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  1. I have exams in a week & after that I'll neeeeeed to draw and paint like a crazy person - I want to study English & Arts instead of English & Philosophy/Ethics which I'm doing right now. x

  2. Woooooo! :D congrats! so… how IS your German? hehe as you can see, I am not really back on a regular basis :'D

    I'll check back on occassion but i am browsing more than posting…

  3. awww >_< but hopefully still good?

    I don't know… I actually just browse through some threads occasionally… *sigh*

    I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Get some rest, enjoy the festivities, lots of love! :-* x

  4. Well it all really is just too bad, isn't it? *sigh* So goodbye modelling. I hope she's happy & good luck to her with acting.
  5. Hey girl! <3 thank you for your comments and I'm SO sorry, I haven't really been on… I am fine, all is well in the land of love, also. How about you? xxx

  6. M---

    heeey sweetpie :) sorry, totally missed your new year's comment since I log in on such an irregular basis :( miss you, too! how have you been? everything alright? :) hey - I've been on a KYLIE concert last sunday!! :D <3 she was so amazing :3 take care, hun! x Mika

  7. M---

    heeey megy :) sorry I log in so rarely, I totally missed your post .__. I am fine, how are you? I was at a KYLIE MINOGUE concert last Sunday :D so I'm bond to be good haha

    x Mika

  8. just saw Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows last night and I seriously want to see BURLESQUE!
  9. Thank you! Here's some more stuff from her being in Australia right now: All The Lovers on Dancing With The Stars Get Outta My Way on Hey Hey It's Saturday
  10. Kylie tops the album charts in the UK!!! Exactly 22 years after her debut. This is her 5th UK #1 album! Congrats!
  11. oh and she's in French gay mag Tet
  12. apparently Kylie covers the new OUT 08/2010! (and has an 8page pictorial + interview inside the mag) Can't wait to see it all in HQ quality
  13. that is her performing at Madrid Pride in Spain on July 3rd the French Aphrodite tv advert: the making of for the image/tv campaign for German broadcaster Sat1: the 'Sat 1 - Colour your life' ad: and here are many very short tv trailer sequences put in one video. Features her talking German and some of the tv channels' leading ladies, too. (it's slightly confusing this way lol ) Her German phraces mean: - Get up, it's time for breakfast tv! (Get up, it's time for Frühstücksfernsehn!) - Germany's master cook - mhm yummy! (Deutschlands Meisterkoch - boah lecker!) I love the "Come on boys, kick it - like Kylie!" part haha
  14. right eh? July 5th: Ibiza (Spain): Aphrodite Press Conference + Album Launch Party at Pacha Night Club and apparently Aphrodite tops the midweek charts in 8 different countries! Wooo! Way to go girl!
  15. the risk of getting HIV and other STDs by swallowing it should be of more importance, shouldn't it? and of course they don't have people *beep*ing into their creams, they just use ingredients that are found in seemen also. Don't they? lol
  16. well … I think if guys WANT to wear it, why not I personally would feel uncomfortable wearing make-up but well… when talking of 'male make-up' one is mostly only talking about a dark eye-liner or some covering up anyway, right? I guess people only feel so weird about men wearing make-up because it isn't common. And because men often aren't that trained and it therefore sometimes looks kind of … poorly made lol
  17. oh boy, kicking a man in the privates is nasty but … from what I read here - they probably deserved it :yuckky:
  18. My last buys have been: Robyn - Body Talk Part 1 Kelis - Flesh Tone Christina Aguilera - Bionic Sia - We Are Born Scissor Sisters - Night Work Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite
  19. Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way
  20. well she's been promoting and releasing her new album Aphrodite it's out now! And it's spectecular! it has been getting good reviews all over the place -------- here's the video for the lead single ALL THE LOVERS she made many promotional appearances: May 29th : Verona (Italy): Wind Music Awards Performance (All The Lovers) June 5th : New York (US): - Splash Gay Bar Performance (Aphrodite Megamix) June 10th : Cologne (Germany): - Germany's Next Topmodel Finale Performance (All The Lovers) June 19th : Paris (France): - M6 Music Mobile Performance (All The Lovers) - NRJ Interview June 25th : London (UK): - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Interview + Performance (All The Lovers, Love At First Sight) June 27th: London (UK) - Glastonbury Appearance during Scissor Sisters Performance (Any Which Way) June 30th: Paris (France): - M6 Interview July 2nd: London (UK): - GMTV Interview + 'taking over the studio for a day' July 3rd: Madrid (Spain): - Madrid Pride Performance (several songs) more, I don't know of right now lol I hope that gives a good overview she's been a busy bee, hasen't she? Love her! you can find tons of videos of all the appearances on youtube, btw
  21. I'm so in love with "All The Lovers" and "Better Than Today" ! I can't wait for the album and the video release! "All The Lovers" video preview: --- Live performance of "Better Than Today":
  22. love your avatar! :) the guy on the left side *swoon* can I ask where it's from? greets, Mika

  23. hi my dear! :3 sorry for not answering for soooo long! D': haven't written in here at all lately … just occacionally logged in and browsed through some pages.. are you doing good? I sure hope so! take care, xoxo

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