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  1. Ggrrrrr. (That’s Mrs.Bear saying hi and she agrees, that she is not racist, she’ll attack anyone that gets in between her and her cubs.) It’s always been us trying to keep our poc sisters and brothers down. Maybe I’m to much of a privileged child, to just not get that it’s us OR them. Like, Huckleberry vs Sambo. Sith vs Jedi. Romulans vs the Federation of Planets, without the neutral zone.
  2. Very true! To me it had the trifecta win; great music, great story, and the perfect English voice acting!
  3. I agree, it is disgusting, @Prettyphile. I understand the frustrated mind set. But yelling at the kids, it’s not going to make a change or solve anything. But hey! It might go viral and you get your 15 second of fame, so it’s ok, right?
  4. I loved how his mask started out in the beginning; as a William Shatner mask. Also, @Stromboli1 thank you for the tweets. They are pretty much how I feel about this ridiculous country right now.
  5. @Enrico_sw the last two posts had me chuckling! Thanks for that!
  6. Ding, Ding, Ding!! We have a winner ladies and gentlemen! (or should that be gentle beings?)
  7. this made me laugh. I wonder who got the CB joke?
  8. I love the know you’re distances graphic! That made me giggle.
  9. {name}

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    He was the main writer there for a while. It’s a shame he left music. I don’t blame him though.
  10. {name}

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    That was an interesting live show. In 1989 I think.
  11. This is getting fucking bad. This is getting more fucking ridiculous by the second! I’m offended by THE IDIOTS being offended just because someone might be offended, so THE IDIOTS are offended for them. I’m usually a liberal independent, and because I’m a “L” I don’t want to be lumped in with all this shit. Covid-19 infection rate in the US is rising again. We now have the most amount of infections. It has not been said in the media and government that this could be related to 1) the loosening of the shelter in place demands, and 2) all of the multi person gatherings and 3) not wearing masks when outside and in public spaces. I doubt that the above reasons will ever be admitted. /rant off
  12. Agreed! It’s nice to see some decent sleeping gowns after a very long drought of nothing that would be remotely comfortable to actually sleep in.
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