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  1. Candice Swanepoel Josephine Skriver Elsa Hosk Charlie Robertson
  2. i don't know if i'll ever do comps again tbh, i barely vote lately and i'm not really interested anymore Bianca Balti Romi Pavoncello Sabrina Barca Lucia Bramani vs. Tana Boshoff 2x1 Costanza Nisi vs. Danika Pienaar 2x1
  3. i know, she should have stayed as Caroline Austin..or she could have just added the husband name (Charlie Austin Robertson)
  4. she shouldn't have changed her name in the first place, i hate when women change their names after getting married, ok IRL but for work keep your own
  5. more easy to travel since they do that a lot i guess, i have 2 chihuahua myself and i can take them with me without problems
  6. there's a way to know how much this will sell?
  7. Maggie Rawlins Xian Mikol Elle Trowbridge Candice Swanepoel Edita Vilkeviciute
  8. Alessandra Ambrosio Thais Belmonte vs. Polina Malinovskaya 2x3 Gabriela Salles vs. Daria Yanchik 2.5x2.5 Vitoria Brugnera vs. Ulyana Latysheva 2.5x2.5 Alexandra Finskaya
  9. Elsa Hosk Daniela Lopez Osorio Charlie Robertson Alessandra Ambrosio
  10. i can't now but i'll just ask for now @jessicanicole i'm willing to give up one of my girls for Emily Deyt, i can let you have both Lais and Hannah in case one is not enough
  11. Yulia Rose Izabela Ion Chandler Bailey Daniela Lopez Osorio
  12. Cintia Dicker Daniela Braga Juliana Nepomuceno vs. Sasheya 2x3 Daiane Sodre vs. Jagoda Wolska 4x1 Rayla Jacunda 5 points
  13. Bryana Holly Gintare Sudziute Yulia Rose Sarah Stephens
  14. since they don't care about models anymore rooting for my queen Britney to be on the cover next story? yes background? yes bikini body? yes fans? yes loved? yes and a book to promote next year agree? @ILUVAdrianaLima
  15. living for the comments under Kim cover, people are not happy
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