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  1. next year's issue of what, SI?
  2. some might say it's what models do for a living
  3. from pia arrobio's instagram
  4. didn't see this in the thread Lais Ribeiro para Alexandrine L’Amour
  5. I don't care about the Fyre festival. I just want those Franzino pics to be released.
  6. She's attractive.
  7. someone PM a friend?
  8. if you find yourself starting sentences this way, maybe step away from the internet for a while
  9. jones management released a 0:55 clip of amore and sorvette shoot. let's hope this is just a preview of a longer vid!
  10. it's a video of still images, but there's one in particular you'll want to see (around 1:12)
  11. sorry, i didn't realize you were a lawyer, my bad.