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  1. Congratulations Tania!! Best of luck with the new job!
  2. We loved this movie! It covered quite a bit, and it didn’t feel like it was as long as it is. We can’t wait for the second part, and I hope it makes enough bank to continue the tales. After seeing the sci-fi channel’s two miniseries I tried reading three of the books. To me they just were not my particular type of sci-fi I enjoy reading. In David Lynch’s movie, the four hour cut, I thought about getting the book and read it but decided against it.
  3. I’m back bitches!! (a bit of a babble to tell my lymphoma tale. I stayed away because I wanted all of my energies to combat this monster) I have what is be known as Follicular Lymphoma. It tends to go into remission and comes back sometime later. It was at stage 3 when we found it. Which was almost all of the nodes in my body enlarged and not looking good. When the Dr told me I’d lose my hair, I countered with “it will grow back”. When he said I’d lose weight, I said “good I can stand to lose some weight”. When he said that since my lymphoma was aggressive, he wanted to treat it aggressively. That it would take a cocktail of three treatments, one at a time. And it could last until just into January. When he asked Hubs and I if we were ok with it, I surprised myself by saying, “no, I’m not ok with it, but if it needs to be done, let’s get it started.” It was a very adult thing to say, I surprised myself. So, that night they started My first chemo. It was on my 26th anniversary with Hubs. It was the best and worst day this year. Each time I would go in for chemo, which was every three weeks, my labs would improve. And the nodes would be smaller. Finally, in mid October the nodes couldn’t be detected by physical exams. I surprised my oncology team because I was responding to the treatments very, very well. I had minimal side effects. A PET scan was ordered first part of October, and when we saw the Dr, he was really happy and surprised that there were NO nodes detected on the scans! My bloodwork has steadily improved and stabilized. Yea!!!!! This was after just a few treatments, y’all!! The Dr scheduled three more rounds of chemo and today was the last one!! I’m to get another PET scan in mid December sometime and a follow up appointment with the oncologist, with labs. If it’s all clear, then I’ll go to getting one of the chemos every two months for about two years to help to keep the lymphoma in remission. Because this type of cancer can come back. The funniest thing was that I lost about 3/4 of my hair in about 4 days. When I woke up one morning, I had my grandpa’s hair from about 1977! Two side bits, and a front bit. I got it skinned down really quickly and have been keeping it so. I’ve taken to wearing round, seamless scarves to cover the old dome. I’ve got some wigs, and some more coming to help with the colder months until my hair gets long enough to actually wear. When I found out my diagnosis, I was very, very calm. Coming to terms that I have cancer has been surreal, and most of the times I’m ok with it. Acceptance is there, I merely have days where I wonder wtf? Aside from most of my hair on my body being gone, I also lost just a bit over 40 pounds. I’m loving that. I would lose a few pounds between treatments. I told them I am low key loving that I lost the weight and I want to keep it that way! Hell of a way to lose it, I don’t recommend it at all though. Alright I have typed enough for this morning. I bid you peace.
  4. EVERYONE Thank you all for the feels, prayers, vibes hugs and everything else. I’ll be around here and there, checking in here and there. I’m going to do special shout outs as I do update. @Prettyphile I’m sorry that your mom is having kidney issues. It’s hard to always be upbeat. I have my ups and downs, but I get through them. Hubs says I am the center of his universe brightest in the sky. And I tell him that he’s my rock, my foundation. My, family are my other rocks. Add in dozens of friends, and it’s a luau! (Sorta a funny. And I’m getting hungry.) I am determined to beat this. I am going to be here on this mortal coil for many years to come. I have a good family and though the number is small, we are fierce and mighty! love you guys!
  5. Or wherever the hell the suck on you. Just don’t try to the put them on their back to try to put them into Tonic Immobility.
  6. I’m not searching for salvation, just sympathy and empathy. Thursday night I had to go to the ER.The doctor ran some bloodwork and from those it was determined that I’ve got kidneys that aren’t producing. And there’s something frightening. I have an oncologist and nephrologist to help me come to terms with the fact I now have 98% plus chance of having lymphoma. What kind, we’re doing some biopsies and the results will be back in a couple of days. While all this is happening, they are keeping me in the hospital, which is like the best 2star hotel just off the interstate. My stay may be a couple of weeks and to several months in the place. And I’m scared.
  7. ^ Her tummy looks great. I only hope she’s eating right and exercising correctly.
  8. I’m glad you like them. As I think of others, if my brain can work again I’ll post them for you.
  9. Olivia Brower Anna Luiah Willow Hand Trinidad de la Noi Leticia Abellan Nathalya Cabral (apologies, been dealing with my Father in Law and I’m just exhausted)
  10. Great to know, @Stromboli1we may watch it this weekend.
  11. I can agree with this. Names cycle every couple of decades, that I’ve noticed. One can of my grandmother’s name was Elsie. My other one was Bonny. How do you feel about Prudence or Eunice?
  12. ^ those are cute and sweet! Found this one from my brother today.
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