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  1. Paris S/S 2012-MGM showcard
  2. Marlon was in Brazil on April 21 to do campaign for Acostamento Act with Yasmin Brunet. i find out that because i saw on twitter of Jessica Lengyel(designer and creative director),from her twitts:
  3. i have a bad news,look like Philippe the artistic director of Guapo magazine is taking some times off for personal reason and they stop editing the magazine for the moment.So the editorial with Marlon will probably wont be published.
  4. this is marlon 3 campaign for armani exchange,well done marlon.he is definitely giorgio favorite model.
  5. ok,now i was wondering something.marlon said that he will go in brazil at january 25.and stefan told us that he is paris. but we still didn't saw him on any show.that's mean that he will walk exclusive for some designer,or that he is shooting some campaigns or editorials in paris.because i don't think he would stay in paris,if doesn't do nothing there
  6. he have to do paris fw,he just have to
  7. is not only his hair long now,his beard is also nicely long,but i love that frowzy image on him
  8. ^ deskop have right,it would be wird to see marlon at dolce & gabbana
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