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    Im am searching all stuff and informations about German supermodel of the 90 th Claudia Schiffer! And I am also intersted in other carreers of 90 th models. But Claudia is till today my fave. In my opinion the best model ever in the szene. She has so many impressions and is so professional!

    And I am also now interested in the career of Anna Ewers, a german born 5'9 blonde stunning beauty, a model on the rise.

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  5. She shooted today again with Deborah Brune in Berlin
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  9. No NEWS since weeks and as MOPSEL wrote, I am also very disappointed that she could not book jobs in high fashion range after her good New York Fashion week. The jobs we find again is catalogue. But I love her for Il Corte Ingles. It is not a bad job. Love that pic ( so glamurous) But I think this was shooted early in spring. I was so happy she tried it again in NYC. And I don't see any results despite of the NYFW out of her time there? Yes Luisa, when I first saw her at GNTM in 2012 I was so overwhelmed from this girl, for me she had all to start an international carreer, I saw in her the next German Topmodel.... I saw her at Elle and Vogue and in many campaigns. But I think there were as I know see over the years many factors it has not worked: - she is very shy and seems not to feel comfortable with the camera and at catwalk... - she let the things come, I think she was not fighting enough for it? Possible... but I don't know really... - I don't know if she loved the clothes she wore, she never presented them very well. - She has not much improved her walk ( Schlenkerarm) , catwalk trainer? - she had not the luck convincing a famous designer or photographer of herself, getting in love with her beauty. But it was never so quiet around her. Is she still modeling or only part time modeling and staying at home? Possible she will marry and will get a baby with her boyfriend and is staying in her house in nothern Germany. I wish her all the Best but I don't think we will see much of her in past as model. I am a little bit sad about but I think: She has to be happy in her life.