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  1. JoJa isn’t related to Victoria’s Secret? They almost never wear that brand anymore? It’s just a business account they have around working out/motivation/healthy tips. Pretty sure they’re gonna make some sports clothes/accessories of their own in the near future.
  2. Hm you're right it could totally be a throwback picture it's the exact same outfit from head to toe...
  3. Weren’t they already posted cause they’re old from earlier last year?
  4. Could be... I hope not but all the pictures on the website look like a mess, the new FLL for VS Holiday Campaign looks way better than the actual VS Holiday one...
  5. This shoot is five years old, it's the cover picture from 100 Great Danes, photographed by Bjarke Johansen.
  6. Do some of you understand Danish? There’s a podcast with Jo in danish on Spotify, here’s the link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4XtTGpKLc8LeRlNYL0zSIt?si=FUeFsR76Q0mlx15FAYj4Qg She talks about social media, her phone/apps and all. Would love to read a translation of it if someone can maybe translate the most important parts! ☺️
  7. This is the video screen recorded by @joskriver.daily on Instagram.
  8. I think it was supposed to be their official wedding date. Alex said in a live that the wedding was originally supposed to happen this week. But because of corona it’s postponed to next year.
  9. Helena is the main photographer of this campaign! Just her pictures were taken by someone else like maybe Jerome Duran or someone else.
  10. It's the same outfit she had in Bangkok. But here in NYC they often shoot around the same areas.
  11. She was but she just left today. She might have chosen to skip this nyfw!
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