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  1. Ya think? I do agree with you on that point. They scream look at me, aren’t I pretty? Then drown their sorrows on whatever the hot and trending smoothie of the week mixed with vodka or tequila.
  2. Did y’all notice that they are rolling out Sunglasses and Shoes with the return to Swim?
  3. I’ve Of mixed emotions about him. I loved most of his designs, but not his stance on super slim girls in fashion only. Who will his fur baby go to now?
  4. Thanks @Bettina Saw-Morgan For the picks. And look guys! It’s a chair!!!
  5. Lovely shots of Lais! Should they be behind a spoiler, with the full nudity being the reason?
  6. Or “president” is... I have no words strong enough to describe how bad it is.
  7. Looks like they are slowly adding in props, sets and “locations”.
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