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  1. To every person who believed they weren't friends any longer. I love this photo so much. People just over-analysed and I'm truly happy to see this. Cannot wait to see the result of the photoshoots and the commercial!
  2. so prettyyy!
  3. It's fantastic!!! Thank you for being so kind.
  4. I don't understand why people can even hate Adriana?! And about Taytay... Can I be completely honest and state I think she's in a marvelous shape? She's blossoming, turning into a beautiful adult and it's more than normal to face a bodily revolution. The last photoshoots they released of all the girls are the bomb. If these girls were chosen as angels there's a precise reason. They're surely different from the former ones, yet they sparkle in any case! Times change so do fashion and advertising.
  5. I noticed it, sadly. I've been here almost silently almost for a year or so as I tried to interact yet nobody before you has ever responded me (and I thank you because I'm always happy to know other Josephine and VS angels' fans) About the make up and hair, I believe Talia Sparrow is doing her make up for sure as she's been tagged multiple times! About the hair... Rebekah Forecast and Danielle Priano did her hair on the shoots she did on May according to the tags on Jo's photos. But maybe some other times even other hair stylists worked with her. Edit: Diego Da Silva as well!
  6. that's a good question. I often check on it to read some news but I don't really understand the hate against her or the other girls. I believe I adore each of them - although Jo is my favorite. Every angel is unique in her own way. And they're doing such an amazing job. The photoshoots released in 2017 so far have been the bomb!
  7. Under special request for Elite Milan during Milan Fashion Week. Source: This time I believe it's correct since she generally walks for Fendi. Although I hope to see her modeling for more than a show.
  8. Via Bohnes Instagram Stories
  9. Hello! I have a curious question to ask, in case someone does know the answer... but where did Luigi go? It's been a while I haven't seen any photos of her dog anymore and I wondered what happened to him.
  10. Elsa reached 3m followers woot!
  12. Welcome! I hope they're going to put it on youtube as well as they did it last year. So I can watch it tomorrow.
  13. here.