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  1. ^ Also can't really understand why denying it, like it is some sort of crime. That is one hell of a boob job she had, really well done.
  2. I'm just here to remind y'all that Josephine said in a video on youtube that her boobs grew over night and they are totally real.
  3. What? I didn't know she left IMG. Who is she with now? The resort collection looks stunning!
  4. Awwww, congrats to Jac ❤️ She looks as lovely as her mama.
  5. Love me some Doutzen and Candy together
  6. Does she still have her Biotherm contract?
  7. +1 can't agree more. Does anyone know how does her VS contract stand right now? How much time left before it expires? I can see her (and I hope so) leaving the brand after it ends. She seems so over it, being the mature woman she is now comparing to what the brand is looking at the moment.
  8. Soooo, on April 4th Sophia and her team were going to "Victoria's Secret meetings" .
  9. All the girls look amazing! Well done. Btw, I might be in the minority here, but I don't think short hair suites Barbara face that much. Don't get me wrong, she will always be prettier than every avarage girl in the world but I feel like she looks more of a bombshell with long hair.
  10. I honestly can't imagine her with anyone giga-famous like a musician or a movie star. She's so private about her personal life and she gives me such indipendent strong single mom vibe at the moment, I cannot see her being the "trophy wife" on red carpets and premieres.
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