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  1. RPDR is one of the few things worth watching and Katya is the best thing to come out of that show.
  2. I'm pretty sure Secret Angels is 80% sexy and 20% disgusting. Dark Angels is the same just with reversed percentages. Because what you see, isn't always the truth...
  3. As I ALWAYS DO, I think Lima looks lovely...
  4. It's a joke. I was pretending I convinced you to like Grace. Don't worry about it. lol
  5. **Sorry for the double post, this new layout is wrecking havoc**
  6. It's awesome to see you guys. I feel like I should correct my previous statement: I'm exited to see Grace, Luma, and Romee. I'd love to see Camila Marrone, Robin Holzken, and Brooke Buchanan in show.
  7. Yooooooo lol. I kinda just dropped in out of nowhere....
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing Grace. She is refreshingly classic. Although it's an overused term, there's something very "90's Supermodel" about her. There's an effortlessness to her beauty. A lot of the uber attractive models today almost seem like an amalgam of features, sultry eyes + plush lips + razor sharp cheekbones = hot face. Don't get me wrong, I love a sultry face as much as the next person, but Grace has a softness about her beauty even though she has the same qualities I just mentioned. She feels more like a Leticia Casta than she does an Adriana Lima, and I feel like the field is
  9. So gorgeous, can't wait to see her in the show.
  10. If that is the cover, it's better than I could've ever hoped for. After all the speculation and discussions, they use a doll. RICH!
  11. Karlie in white and Lima in red: Just so much awful...
  12. I didn't notice your comment! Thank you.
  13. Well now I'll have to sit through that awful show to watch Ana for 20 seconds. Still, I'll power through it.
  14. AnaBBarrosFan

    I Am...

    Changing my avatar AGAIN. I LOVE Sasha Luss but I had to take the opportunity to have that video of Ana as an avatar. So gorgeous.
  15. I simply HAD TO change my avatar to those shots of her in the crown, such a queen.
  16. AnaBBarrosFan

    I Am...

    OMG here where I'm at once it hits 40F its like "sweaters off ,swimsuits on" scorching hot Also love your Sasha avi
  17. I think you are right! Thank you so much, my dear.
  18. That was a painfully cheap looking set. Giving me early 90's vibes...
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