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  1. It's getting better, maybe we should talk on msn from time to time, in German :D I had an exam, B2 level and it didn't go as bad as I thought it would... oh and you're into painting? I am amazed by everyone who can draw and paint well, I am not good at this things at all :D

  2. I have exams in a week & after that I'll neeeeeed to draw and paint like a crazy person - I want to study English & Arts instead of English & Philosophy/Ethics which I'm doing right now. x

  3. Woooooo! :D congrats! so… how IS your German? hehe as you can see, I am not really back on a regular basis :'D

    I'll check back on occassion but i am browsing more than posting…

  4. Besides that it's all good :P I wish you Merry Christmas too, lots of love <3 and ahh, did I tell you that I'm learning Deutsch again :D hopefully this time I won't give up and just continue until I can get to at least real B2 level :ninja:

  5. awww >_< but hopefully still good?

    I don't know… I actually just browse through some threads occasionally… *sigh*

    I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Get some rest, enjoy the festivities, lots of love! :-* x

  6. Ahhh that's great to hear <3 as for me, everything is the same <_< will you get back to posting here regularly?

  7. Well it all really is just too bad, isn't it? *sigh* So goodbye modelling. I hope she's happy & good luck to her with acting.
  8. Hey girl! <3 thank you for your comments and I'm SO sorry, I haven't really been on… I am fine, all is well in the land of love, also. How about you? xxx

  9. Belated Happy Birthday wishes from me to you in Germanyyyyyyyy!

  10. Loooon time no talk! How are you? How's your love life :brows:

  11. megy

    Oh! :D my comment is lost. I was just wondering what about you and your lover.. and how's it all going?

  12. M---

    heeey sweetpie :) sorry, totally missed your new year's comment since I log in on such an irregular basis :( miss you, too! how have you been? everything alright? :) hey - I've been on a KYLIE concert last sunday!! :D <3 she was so amazing :3 take care, hun! x Mika

  13. M---

    heeey megy :) sorry I log in so rarely, I totally missed your post .__. I am fine, how are you? I was at a KYLIE MINOGUE concert last Sunday :D so I'm bond to be good haha

    x Mika

  14. megy

    Hello, how are you sweetie?

  15. azure

    Happy new year M, i miss you!

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