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  1. Tanya Edita
  2. no! just 4 more votes for Lauren and we can end this
  3. Maggie Rawlins - 9 Casie Chegwidden - 8 Bianca Balti - 8.5 Kassi Smith - 8 Frida Aasen - 9 Ellie Ottaway - 9 Imaan Hammam - 1 Brooke Perry - 8
  4. Jourdan Poppy
  5. yes! and her manager is actually really good, he's Tanya manager too..i'm still surprised she wasn't at the SI castings last year, hopefully next time
  6. yeah her IG is quite impressive! she have a lot of followers for a not really popular model
  7. great adds, thanks for the updates! happy to see she gained new fans to keep her thread alive
  8. and she's going to lose, ah ah! @lostdiadem will not be happy about what you said about Gisele
  9. Sara Jo
  10. well Lauren is a better actress too she's in The Walking Dead
  11. Kyra Santoro 1 Miranda Kerr 1 Blanca Padilla 9 Anna Ewers 6 Liu Wen 3 Elyse Knowles 9 Jac Jagaciak 9 Jacqueline Oloniceva 9.5
  12. Clara Alonso [1] Hailey Outland [2]
  13. Ranking - Round 1. Rank the models from 1 to 11, 1 being the best and 11 being the worst Sandra Kubicka Adriana Lima Bryana Holly Rachel Mortenson Alice Peneaca Lara Stone Marisa Miller Rayanne Bitancourt Brooke Buchanan Heidi Klum Gigi Paris Gallery HERE
  14. ROUND 67 Clara Alonso vs Hailey Outland Clara Alonso [0] Hailey Outland [0]