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  1. Okay, so I've just realised what Kate Moss' last name means. I never met this word before in English, but now that I want to make moss art I had to check it. And I find it so funny that I had to post it here. (oh and wrong topic but wc)
  2. Bump ( I'm just way too sleepy, not high...)
  3. I think she used to have Lisa Benson as agent. Then been passed to Emerson Barth. Not sure about Lisa Benson though, but kinda sure about that Emerson Barth wasn't her original agent at IMG NY. But honestly, I have doubts that this model in that article is Barbara. Her downward spiral started after the whole Justin Bieber nonsense. She seemed fine until that. but idk, maybe it's her.
  4. I just ordered this book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/OFF-Your-Digital-Detox-Better/dp/1781575363 I bumped into this while I was ordering other kind of books, and it's cheap so I'll give it a try. I'm curious if it can give me some usable ideas of how to get rid of my internet addiction. I don't know how good is this book in its topic though. and I confess that I've checked SI topic pretty much recently...but thanks to MJ Day I kinda lost all my interest in it as she missed the great opportunity to put Barbara on the cover. But tbh I like the actual cover.
  5. Now that it's Super Bowl night I need to spread my realization from a few weeks back... I know some of you call Candice's baby demon and other unkind words. Well, I find him super cute and adorable and I noticed that he looks like a mini Rob Gronkowski. I'm also proud of myself that I could resist of posting something for quite long. And not pm-ing that much either.
  6. @La Vie Est Belle thank you! And good luck to you too! 15 days is pretty impressing!
  7. ^ It is not serious anymore. Thanks!
  8. This will be my last one for you, really, because I just can't resist to write back to this BS. I don't have pain. That's the point of all of it. I don't need bz anymore. I realized that I don't and shouldn't need it anymore for anything. But it is kinda like coffee, I'm addicted to it, and I decided to go clean the way I wrote. If you envy this "enlightening" from me then just be bitter about it and keep thinking that I'm just making a "charade" here. I honestly wish for every member, but especially for those who clearly spend way too much time here to realize the same after some time. (And it's not only about bz, but internet itself) If anybody doesn't feel good about themselves then it can be a temporary option to use bz, but definitely not a good one for a long term imo. I think then they're stuck somewhere and could find a better way to get out of that place. If you're staying for company here then you're just fooling yourself, you're still lonely. You can find company anywhere if you're open enough, if not then you can work on that. And if you're not lonely and have company irl then why are you here, why don't you talk to the people around you? Oh they don't understand you? Then find those who does! Is this just a hobby? All right. For me it's just completely superficial and boring, especially after years. Once again, I think I can spend my time with better stuff what really gives something to me what really builds my personality. Bz helped me too to realize all of these things. So all of my time spent here worthed it after all. If you're offended by any of these thoughts then be so, just leave me alone with them. Thanks.
  9. I do not burn any bridges here. Cult Icon does. @PinkCouture @Cult Icon My first post on this topic is crystal clear. That contains everything in short. From now I refuse to reply any of YOUR nonsense here because you're being ridiculous. You should just simply leave this topic alone if you think it's a charade. You're just feeding it with your posts and that makes it a charade. As I said I wish all members here who needs it to find a better activity. I always said this, years ago too, that I find it a waste of time. If you're offended because of my opinion then be so, just leave me alone finally and don't act like an idiot.
  10. None of the commenting members in this topic has seen me. At least I didn't show myself to them. I feel really sorry for you by now. You don't even want to understand my point. I understand yours just can't agree with it and I think you're wrong. Could you finally just shut up about it? Thank you
  11. @Cult IconI don't understand why you're so hysterical. I do what I want. And I do it my way, I didn't offend you or anybody else, you took it like an insult for some reason. Get over it. I'm still here. Just because. But I have this goal to not be here than more than 5 years. Don't give me regulations! I don't need any moral support,on the contrary my intend was to give it to those who feel the same like me. You definitely don't feel, so why still be here then? Your insults can come to my mail box,but not here. @Sanni why do you have to know that?
  12. I have a Facebook account but I don't use it (only when it's really necessary). I'm over it for years. But nice try. And once again I want to ask those who feel hurt by this topic for some reason to go away. I don't understand these reactions tbh. If you want to use BZ that's your choice, I don't care. I just made this topic for temporary reasons and to spread my thoughts about my decision. If you don't like it, fine, bz is big enough for your thoughts too, I'm not intend to read other topics so you can freely comment about it elsewhere. Once again: I don't care about that. So do yourself a favor! Thank you so in advance! P. S. : The negativity and mocking only make me more determined about it.
  13. I'm not using bz that much as used to, when it was sickly a lot, that time's been over for long. I just can't see why should I spend any more of my time here when I could do something more valuable. Even as a hobby... And yes, your unreasonable comments are just as annoying as ever in any other topics, but I see them as cry for help comments, that you want to get attention, because deep down maybe you feel the same, you may not even realized it, it's unconscious. Hahahaha OH, and thanks for the wishes!
  14. My goal in 2018 is to totally minimalize my activity on bellazon and disappear by the time I reach my 5th year anniversary of me signing in here for the first time. My first step for this was that I basically visited just the General Talk topics most of the time. It was great as my interest in models decreased a LOT (I still can't unfollow all of them on instagram, but this will be a later step)... My next step is that this topic will be the only one I visit (I haven't decided about PMing yet). I think it's a great plan as probably it won't get that much attention from people so I won't have to check the bell in the right upper corner that often. That's all for now. I encourage everybody to follow my lead, because you can spend your life with better activities than wasting time on an internet forum (or the internet, but that's too big of a deal for me atm, so that will be my 2019 goal)! If you disagree please leave the topic asap, you have plenty of topics to fill with the product of your frustrations (This doesn't have a negative tone, I just really think that)! Yes, that's the key! Happy healing for me and for those who may follow me in this!
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