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    Thats obvious....Adriana Lima.

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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

  2. heyhey! Happy Birthday! First one to say this in this year!

    Hope you're still here and will have a great party! ^,^

    oh...and 5 stars for you =]

  3. i don't know u .. i was viewing ur profile .. and i ppl saying Happy Birthday , it will be rude not to say the same So.. happy birthday ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Neo !

  5. Happy B-Day!

  6. Hi Neo are u still around? Obs x

  7. Neo52285

    House, MD

    i liked the part when he was like do you drink? Yeah, why? You're the right age maybe we can drink together at the same place, maybe even eat dinner.
  8. Neo52285


    haha, i was going to capture that one lastnight
  9. Neo52285

    House, MD

    im hoping for some love triangle this season btwn cuddy, house and cameron....i personally would go with cameron
  10. Neo52285

    House, MD

    well it was more wilson not cutty. he has a point that house does need to hear "no" more often and that he cant always get what he wants (no pun intended ) I did feel bad for House though because most of his cases are solved by pure luck but now that he isnt crippled he cant be trusted so to speak.
  11. hey i read it as the way i deduce it so when you said 100% sex i was like hell fuckin yeah!
  12. as i say she oozes sex....maybe he meant along those lines?
  13. dammit you stole my song, preferable sung by frank the tank ha i win *FRANK THE TANK, FRANK THE TANK, FRANK THE TANK*
  14. Dust in the Wind by Kansas....you're my boy blue!
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