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  1. {name}


    People are too lazy to update when I was outta here Mayo pork rib
  2. {name}


    I just realized the burger won over all the beauties and took that profile pic. Highfive foodie
  3. {name}


    A Bite Of China Chongqing Chicken Pot
  4. {name}


    Once in a while..... Куриный Суп
  5. Just saw Mo in the street and asked her "Are you mo?" She didn't give me a glance. She then shaked her head and ran right away. Though I just freaked her out
  6. "Just sprinkle a pinch of laughter here for seasoning" - Lyon's Kitchen

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    2. ILUVAdrianaLima

      You might want to purchase bigger pants before you start this life XD

    3. Lyon


      An XXXXXXL pants is needed. I made lasagna last night, I added tons of parmigiano :drool:

    4. ILUVAdrianaLima

      ^ I'm gonna PM you since it's better to communicate there :D

  7. {name}

    Zhang Liang

    Hey Himey, can't believe that we haven't talked in 2 years, I miss u sooo much! When will u finish your army life huh? I am now rarely go on BZ, but I have to tell u I am watching a reality show with liang and ..... his son on every Saturday / Sunday Want to know more? Please pop up and say hi ok?
  8. {name}


    You are right and it was soft boiled chicken egg And I cheated a bit, I didn't made the soup myself, I bought a pack of instant ramen with seasoning packet inside But that flavor is pretty close to the soup in Japanese restaurant!
  9. {name}


    Ramen with Japanese BBQ pork by Lyon cooking time=90min
  10. {name}


    Guess who's coming back? And what I will bring to party? Baby ribs with BBQ sauce Baked potato with egg salad (Outback baked potato recipe) Photo by Lyon
  11. {name}

    What's wrong with your FB ?!?!?! Are you ok? :o

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    2. Lyon


      But why? :'( Will u come back? :(

    3. liika


      i just did.what can i say im FB addict and cannot live a minute more withouth him.LMAOO

    4. Lyon


      Ok, I "like" your comment, u FB freak :p


  13. {name}


    Don't know about Shu Uemura but heard that Shiseido's one is great though I didn't try it
  14. {name}


    I miss reading quotes ... "Love him and let him love you. Do you think anything else under heaven really matters?" - James A. Baldwin "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" - Audrey Hepburn
  15. {name}


    Try "Kiss Me" or "Majolica Majorca", both are Japanese brand.
  16. Ophe...... You love Lee Min Ho too? :chicken: He is sooo delicious :woot:

    1. Ophelia_Immortal


      I know! I hated Boys Over Flowers, but I love love love Faith and City Hunter =)

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