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  1. Danielle Knudson

    Collagen or a trick of make-up? They do appear bigger.
  2. Melody Le

    Her face is just flawless.
  3. Olivia Culpo

    She always rocks high-waist jeans.
  4. Josephine Skriver

    *sigh* This is a forum, we discuss people's lives, even those we don't personally know. I'm fairly sure he wouldn't much care what anyone on here thinks about him, so what does it matter?
  5. Josephine Skriver

    Look, I wouldn't laugh at a adolescent person for being insecure about their height. But this is an adult person we are talking about, an adult who seems to have achieved a certain level of success in his professional life and who is dating a high profile model romantically. To still be hanging on to any hang-ups about his height to the point that he would tell untruths about it is a bit sad.
  6. Stephanie Rayner

    She is ridiculously attractive.
  7. Christen Harper

    She is amazing. I hope she doesn't go the weight loss route as so many of her peers.
  8. Annihilation

    I haven't read the book but I thought it was a smart and thoughtful bit of philosophical sci-fi. Obviously influenced to a certain extent by Tarkovsky (primarly "Stalker" and "Solaris").
  9. Josephine Skriver

    I'm not laughing at his height, I'm laughing at the fact that he is apparently so insecure about his height he would lie about it. Who cares how tall you really are, dude?
  10. Josephine Skriver

    5'7" is 1m70 so that sounds about right. LOL @ him being 5"9'.
  11. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Like the dollar store version with no own personality, sure.
  12. Trumpland U.S.A

    I'm pretty sure it is. She was in a movie called "Black Rock". Check the display behind her, it's probably a picture taken at the premiere of "Black Rock".
  13. Post Your Crush Of The Day.

  14. Annihilation

    I'm surprised this did not get a world-wide theatrical release. It's referential, but also very good in its own right. Has anyone else seen it? Outside of the U.S., it has already been released on Netflix.
  15. Josephine Skriver

    Even if you factor in the fact that she is wearing heels, she looks around 10 cm taller than him. She is listed as 1m79. Thus my best guess he is somewhere around 1m70 tall.