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  1. Is she the one who had a relationship with Luc Besson when she was still a teenager?
  2. I don't think Hollywood is truly progressive. They always still play it very safe both in terms of the narratives they choose to use for their screenplays and who they cast. The Joss Whedon vs. Zach Snyder story alone reveals that there are many producers and people in positions of power willing to protect and indulge creatives who are abusive/sexist/racist. As long as they make them enough money. I do think they like the perception as them being leftist/progressive, because it gives them access to a lucrative market of people who self-identify as progressive and who they believ
  3. Mella knows what the people want and isn't shy about giving it to us. 😛
  4. The thing I found funny, I think she recently left twitter because she couldn't handle the abuse or the toxic environment? Yet one of the very first times I became aware of her outside of her SISE appearances was when she used her twitter account to make fun of Jay Mohr's son's name (then still a baby). One of the countless, countless times I saw her trash someone on Twitter. So for her to then walk away because you can't stand the abuse or something seems a tiny bit hypocritical. Just a tad.
  5. I mostly object to the idea that everyone goes around using racial slurs when they are 15? Clearly that isn't the case/
  6. Lots of Dems held their noses when they voted for him. You don't have to love a candidate to vote for him. It's how Macron won his presidency too. The Left in France hates his guts but they still largely voted for him in the second round of the presidential elections because they hated Le Pen even more.
  7. All of this, but especially Bregje in that white dress!
  8. Very curious to see how that Spencers shoot turns out.
  9. I think with Amazon, there were stories about it occurring in an Amazon facility in the UK too. So not just the truck drivers.
  10. Blaming NYC being ruined on AOC is weird as fuck. She's been a congresswoman for like five minutes and there was a piece about her being one of the least effective ones not that long ago.
  11. COVID-19 seems to have interrupted many models' careers, it's not necessarily the case she is truly done.
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