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    Im am searching all stuff and informations about German supermodel of the 90 th Claudia Schiffer! And I am also intersted in other carreers of 90 th models. But Claudia is till today my fave. In my opinion the best model ever in the szene. She has so many impressions and is so professional!

    And I am also now interested in the career of Anna Ewers, a german born 5'9 blonde stunning beauty, a model on the rise.

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  7. Amazing to see them reunited with some friends in Paris 😍 But I never saw Anna close with Olivier Rousteing before? She walked for Balmain many years ago and I never saw them together in private or at events. I am smiling about Annas evening Look- Jeans and grean striped sweatshirt and the other girls are in black chick mini dresses.😏 Hopefully we will see Anna at the Coutures in two weeks....πŸ˜ƒ
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