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  1. Lyon

    Where u been? We haven't talked in ages :/

  2. Lyon

    How have u been my friend? :)

  3. Lyon

    Good to hear haha.

    I thought it was your full time job, what was that? Nowadays, you just can't find a job that you can work happily with good treat, blah :/

    And good luck with your uni life :)

  4. megy

    After summer University ... :) Now I have a lot of free time, I just deposed in my summer job.

  5. Lyon

    No more sch eh?

    Haha, time to grow up and become a workaholic, that's life ~_~

  6. megy

    Thank you very much... ♥ Im really tired too, I have to work much now too.. just like you...

  7. Lyon

    Hey hun, BZ back at the right time :D I don't miss your B-day.

    Happy Birthday <3

  8. Lyon

    I changed my job and started on this Monday, I'm now VERY busy and work AT LEAST 13 hours a day :|

    So tired and sleepy :sleep:

  9. megy

    I am fine.. little busy these days.. what abou you?

  10. Lyon

    Hey, what's up :p

    How are you hun? :)

  11. Problem je, ze vacsina ludi berie modelky ako bezduche babiky a modeling nie ako profesiu, ale ako nieco podradne, co robia iba hlupe pekne dievcata. Pritom suhlasim, je to profesia ako kazda ina, jednoducho zamestnanie - a castokrat narocnejsie nez mnohe ine ;)

  12. Nj.. a myslim ze nie je problem len v rozumeni sa vo Fashion Worlde, ale uz vobec v zaujme on. :D Pritom to je hobby ako kazde ine.. a dla mna aj zaujimavejsie a lepsie nez niektore ostatne. :)

  13. Tak uz chapem, preco som si ta nevsimla skor :) len malo ludi na slovensku sa rozumie trochu viac do fashion world :)