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  1. CanLVS


    Thanks for all the HQ's @Shepherd and everyone else.
  2. Haha this is my fav part of the VSFS the outrage over everything. There were too many angels for the last few years now, at least now there will be less going forward for next years show, provided VS doesn't feel the need to add in more angels.
  3. Nature Series shot by Jerome Duran
  4. Bellemere's work feels like once you've seen a few of his shots you have seen them all. I like Guy Aroch but he has the same kind of impression, I think its best and keeps things fresh for VS to never just stick to one photog for too many shoots in a row, I like Guy's shots with Elsa and the first few shoots of hers with Bellemere but then they get to feel like you've seen them all pretty quickly with their styles. I like that they are finally starting to showcase her legs more, I always thought Elsa has really nice legs.
  5. I haven't checked Taylors stuff in awhile but damn has been killing it. You can tell VS is setting up for her to be their next go to girl that they take credit for developing themselves a la Candice. These advertisements are very weird but whatever gives her a chance to show versatility and exposes her to a bigger audience. Smartest thing I've been told: always have a backup gift stored and ready, even for no occasion. If she says she doesn't want anything and you see shes upset she got nothing bust it out like you knew the whole time and wanted to surprise her. That plan
  6. CanLVS


    Leather and Laces SuperBowl Party - Houston TX, Febuary 4th 2017 (HQ's)
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