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  1. OH NO!! He covered an OK tattoo with a truly bad one. Dont you just hate when the most beautiful people get the ugliest tattoos?? uggggghhhhh
  2. kemp muhl?? Clearly she has nice skin and is attractive but to me she too utterly basic and forgettable to be so successful as a model
  3. Brad Pitt and Neil Patrick harris have also had their ears pinned back
  4. 5'8 male is unheard of? There are shorter guys who used to do the D&G show, Oliver Cheshire is 5'9 and Sam Lawson is 5'10 i think they must be very ectomorphic and like 5% body fat though
  5. I just watched "The Face" hosted by Naomi Campbell. It has very unflattering lighting and all i could think of was... WHATS UP WITH HER FACE Ill post pics later
  6. IDK if it's just the lighting but Isabeli's boobs look really weird because she is so thin Juliana Imai before after
  7. Du Juan has 11 Vogue China covers, 1 Vogue Paris, 2 Vogue Taiwan
  8. Mariah's breast size tripling in the space of 1 year Before After Whitney also had hers done but she spoke candidly about hers
  9. Marilyn Monroe (Rhinoplasty) I think she is the reason why nose jobs arent even considered to be "work" in Hollywood. Before After
  10. DISCLAIMER: This thread is not intended to bash or denigrate anybody; It is to be an open forum of discussion and speculation for the purposes of education of a topic that is taboo yet extremely prevalent in pop-culture around the world. Okay. Does anyone notice the hush-hush culture of pop-culture figures often refusing to acknowledge or admit to cosmetic work even when it is very conspicuous and sometimes the elephant in the room? Can we just go there? TIME TO BE REAL!!! Post before/afters of people you SUSPECT have had work done!
  11. Wtf? Honestly she looks awful. What happened to the aussie with the cool tan and hair? Now she's just heroin chic minus the chic. Lol
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