, who have not walked for them before? Who's gone to the auditions, did not get the invite to walk, and would love to see, regardless of how they walk. I'd love to see Dani Lopez-Orso, Marloes Horst, Sandra Kubica, I'm sure I got others, but these are the ones that come to mind immediately,
  14. "In the game of thrones, you either win it or you die." -Cersi Lannister. Couldn't help this, the way you said this sentence reminded me of that from GoT. As for the photos and shares, Thank You!