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  1. @Enrico_sw I forgot to ask this earlier. Did you catch Adam Savage’s cameo in S2? I watched the mini mini series of Nightfliers. It was ok, though a bit better than the movie.
  2. Yes it does! I watched and agree that it could be a game changer. I think there needs to be more studies though. Thanks for posting this!
  3. Last pic is my favorite one of the set. Thanks @johnnybravo for the shares!
  4. Is she still engaged to her DJ boyfriend?
  5. some days it’s hard to really care for FiL. #dementiaIsFun #
  6. Those two shots of Barbara and Olivia are divine! Looking Wow ladies!
  7. I don’t agree about Ms Theron’s child about parents pushing him/her into a decision at three years of age. I know several people who told me that they knew they were not in their right bodies from when they started walking and talking. I also know that several gay people have told me they knew at an early age they were gay. For example My brother knew knew he was gay from when he was school age. I do think several SJW/Media types use anything as an excuse to up their causes. And that makes me sad and angry.
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