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  1. megy

    Hey, what's up? How are you doing these days? 🙂

  2. megy

    <3 hi there

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    2. Lyon


      Btw, guess what? I just went to Slovakia 2 weeks ago :D

    3. megy


      I don't know, busy at school and stuff. :sad: But it was worth it - I've finished my master's degree just a week ago! :excited:No way you were in Slovakia! How is it possible, a trip perhaps? Where exactly you were - in our capital Bratislava? Do you like Slovakia? We aren't Norway or Denmark or USA, but it's not really a middle aged country, is it? :D I'm excited for you. 

    4. Lyon


      So happy to hear that. Congrats on your graduation. 

      If you could talk to me earlier I would definitely meet up with you in SK.

      Actually I was traveling to Hubgary and Romania for 2 weeks. During the 6 days in Hungary. I found a bit bored and thought why wouldn't I give a quick trip to Slovakia? Then I bought a train ticket and carried my backpack and went to Bratislava. 

      To be honest, I didn't expect SK is as mordern as Western or Northern European countries. It is far well-developed than HU and RO. The streets are clean, buildings are well constructed (unlike Hungary). Food and stuffs are a bit pricy but still acceptable.

      I only spent a half day in Bratislava because the city centre is small enough to walk around in one day. 

      I don't know much about this country. If you have any suggestions about traveling in SK. I would visit again on my next Balkan trip :smile:

  3. Lyon


    People are too lazy to update when I was outta here Mayo pork rib
  4. 新年快樂,恭喜發財!!!


    1. Lyon


      This is a bit late and happy Easter holiday :)

  5. Lyon


    I just realized the burger won over all the beauties and took that profile pic. Highfive foodie
  6. Lyon


    A Bite Of China Chongqing Chicken Pot
  7. Lyon


    Once in a while..... Куриный Суп
  8. That bikini is so Japanese bro!

  9. Just saw Mo in the street and asked her "Are you mo?" She didn't give me a glance. She then shaked her head and ran right away. Though I just freaked her out
  10. "Just sprinkle a pinch of laughter here for seasoning" - Lyon's Kitchen

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    2. ILUVAdrianaLima


      You might want to purchase bigger pants before you start this life XD

    3. Lyon


      An XXXXXXL pants is needed. I made lasagna last night, I added tons of parmigiano :drool:

    4. ILUVAdrianaLima


      ^ I'm gonna PM you since it's better to communicate there :D

  11. Hey Himey, can't believe that we haven't talked in 2 years, I miss u sooo much! When will u finish your army life huh? I am now rarely go on BZ, but I have to tell u I am watching a reality show with liang and ..... his son on every Saturday / Sunday Want to know more? Please pop up and say hi ok?
  12. Lyon


    You are right and it was soft boiled chicken egg And I cheated a bit, I didn't made the soup myself, I bought a pack of instant ramen with seasoning packet inside But that flavor is pretty close to the soup in Japanese restaurant!
  13. Lyon


    Ramen with Japanese BBQ pork by Lyon cooking time=90min
  14. poke poke poke

    1. Lyon


      wow, still remember me? Good!

      How are you? Still working in that company?

    2. Limerlight


      yes I do, sorry I forgot this was here. :ninja:

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