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  1. VSFS 2017 Awards;

    Alessandra; Look: 6.5/10 Alexina; Look: 7/10
  2. VSFS 2017 Awards;

    Adriana; Wings: 6/10 Look: 8.5/10 Aiden; Look: 5/10
  3. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    The show this year was meh, I mean the makeup/hairstyle were so much better but it's not that exciting anymore, they give wings to anyone and that was something special before. Martha is a good spokesperson but that catwalk sis... It's the same with Stella tbh, I can say that Blanca or Gizele would better angels sns. Some outfits were decent and others... Also they better hire Alexina, Grace and Frida again next year. Queen Candice saved the show. kendall could never