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  1. xotic_styla


    does anyone know... where adri might be on the end of november? maybe for some promotions in new york for the vsfs 2008?
  2. xotic_styla


    does someone know when and where mrs lima, is going to do some autographs again....
  3. can someone please post these pictures for me? or tell me where to find....
  4. Thank you sweety, i have seen it. Woohoo finally thank you so much
  5. Yea? I'm not looking for that model now. So i dont understand why you placed that link....
  6. I have seen runway photo's of her from the Zuhair Murad collections does someone have them HQ?
  7. Can someone tell me who the runway model is in the middle?
  8. you are such a professional, in doing this wow.... i wish i could do this art to your signature is also stunning, with those squares
  9. WOWWWWWWWWW Supermodel Diva I just don't know what to say... thank you so so muchhh so sweet of you i love ittttttttttttt!!! We don't have VS stores here in the Netherlands either I bought them online If it's not to much for you can you mirror the 3th picture? or maybe replace it for another picture If there is anything i could do for you let me know
  10. you all have such beautifull signatures i was wondering if someone would like to made one with my pictures?
  11. Does anyone know if there are made any candid picture while this video was taken? http://youtube.com/watch?v=ept7blU1j3Q&feature=related if so, where can i find them?
  12. I saw Adriana once with this bay on a candid picture, it seems like that picture is very hard to find.. i looked al over for it... Does someone have that picture for me?
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