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    Ben Allen

    BEN WITH WANGY models.com
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    Shawn Mendes

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    Wet & Hot Models and Actors

    Kolos Balázs WAM Models (Hungary) Kolos's BZ thread is HERE.
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    Charlie Matthews

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    Scott Gardner

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    Scott Gardner

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    Alessio Pozzi

    First look at Philipp Plein‘s Pre-Fall 2018 menswear advertising campaign featuring top model Alessio Pozzi captured by fashion photographer Tony Kelly. malemodelscene.net
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    Scott Gardner

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    Darren Criss

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    Darren Criss

    Darren Criss on Playing Gianni Versace's Murderer: 'It Is My Job to Humanize Him' By Brianne Tracy February 21, 2018 Darren Criss is making a (TV) murderer. After years of being known as preppy singer Blaine Anderson on Glee, the actor takes a dark turn in American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace as Andrew Cunanan — the serial killer known for shooting the Italian fashion designer on the steps of his Miami mansion and murdering four other men in 1997. “I had a friend tell me when I got the part, ‘You’re playing the gay boogeyman,’ ” Criss, 31, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, on newsstands Friday. “I was like, ‘Excuse me?’ He was like, ‘When he was on the run, we would all spook each other [by saying] Andrew Cunanan is going to come get you.’ The things that are said about him in the show aren’t crazy.” When it came to playing Cunanan, Criss wanted to make sure he was portraying all of the complex aspects of his character, which included everything from killing in cold blood to singing Laura Branigan’s “Gloria” at the top of his lungs in his car. “Human beings are so complex,” he says. “We are capable of so many different emotions and the reasons behind those emotions. I’m not asking people to empathize or pardon anything that Andrew has done, but I do like people unconsciously figuring out how much they can relate to this person whether how little or how much.” He adds: “It is my job to humanize him, but the hope is that we’re not glamorizing anything.” The series, which is based on journalist Maureen Orth’s book Vulgar Favors, starts with Cunanan’s murder of Versace and moves backward through his killing spree. While viewers have now seen how all of Cunanan’s murders went down, Criss promises that scenes of his younger years are soon to come. “That was some of the most fun stuff for me,” he says. “With someone like Andrew, I don’t think he had homicidal tendencies as a teenager. He was a lovable, fun, smart, gifted kid and it is confusing and heartbreaking and mortifying for people that knew him at that age to think he’d be capable of something like this later.” Before filming, Criss says he knew just as much as “most people tuning in” about Cunanan — basically only that Versace was shot by a young half-Filipino man like himself. “I met quite a few people who didn’t even know Gianni Versace was murdered,” Criss says. “What I’m getting to realize is that, for the most part, people didn’t know a whole lot about Andrew.” Since taking on the role of Cunanan, Criss says people started to come up to him to share their stories about him. “When he was alive, he literally was everywhere in the sense that he knew people, people knew him and he made himself the life of the party,” Criss says. “Even after he gained this degree of infamy that augmented his persona, people would have stories about him or think they saw him.” Though the show has been met with its fair share of controversy— the Versace family slammed it as a "work of fiction" in January — Criss says he can understand why. “I don’t blame anybody for having any reaction to this,” he says. “I mean, that’s their family member on TV. It’s completely understandable. You just hope the work speaks for itself and some good is brought through this.” For Criss — who announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, Mia Swier, on Jan. 19 — the show’s success couldn’t come at a more exciting time. “Some actors have to wait a lifetime for this kind of stuff,” he says. “This happened exactly when and how I would have liked it to happen in my life.” He continues: “I just hope I don’t blow it from here!” peoples.com
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    Marlon Teixeira

    Supermodel Marlon Teixeira takes the cover of Rollacoaster Magazine‘s Spring Summer 2018 edition captuired by fashion photographer Leonardo Corredor. Grooming is work of beauty artist Claudio Belizario. For the cover Marlon is wearing Dsquared2. malemodelscene.net
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    Michael Mealor

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    Michael Mealor

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    Michael Mealor

    Michael Mealor Cast on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS as Kyle Abbott! By Chris Eades cbs.soapsindepth.com March 1, 2018 Add another one to the list of characters returning to Genoa City the week of March 26 for THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 45th anniversary — Kyle Abbott is coming back! Michael Mealor is joining the cast of Y&R as the latest actor to play Jack and Diane’s son. While this is Mealor’s daytime debut, the actor has made appearances in primetime series like SUPERGIRL, CHASING LIFE, FALL INTO ME, and ROADIES. He is also a professional model with Wilhelmina International.
  15. MauiKane

    Zander Hodgson

    British-born but current American-resident model Zander Hodgson just came out as gay in heartfelt video. The model has appeared in campaigns for brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Swatch and Nivea. He’s also modeled for the likes of Vogue Japan. He also appeared in the TV series Shameless starring Emmy Rossum.