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  1. Yes its her!! Thanks for the help, kaylee
  2. I'm not sure if she's a model or not, anyone knows?
  3. Yeah thats her, thanks a lot!!! May I ask how did you find her? Just curious
  4. Find it from another forum, I think she's a model. Anyone knows who is she?
  5. Thanks for the answer from Bytimo official instagram account, the model is founded. She is a new model called Sari Sangolt currenntly with Idol Looks agency(a Norwegian agency). However she is still not litsted on the official site of the agency. Anyway, seems like she got a quite good start on her modeling careet, debuted in the D&G fw 1819 show:https://forums.thefashionspot.com/threads/sari-sangolt.383209/ Hopefully we will see more from Sari in the near future and someone will start her thread on this forum...
  6. Bump, bump, @kayleekay1912 yeah, I found so many pictures as well, still cant find her name, thanks anyway
  7. She was running ByTimo ss19 fashion show this year in oslo, what's her name?
  8. She's my favourite short model (models who are below 5'9)! She has one of my favourite facial types: kind of square, sharp jawline yet looks very feminine. Her eyes are amazing too. Her look is definitely not boring to me. She got a nose job?? Didnt notice that, she really doesnt need that...
  9. Ins post some time ago with toni garrn, beautiful germany athlete with beautiful germany model
  10. I think that girl is not charlotte but you are deifinitely right about the first and the fourth ones. Thx!
  11. yep I found this lis too but its not in order you know... anyway, thx!
  12. 1. girl at 0:53 who later showes a nice spin move 2. girl at 1:07 wearing blue jacket 3. girl following the second girl wearing the pink shapewear 4. girl at 1:59 wearing blue underwear thats all I would like to know, thx! PS: if anyone can provide the complete sequence list of the show that would be amazing
  13. She's a beautie. However recently her ins account was deleted, anyone knows what happened?
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