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    People are too lazy to update when I was outta here Mayo pork rib
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    I just realized the burger won over all the beauties and took that profile pic. Highfive foodie
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    A Bite Of China Chongqing Chicken Pot
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    Once in a while..... Куриный Суп
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    Mo Wandan

    Just saw Mo in the street and asked her "Are you mo?" She didn't give me a glance. She then shaked her head and ran right away. Though I just freaked her out
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    Yukie Nakama

    Japanese name: 仲間 由紀恵 (なかま ゆきえ) English name: Yukie Nakama Birthday: 30 Oct 1979 Birthday place: Urasoe, Okinawa Blood type: A Height: 160cm Official page: http://www.ogipro.com/talent/nakama/ Yukie Nakama (仲間 由紀恵 ,Nakama Yukie, born October 30, 1979) is a Ryukyuan actress, singer and former idol. She was born in Urasoe, Okinawa, the youngest of five siblings. She is one of the few young Japanese celebrities that have been able to break free from their teeny-bopper image and emerge as one of the country's most popular and well-respected actresses. At the start of her career she was a gravure idol and appeared in bit parts until her career breakthrough role playing Sadako in "Ring 0: Birthday (2000)." In 2000, Nakama demonstrated her talent for comedy with her lead role in the Japanese television drama Trick which proved so popular that it had two more seasons, but it was the top-rating TV series Gokusen (2002), a live-action version of the popular manga, that established her as one of Japan's most popular and bankable actresses. Nakama has also proven her bankability through commercial endorsements, such as Nissin, Glico, Lotte, Asahi, Shiseido, au by KDDI, and has even served as a spokesperson for Japan Railways and the Japanese Tax Agency. As one of Japan's most ubiquitous celebrity endorsers, she is a regular face on billboards and at subway stations. She is managed by Production Ogi. In 2008, Nakama has been filming I Want to Be a Shellfish (私は貝になりたい/Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai). Credit to wikipedia
  7. "Just sprinkle a pinch of laughter here for seasoning" - Lyon's Kitchen

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    2. ILUVAdrianaLima

      You might want to purchase bigger pants before you start this life XD

    3. Lyon


      An XXXXXXL pants is needed. I made lasagna last night, I added tons of parmigiano :drool:

    4. ILUVAdrianaLima

      ^ I'm gonna PM you since it's better to communicate there :D

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    Zhang Liang

    Hey Himey, can't believe that we haven't talked in 2 years, I miss u sooo much! When will u finish your army life huh? I am now rarely go on BZ, but I have to tell u I am watching a reality show with liang and ..... his son on every Saturday / Sunday Want to know more? Please pop up and say hi ok?
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    Daniel Brühl

    Name: Daniel César Martín Brühl González Domingo Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain Birthday: 16 June 1978 (30 years old) Height: 176cm, 5'91/4 Languages: German, Spanish, English Trivia: - Spanish mother, German father - Grew up in Cologne, Germany - Has a brother and sister - Currently living in Berlin, Germany - Engaged to Jessica Schwarz from 2001 to 2006 - Was a singer with the band, Purge Picture from danielbruhl.com Infos from imdb & wikipedia
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    You are right and it was soft boiled chicken egg And I cheated a bit, I didn't made the soup myself, I bought a pack of instant ramen with seasoning packet inside But that flavor is pretty close to the soup in Japanese restaurant!
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    Ramen with Japanese BBQ pork by Lyon cooking time=90min
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    Guess who's coming back? And what I will bring to party? Baby ribs with BBQ sauce Baked potato with egg salad (Outback baked potato recipe) Photo by Lyon
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    Chat Thread.

  15. {name}

    What's wrong with your FB ?!?!?! Are you ok? :o

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    2. Lyon


      But why? :'( Will u come back? :(

    3. liika


      i just did.what can i say im FB addict and cannot live a minute more withouth him.LMAOO

    4. Lyon


      Ok, I "like" your comment, u FB freak :p

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    Embarrassing Moments 101


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    Chat Thread.

    And I'm here with u
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    Don't know about Shu Uemura but heard that Shiseido's one is great though I didn't try it
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    I miss reading quotes ... "Love him and let him love you. Do you think anything else under heaven really matters?" - James A. Baldwin "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" - Audrey Hepburn
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    Try "Kiss Me" or "Majolica Majorca", both are Japanese brand.
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