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    diamondveil on instagram. twitter peroxide_blonde. owner of xstrikeapose.tumblr.com

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  1. peroxideblonde

    Bellazon's Underdogs Competition.

    Sofia Resing. Lini Kennedy. Cindy Mello. Allie Ayers. Denise Schaefer.
  2. peroxideblonde

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    they really need to make some big changes or VS will shut down sooner or later
  3. peroxideblonde

    Dioni Tabbers

    i love the shoots from Honey Birdette and Congrats! he's handsome too
  4. peroxideblonde

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    LMAO they aren't new angels, is just a useless project
  5. peroxideblonde

    Bellazon's Underdogs Competition.

    Talia Richman. Juli Herz. Barbara Rodiles. Clara McSweeney. Georgia Gibbs.
  6. peroxideblonde

    Bellazon's Underdogs Competition.

    Bridget Charlie Celine Samantha Lada @clubparadise i love your avatar
  7. peroxideblonde

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    why not new performers instead? why is that so hard..
  8. peroxideblonde

    Bellazon's Underdogs Competition.

    they are nominated! by me Vika is overrated as fuck
  9. peroxideblonde

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    maybe Maroon 5 with Cardi (while Behati walks with the FB) ?
  10. peroxideblonde

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    jesus no ? why we can't have nice things? WHY? and not a smart idea her last album flopped and she's irrelevant atm
  11. peroxideblonde

    2019 SI Swimsuit

    is going viral..that's what they really care about
  12. peroxideblonde

    Bellazon's Underdogs Competition.

    Alina Kirchiu. Agathe Teyssier. Scarlett Leithold. Zhenya Katava. Cindy Bruna.
  13. peroxideblonde

    Italian Talk

    ok ora di risvegliare questo topic..hanno rotto il cazzo con CR7 e detto da me..
  14. peroxideblonde

    Bellazon's Underdogs Competition.

    Raluca Mos Fernanda Liz Sera Mann Isabelle Mathers Celeste Bright Nerize Peyper Lauren Layne Nina Daniele Isabell Andreeva Anna Avila Celeste Desjardins Beate Muska Annabella Barber Beate Muska
  15. peroxideblonde

    Kate Upton

    Yes but this is not the case..they got married in November, she's 3 months at best