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  1. I would love to see her in white. Remember the time she wore her white dress vice versa. That was probably her best look it was quite unique 😍
  2. So you'll still keep going and going and going about it right? No matter what. Like 4 people told you to stop this and you just don't care at all. Let me get this straight I have nothing against you so don't put shit on me I'm not Luna! I actually think that you are one of few people who keeps this thread going for years. Thank you for that because I enjoy it here. But to say that it get shut down because of us? Really? We are the ones to get 3 warnings from people who running this place? No! You did! We asked nicely but look what you keeps saying.. You keep arguing about what? People who are barely there?? Yep I'm here daily and just because I'm not writing shit about Metin doesn't mean I'm not here and same goes for others. Maybe you should ask yourself why there's not more people discussing. Maybe because no one wants to discuss her love and private life. So I will ask you again can we just throw Metin out of the line please? And now you can have the last word I'm done.
  3. @Souled-Out Right now there's 4 people complaining(out of 7). You were given 3 warnings to stop it. But yet you still continue, why? We get the whole Metin thing but seriously I went back some pages and you always start this thing and you keep saying the same things all over. It's nothing new, still the same things about him. But obviously you want this place to get closed. Well done
  4. You guys really need to stop this. I was quiet for a long time but this is getting ridiculous. I came here everyday to see what's new with Adriana and the only thing I read here is the shit you threw her way. YES HER WAY! She choose him, this is her life, she's all grown up. I'm sure she is aware of what you think about him. But how do you think it makes her feel? The reason why she is less and less active on social media is only because of people like you! Yes, I agree he's not good for her, he's a snake or going after her money blah blah. But do we really need to talk about the same Metin shit 24/7? Isn't enough to said it once? We all know Adriana can act very childish in her relationships so it's actually really funny to see you all going crazy about her unfollowing him. Didn't she do that everytime? Yes she does that. But we already knew that but wait...we should talk about that another 20 times right?! Nah let's talk about it whole year, like you do about Metin! (yet from past we already know that unfollow means nothing!) She wants to be with him so let her be with him. She's the ONE who has to know what's the best for her. Not you or me! I had my opinion and I said it, ONCE . Because once is enough. Nobody cares anymore, let her live for god sakes!
  5. Waiting for that all day long footage
  6. Cindy Bruna Wings: 5 Overall Look: 8 Sui He Wings: 6 Overall Look: 5 Adriana Lima Wings: 10 Overall Look: 10
  7. Grace Bol Wings: 4 Overall Look: 5 Sara Sampaio Wings: 5 Overall Look: 7
  8. Elsa Hosk Wings: 5 Overall Look: 7 Barbara Fialho Wings: 4 Overall Look: 6 Jourdana Phillips Overall Look: 7 Kendall Jenner Wings: 5 Overall Look: 9
  9. Taylor Hill Overall Look: 9 Romee Strijd Wings: 8 Overall Look: 9
  10. Sadie Newman Overall Look: 4 Martha Hunt Wings: 1 Overall Look: 6 Lais Ribeiro Wings: 7 Overall Look: 8 Candice Swanepoel Wings: 1 Overall Look: 5
  11. Kelly Gale Overall Look: 5 Barbara Palvin Overall Look: 3
  12. Isabell

    General Discussion

    I'm dead that Adriana actually replied to this picture lol
  13. Winnie Harlow Overall Look: 1 Aiden Curtiss Overall Look: 4
  14. Yasmin Wijnaldum Overall Look: 1 Gigi Hadid Wings 1 Overall Look: 2 Nadine Leopold Overall Look: 2 Sofie Rovenstine Overall Look: 1
  15. Jasmine Tookes Wings : 5 Look : 4 Devon Windsor Look : 2
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