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  1. Charlie Robertson Thylane Blondeau Emily Deyt-Aysage Xian Mikol
  2. chandler bailey polina malinovskaya charlie robertson dioni tabbers elle trowbridge lea mohr raven lyn tanya kizko
  3. Xian Mikol Emily Deyt-Aysage Charlie Robertson Clara Alonso
  4. i wasn't expecting her to win this kind of comp, her face was never her strongest point (even if i think she stunning) but i can't and i'll not complain would have been better if Charlie won tho Kelly wasn't even nominated at first, i added her while the comp already started!
  5. in the business yes but not here sadly..but more than it used to be tho, i'm here since forever so i noticed
  6. there aren't many popular moc in the first place tho but i saw more moc here than in other comps
  7. Yulia Rose Emily Deyt-Aysage Lea Mohr Annie Morrissey
  8. Xenia Belskaya: 6 Xian Mikol: 9 Yael Shelbia: 8 Yara Khmidan: 8.5 Yulia Rose: 9 Zhenya Katava: 2 Zorana Kuzmanova: 8
  9. Veridiana Ferreira: 6 Veronika Istomina: 7 Victoria Lynn Myers: 4 Vika Bronova: 3 Viktoria Sasonkina: 5 Vittoria Ceretti: 9
  10. Robin Holzken Colleen Cole Georgia Fowler Vita Sidorkina
  11. most of the models i like are already gone..guess i'll do just a few teams 😭
  12. Chandler Bailey Maggie Rawlins Anna-Christina Schwartz Doutzen Kroes
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