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    Im am searching all stuff and informations about German supermodel of the 90 th Claudia Schiffer! And I am also intersted in other carreers of 90 th models. But Claudia is till today my fave. In my opinion the best model ever in the szene. She has so many impressions and is so professional!

    And I am also now interested in the career of Anna Ewers, a german born 5'9 blonde stunning beauty, a model on the rise.
  1. Marie Claire Australia Digital Edition
  2. Meee also 😃🙃 and she looks so happy and beautiful. Jim loves to take pictures of her , that was last time done by a boyfriend of her when she was with Levin Scholl. And really great that they let us take part if it. That is an endless summer as it seems, the two love birds are on holiday tour since mid of June.....with short brakes for work.
  3. Enjoying couplelife at countryside 🥰 🤗 Italy 2020 source: IG Jim Käemmerling
  4. Holidays in Korfu Greece with her family Boukari Bay, with her elder sister Ella Same.. but different 🤠🤠🌈
  5. Evie Harris, 18, England DAILY AVERAGE SCREEN TIME: 4 HOURS 42 MINUTES Can you tell us: A film you’ve watched... I, Tonya. An album you’ve been listening to... Don’t Forget About Me by Dominic Fike and Circles by Mac Miller. A book you’ve read... The Secret History by Donna Tartt. A book that you’ve “read” but haven’t actually finished... Pride and Prejudice. I just couldn’t do it. A meme that’s made you laugh... “Check on your indie friends — they haven’t gone thrifting in a while.” An argument you’ve had... I have been getting a lot of hate for being messy. A meal that you’ve made that you enjoyed... Beetroot hummus. A meal that you’ve made that you didn’t enjoy... I made pasta for my family but I didn’t boil it for long enough so it was crunchy. Also raw roasted parsnips… I get too impatient. A revelation that you’ve had… It’s a lot easier to cook than it is to clean up. A strange impulse purchase you’ve made online… A waffle maker and 16 scented candles. What you’re going to do when all this is over... Go to the pub with my friends as an adult for the first time! But maybe I’ve forgotten how to socialise? source:Oliver's story originally appeared in i-D's The Faith In Chaos Issue, no. 360, Summer 2020.
  6. One more from WSJ Magazine
  7. As you assumed, here it is a further one. So in 🥰with that campaign! She looks stunning elegant and beautiful
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