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  1. Please, who´s this guy? http://vimeo.com/27666948
  2. Never seen these pics before...
  3. Break out the superlatives, Misa has arrived! Discovered at a bus station in Budapest four months ago, darkly handsome Misa has a look that is traffic stopping. Misa’s stare is hypnotic and his athletically toned body is perfection. Wam Models have discovered a winner! Full Name: Misa (Mihaly) Patinszki Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 184cm / 6′0.5″ Place of Origin: Budapest, Hungary Date of Birth: April 7 Mother Agency: Wam Models Spain: Trend Models Management
  4. AYKEL SOKER Height : 184 - 6.01/2 Eyes : Verts/Green Hair : Châtains/Brown
  5. Agency: Ford Models Age: 18 Height: 6′2″ Place of Origin: Bahia, Brazil Ethnic Origin: Afro Descendent Birthsign: Aquarius How discovered: I joined the Supermodel Contest in Brazil Favorite things: Sports – especially soccer Favorite music, band: Eclectic taste – 50 Cent Hobbies: Playing soccer Favorite piece of clothing: T-shirts What’s your idea of fun? Going out to dance Favorite modeling experience so far? Shooting Made In Brazil with Cristiano Madureira, and every travel I’ve made so far What’s the best thing about your hometown/country? People there don’t need much to be happy Favorit
  6. We´ve found our Spanish Lima
  7. John Gijsbert Alan Heitinga was born on 15 November 1983 in Alphen aan de Rijn, close to the city of Leiden. He started playing football at his local club, ARC, from a very young age. For his seventh birthday his mother treated him to a coaching course at Ajax, which led to him being invited to join their famous youth academy. Having started life as a right-back, and occasionally pushing up into a defensive midfield role, John has latterly developed as an attack-minded central defender, who scores more than his share of goals. John went on to represent Holland at every level, playing at the
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