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  1. In insta ed post it that both are going to be at fashion show.
  2. Yes Are you still laying in bed
  3. {name}

    I want!

    Dude you even post it on my thread. You must have some bad memory.
  4. Not really, so, no Are you a bellazon freak
  5. {name}

    Do You Believe?

    No Do you believe that black don't crack?
  6. {name}

    THIS or THAT

    Push Shave pussy or a hairy pussy
  7. I would like for VS to use Solveig's boobs to model for their mainline.
  8. Very little is better than nothing. Do you like Bregje new lip and nose?
  9. Karolina Kurkova has no belly button
  10. I agree with Lyla with everything she said.
  11. She definitely needs to win the stupid model search. I voted her 30 x a day. Hope she makes it. I will be very angry and disappointed if she doesn't makes it.
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