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  1. Hey hi! How are you?! So glad to see you are here keeping everyone in order still.
  2. ... being here years ago being as absolute ass all the time lol. Any of the old guard still around? I remembered this place and figured I'd stop by out of curiosity.
  3. Hope you was okay during Irma :sad: 

  4. RPDR is one of the few things worth watching and Katya is the best thing to come out of that show.
  5. I'm pretty sure Secret Angels is 80% sexy and 20% disgusting. Dark Angels is the same just with reversed percentages. Because what you see, isn't always the truth...
  6. As I ALWAYS DO, I think Lima looks lovely...
  7. Welcome back!

    1. AnaBBarrosFan


      Thank you, love! Great to be back!

  8. It's a joke. I was pretending I convinced you to like Grace. Don't worry about it. lol
  9. **Sorry for the double post, this new layout is wrecking havoc**
  10. It's awesome to see you guys. I feel like I should correct my previous statement: I'm exited to see Grace, Luma, and Romee. I'd love to see Camila Marrone, Robin Holzken, and Brooke Buchanan in show.
  11. Yooooooo lol. I kinda just dropped in out of nowhere....
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