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  1. I cannot believe I managed to catch up on almost 50 pages! Ahhhh. To sum up my opinion: THE GIRLS LOOK AWESOME!!!! I love them all. The hair and make up situation has definitely improved. I am happy about this. P.s. As I have a fashion instagram fan account I will be posting some of the pictures you lovely people shared and give you credit. I just wanted to write it to let You know and be correct. I hate when people don't write up the sources. Thank you so freaking much for the hard work!!
  2. Hello ❤ I still have to catch up on 10 pages but I wanted to state how much I love the black robe!! The pink one is nice as well and I prefer them more than the one they were using last year. I also apologize for not interacting as much but I am shy as heck and I tend to observe more than interacting although I will surely try to be more active when they actually record the show! It is the second year I follow the VS dedicated thread and I want to thank all the members who give us all news about it.
  3. I adore her to bits awwwwwww she's a wonderful human being.
  4. O M G. Haha. I've never seen the first fashion show in which Bella walked until now and I'm there like.... WTF. Kaia is another world in comparison. And the latter walks better than Bella even now Bella is more experienced. Incredible.
  5. Same I kind of hope she will walk at least for Balmain and during MFW for Fendi. -fingers crossed-
  6. I've just discovered this beauty and I feel like in peace with the world. Haha. I'm going to follow this thread more often from now on. I hope she's going to become more and more recognized within time.
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