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  1. {name}

    Hey, what's up? How are you doing these days? 🙂

  2. {name}

    <3 hi there

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    2. Lyon


      Btw, guess what? I just went to Slovakia 2 weeks ago :D

    3. megy


      I don't know, busy at school and stuff. :sad: But it was worth it - I've finished my master's degree just a week ago! :excited:No way you were in Slovakia! How is it possible, a trip perhaps? Where exactly you were - in our capital Bratislava? Do you like Slovakia? We aren't Norway or Denmark or USA, but it's not really a middle aged country, is it? :D I'm excited for you. 

    4. Lyon


      So happy to hear that. Congrats on your graduation. 

      If you could talk to me earlier I would definitely meet up with you in SK.

      Actually I was traveling to Hubgary and Romania for 2 weeks. During the 6 days in Hungary. I found a bit bored and thought why wouldn't I give a quick trip to Slovakia? Then I bought a train ticket and carried my backpack and went to Bratislava. 

      To be honest, I didn't expect SK is as mordern as Western or Northern European countries. It is far well-developed than HU and RO. The streets are clean, buildings are well constructed (unlike Hungary). Food and stuffs are a bit pricy but still acceptable.

      I only spent a half day in Bratislava because the city centre is small enough to walk around in one day. 

      I don't know much about this country. If you have any suggestions about traveling in SK. I would visit again on my next Balkan trip :smile:

  3. {name}


    People are too lazy to update when I was outta here Mayo pork rib
  4. 新年快樂,恭喜發財!!!


    1. Lyon


      This is a bit late and happy Easter holiday :)

  5. {name}


    I just realized the burger won over all the beauties and took that profile pic. Highfive foodie
  6. {name}


    A Bite Of China Chongqing Chicken Pot
  7. {name}


    Once in a while..... Куриный Суп
  8. Just saw Mo in the street and asked her "Are you mo?" She didn't give me a glance. She then shaked her head and ran right away. Though I just freaked her out
  9. "Just sprinkle a pinch of laughter here for seasoning" - Lyon's Kitchen

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    2. ILUVAdrianaLima

      You might want to purchase bigger pants before you start this life XD

    3. Lyon


      An XXXXXXL pants is needed. I made lasagna last night, I added tons of parmigiano :drool:

    4. ILUVAdrianaLima

      ^ I'm gonna PM you since it's better to communicate there :D

  10. {name}

    Zhang Liang

    Hey Himey, can't believe that we haven't talked in 2 years, I miss u sooo much! When will u finish your army life huh? I am now rarely go on BZ, but I have to tell u I am watching a reality show with liang and ..... his son on every Saturday / Sunday Want to know more? Please pop up and say hi ok?
  11. {name}


    You are right and it was soft boiled chicken egg And I cheated a bit, I didn't made the soup myself, I bought a pack of instant ramen with seasoning packet inside But that flavor is pretty close to the soup in Japanese restaurant!
  12. {name}


    Ramen with Japanese BBQ pork by Lyon cooking time=90min
  13. poke poke poke

    1. Lyon


      wow, still remember me? Good!

      How are you? Still working in that company?

    2. Limerlight


      yes I do, sorry I forgot this was here. :ninja:

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