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  1. Thanks for the post slough!
  2. If you don't like him then why spend time and effort to tell us? Is your comment suppose to mock us because we like him? Seriously? I guess some people just don't have better things to do ey? Why don't you just go somewhere and milk a cow or something.
  3. Chad for Nico and Adrian
  4. Your welcome Wild Rose. It's a pleasure! If you find any photos of Chad, please feel free to contribute.
  5. I scanned the D&G ad so its HQ, it was a double page ad in the june GQ Uk so didnt bother with the other half as he wasnt in it much, anyways here it is, sorry its not the best quality Thanks for the scan!
  6. More Chad pics...just can't get enough of him!
  7. Chad's new D&G Ad Campaign
  8. Thanks for the post Sergio! Love the pictures! Found some behind the scene from that shoot...
  9. more Chad.... Clip of D&G 2007 show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaYi6-OiTxc
  10. These photos have been posted before but I think these have better resolutions than the previous ones.
  11. New photo of this very sexy hunk I found in the net. Enjoy!
  12. Well may be that's just the way he is depicted in the photos. And if he is a porn star... he's the most model-looking of them all!
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