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  1. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

    You have a nice personal pic =]

  2. Rules are simple, just explain in creative and funny terms why the person above you should be banned from Bellazon. No Flaming or sinister evil comments. Just another interesting way to get to know your fellow Ballazon peers better. example: "^^ banned for starting this thread"
  3. i'm sure this has been posted before.. but i just love how gorgeous she is in this picture, no airbrushing and she still looks perfect!
  4. can anyone suggest a really good conceler for dark under eye circles?
  5. to feel that we're really loved.. there's no grater feeling than feeling like you're their one and only, honesty and loyalty are a must! we need to feel like you're always telling us the truth and we can trust you're being a good boy when we're not around. a good sense of humor is always good. umm..what else.. sweetness and showing you care is a must. (for me anyway.. i can't speak for other girls) i agree with the quote said above: "honey, i don't wanted to be treated like i'm equal, i want to be treated like i'm better than you" (or something along those lines.) oh and i'm def. not one of the girls you mentioned, i hate it when guys do the whole 'hard to get' thing. leave that for us girls!
  6. I decided to get a Live Journal and wanted to know if anyone here was good with graphics? I have a pretty cute layout check it out can anyone make this picture all "cool" like so that it says "friends only" or something? Does anyone else have an LJ here? I'd love to add you
  7. monika

    Skin Care

    What's are some of the best products for oily skin?
  8. monika

    Marisa Tomei

    I don't think there's one for her. Hope it's okay I started one. What do you guys think of her? I just saw her on the new commercial for Hanes, and think she looks adorable! (www.hanes.com click on Marisa's Tv spot) Anyone have cute pictures of her? i'd love to make some icons.
  9. monika

    Eva Longoria

    I love Eva! She seems like she's such a sweetheart and I love her smile!!
  10. monika


    i love those pics! her dog is adorable
  11. hmm.. she kind of reminds me of jessica alba in that picture..
  12. monika


    i agree... she's my fave!
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