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  1. Stop discussing other people’s bodies. Period.
  2. Hey guys! I would like to change my name to "scarlettuberlover" please, thanks' Done! ~PC
  3. She's not supposed to satisfy your cravings. I'm glad she's happy in her life that's all that really matters, you always seem to be expecting something and be dissapointed when you don't get it but remember that she doesn't owe you anything. She's living for herself first.
  4. Congratulations! Wishing lots of happiness to this lovely family
  5. Holy shit this is absolutely insane, I'm utterly shocked. Brasil falling apart, that's just terrible I just want it to end now.
  6. Doutzen will open the 5th segment (I put a spell on you) at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
  7. Oooh no... Why didn't she keep her dark blonde hair?? She looked so much better with it, I hate that hair color :x
  8. IMO, the bra would have looked better like this: Instead of this :x :
  9. So gorgeous and classy at JPG She's really growing on me lately
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