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  1. SympathysSilhouette

    Danielle Knudson

    I had forgotten all about Pato. There was like five minutes there when he was the next big thing. I had no idea he was one of the many European and South-American footballers to have gone on to try and make some of the huge amounts of dough the Chinese league is throwing around in the hope of attracting top or formerly top international talent.
  2. SympathysSilhouette

    Sarah Stephens

  3. SympathysSilhouette

    Bump when high

  4. SympathysSilhouette

    Erin Cummins

    Does anyone have some of her recent Guess work? 🤗
  5. SympathysSilhouette

    Vita Sidorkina

    My favorite Russian. 😛
  6. SympathysSilhouette

    Noemie Lenoir

    Still so beautiful.
  7. SympathysSilhouette

    Vika Bronova

    Damn. Every new picture is even better than the last one. 😄
  8. SympathysSilhouette

    Renee Herbert

    Wow! She is spectacular! And she has an identical twin sister?
  9. SympathysSilhouette

    Kaia Gerber

    It's crazy how much she seems to change from photoshoot to photoshoot.
  10. SympathysSilhouette

    Alyssa Miller

    I miss Alyssa in SISE, she had a really fun personality. Especially whenever she was together with Nina Agdal.
  11. SympathysSilhouette

    Josephine Skriver

    Their home looks like every little detail was designed by an interior designer. It doesn't have any real personal touches and as such it doesn't look lived in.
  12. SympathysSilhouette

    Vika Bronova

    She is really on fire lately with her Instagram postings.
  13. SympathysSilhouette

    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    Snaps like these two aren't very flattering.
  14. SympathysSilhouette

    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    Wow, Romee Strijd is now really too thin, based on those latest pictures that Cult Icon posted.
  15. SympathysSilhouette

    Kendall Jenner

    It's probably a good idea for any NBA player to get as far away from that family as possible. 😛