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  1. for this you thank your beloved Victoria Secret
  2. she will be the next magnificent guess girl
  3. Which photographer shot solid&striped?
  4. elfstone really i found her pics in the asos site. often she gone to camden. unfortunately she does not advertise what she does but the brands that use her call her constantly.
  5. #RaiseYourHand for Save The Children and Bulgari
  6. i'm so happy that she work more today.... Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew The Double Care PH pETER LINDBERGH source Telegraph
  7. Vogue Portugal September 2016 source photo: AN LE STUDIO
  8. Airfield Loves Fashion Cocktail loc: dusseldorf gracekelly yacht source: getty
  9. Sunshiine Pith_Possum you must also thank ig acc source who spends time to find photos that you attack and glued
  10. Disgusted! I'm agree with SympathysSilhouette. A young girl has to go out to make a career with the famous man? No thanks: PowerGirl and dignity. However, she is already dating and in love. Remember: she did important works (sports illustrated/ wonderbra /pink) and works a lot but she has the typical European confidential. the fashion system is so: the really beautiful girls are shadow. we can support them!
  11. princesswind i guess you already seen this! source instagram @rosatphow how much is funny this girl?
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