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  1. ^ ohh pinky! I'm a sucker for a good make up bag and the like. Looks like you got a decent haul this time?
  2. HOLY Bejeebuz!!! Thanks for that, I somehow missed it.
  3. You just described me well. What is hurtful to a woman's boobs are 1) no support at all, and or 2) an ILL fitting bra. Best suggestion is go to a full lingerie shop and get fitted at least once a year. More so if you have weight fluctuations. To keep this on topic, what 'themes' do y'all think are going to happen this year? What would YOU Like to see this year? Theme wise, I'd love to see more playful themes that aren't just Pink. Less wings but I doubt that's ever gonna happen. Less things listed as Sexy or Exotic. Been done to death plus, in my not so humble opinion. I really liked the flowers theme that had Ale's FB in it. I'd love to see more like that. Or like a candy shop theme. Maybe something of the Chinese Zodiac, since they'll be in China this year. Again, I doubt we'll see that. I'd like to see Ale get another FB I'd love to see Ale get FB number 3. I have a feeling it's going to go to Elsa or Josephine this year. I'd love to see some of the Asian models become a serious spokesperson/Angel this year too. Again, I doubt anything like that will happen anytime soon.
  4. What did y'all think of her playboy shoot? I thought it was good.
  5. ^ Love it Limer!
  6. I seem to remember that the last few years of Todd's tenure people were calling for his head because they did not like his costumey-over the top designs. I also posted on the VS thread that my bet for the FB is that it's going to be a bralette, since VS keeps trying to make them a thing. What do y'all think?
  7. Ahhh classic advertising! How I miss those days.
  8. Is Sandra Kubicka in it? she did pose, and I've seen the insta picks, but I do not know if she made it to the print edition.
  9. I agree with that assessment. I just showed hubby the vid of the girl watching Rouge One. He laughed. We're such geeknerds here.
  10. Yep, that's not her.
  11. I wasn't going to name names, because I don't mind who gets the bra. Just that the way VS has been trying for nearly a year (?) to make the Bralette a thing.
  12. You know I'm right!
  13. How wants to bet that the FB base will be a bralet? I shudder at the thought.