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  1. I like the black and white version better somehow.
  2. I agree with you. Also I think the pacing of the commercial was nearly perfect. It helps that I am a huge fan of Brian Ferry so, yeah, it hit the marks for me. Plus, it could be considered the changing of the guard, by showcasing the (at the time) new angels. I also like this one, with the introduction of Barbara.
  3. Erin Behati I guess Jo Heidi Miranda I guess
  4. Congratulations!🎊🎉 Mrs. I still am not used to hearing it.
  5. Great comp @Clauds!! the results are kind of what I expected too.
  6. Just keep us Gen Xers out of it!! But you are right about the rhetoric these days. Look at Kevin Hart, he made a tweet what, ten years ago? And how many times has it been brought back up, even after he’s made how many apologies? Paula Dean, and Bill Maher are two others that come to mind as well. Lily Reinhardt put a pic on IG that was to most, an innocent joke about a Halloween costume. “Finally found a costume that is as dark as my heart.” She posted and it was an all black nymph costume complete with black body paint. And she was jumped on about being racist and forced to issue an apology very soon after, because she “might have” offended someone. Politically incorrect, SJE, just too many out there just looking for an excuse to jump onto the SJW bandwagon to get attention. I think my eyes popped out from eye rolling so much.
  7. I’m thinking of another woman who’s loving life in her 80’s. What is her name? Baddie something... Found her... Baddie Winkle.
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