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  1. I am a liberal, and even I get offended by all this shit!
  2. Me and my friends screaming at a goal during the football match: Our neighbours: Ha!! Love it! Reminds me of a funny story that Hubs and I have. We were just newly married. The month(November or December)was unseasonably hot, and we had our windows open. There were several apartments who also had their windows open and a few watching parties going on. The American football game (playoffs) was between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. I was watching it while Hubs was on the computer in another room. D
  3. It’s always a happy-sad thing to hear of a damn fine player of any sport deciding to retire from the game. He’s got time now to be with his family and be a dad. Which is always a great thing in my book. (I also liked Tommy’s reply tweet to this.)
  4. Expensive therapist can be just as bad as a cheap one. What matters is how well they work with you. ive been to expensive and cheap therapists and out of all the ones I’ve seen, one of the less expensive ones helped the most. This is only my experience though.
  5. I like the change in her hair. Bad therapist or no, women have been cutting their hair off/shorter for hundreds of years when a significant change occurs in their life.
  6. I think that may have been what started Joss’s behind the camera antics and behaviors. I’m trying to not let them tarnish the like of the shows and movies we do like of his. I do feel for all those actresses and women who got that negative attention.
  7. She’s beautiful and I love her walk! Now, who is she?
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