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  1. Does she know when is the show happening?. Now I feel like November is too late.
  2. Megan Puleri and Frida Aasen are doing casting tomorrow.
  3. I would like to see new faces. Some of them are very talented. Also Bella is in NY, she's probably doing casting too.
  4. Toni has a chance.
  5. A page just said that we'll know the fantasy bra model next week.
  6. Nepotism and Cheap Outfits = Bad Ratings
  7. Aqua is 100% confirmed, she said it via instagram. I like Danielle but she has like 0 runway experience.
  8. Well, Lily's sister Ruby A. went to the castings last year and was rejected.
  9. Finally confirmed:
  10. Finally good news lol.
  11. I want curvy models honestly. Why not? it's time for a change and her body is beautiful. Ashley is prettier and has more personality than some of them.
  12. Roosmarijn de Kok and Robin Holzken are currently on set for VS. Hopefully they will be part of the lineup.
  13. Fans can't stop freak out. He posted the same pic last year.