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  1. i still have time..i don't think someone will pick her for now..but i'm still note sure i'll do it
  2. and I CAN SAY whatever i want..i guess i'll start talking shit about Borena everytime i'll see her in comps then
  3. Sara Sampaio: 10 Sarah Snyder: 5 Sarah Stephens: 10 Sasha Luss: 8 Scarlett Leithold: 6 Shanina Shaik: 10 Sienna Raine: 6.5 Sima Jakuleviciute: 5 can you stop with this already? this is not a comp about hair and you don't need to say it everytime she doesn't even have it in this pics, just forget about it jeez
  4. Maggie Rawlins Isabelle Mathers Gintare Sudziute Bryanna Holly
  5. Vanessa? gross Sharpay >>> 1. Vanessa Hudgens (39) 2. Naressa Valdez (0) 3. Valeria Lakhina (1) 4. Ida Zeile (0) 5. Eva Mikulski (0) 6. Haley Kalil (0) 7. Lucy Hale (0) 8. Adriana Mora (0) 9. Efrat Dor (0) 10. Maartje Verhoef (0) 11. Mia Ivanska (7) 12. Candace Owens (0)
  6. Kari Riley Tanya Mityushina Gintare Sudziute Nina Agdal
  7. Romy Schonberger: 4 Rose Bertram: 7.5 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 8 Roosmarijn De Kok: 1 Ryann Murphy: 6 Sandra Kaczorovska: 6.5 Sandra Kubicka: 8 Sara Orrego: 4
  8. i'm happy you liked it as well i love the top and i'm very happy for Emily, i don't mean to brag but she got popular here thanks to me sooo..
  9. he's 21..still not sure it's him tho, he's still followed by SI/MJ/Janine
  10. Reef Neeman: 3 Renata Calheiros: 2 Renee Herbert: 7 Renee Murden: 7.5 Riley Rasmussen: 8 Robin Holzken: 9 Romee Strijd: 7 Romi Frenkel: 4
  11. Daniela Lopez Osorio Mariangela Bonanni Effy Harvard Leonila Guz
  12. Hailey Outland Mariangela Bonanni Blanca Padilla Juliana Herz
  13. Nyasha Matonhodze: 5 Olivia Brower: 8 Olivia Mathers: 7 Polina Malinovskaya: 9 Rachel Cook: 8 Rafaella Consentino: 7 Raquel Milla: 4 Raven Lyn: 10
  14. and that's it! thanks everyone for participating, this was one of my fav comp
  15. Solveig Mork Hansen Mariangela Bonanni Juliana Herz Blanca Padilla Raven Lyn Alexina Graham
  16. who cares about that anyway, she'll not date any of you guys anyway
  17. i don't see how this is about that, a girl can have short hair without being a lesbian you know not a fan of this look, the bangs doesn't look good on her..wish she did something like Charlie Robertson instead
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