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  1. So everyone is pissed at Alexina becoming an Angel. Good, 'cause I'm happy for her and I think she's gorgeous. Go, you weirdo redhead
  2. GURL, cover up yourself, it's freezing in Milano she looked amazing as usual ❤️
  3. So she's already leaving Brazil? I'm confused. Is she spending the holidays in the States? Or in South Africa maybe?
  4. So bad. SO SO SO BAD. We need one in Milan. Like in the city center.
  5. Who is this Bravin guy? I WANT JEROME BACK.
  6. She's a beach junkie, no way she would live in the cold in NYC all year long. I guess if she's moving to the States, Miami is the place to be for her.
  7. Do you think she moved to Miami? I'm starting to think it.
  8. Stella Maxwell Overall look: 8.5/10 Behati Prinsloo Overall look: 7/10
  9. He didn't said that in any way. He said that's not the fantasy VS is selling. Which is a pretty different thing. I'm a petit girl, I don't buy from stores and brands that sell for tall or curvy girls just as tall or curvy girls probably don't buy from the brands that fit my short legs.
  10. She looked amazing in the show. Her walk in Celestial Angel was to die for.
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