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  1. How tall is she really 169 - 170? I doubt 173-175 that agency claims is true (they are wearing same heels)
  2. Okkk I see do you thing it might help her to get a casting one day or not really and only as a blogger?
  3. How is she working as a VS? She was invited as a blogger/influencer or? Am I missing something?
  4. Bow wings are one of my favorite wings of all time!
  5. One of the best dresses on a Pink Carpet this year
  6. Didn't know she has a vlog!
  7. Outfit Maybe next year she will get more..
  8. When you work hard on your squats and legs all year and they give you these pants
  9. She gives me a little bit of Barbara vibe.
  10. One of the best Pink carpet looks.
  11. She rocked these fishnets big time.!!
  12. I so much agree! They need an asian angel and she is so gorgeous and perfect for the brand!
  13. Awww, she is really lucky with her outfit!!
  14. I have been so much waiting for this vlog!!!
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