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  1. Blaming NYC being ruined on AOC is weird as fuck. She's been a congresswoman for like five minutes and there was a piece about her being one of the least effective ones not that long ago.
  2. COVID-19 seems to have interrupted many models' careers, it's not necessarily the case she is truly done.
  3. Source: her IG. Anyone know what she is shooting for here?
  4. Mella likes to show that thing off but who can blame her. 😛
  5. So it is. Topics merged. Strange because first time I searched for her topic, nothing turned up.
  6. So MJ decided to cast a dude but didn't properly vet his past first? Sounds about right. Honestly her tenure is becoming an ever bigger clown car of embarrassments.
  7. AC: Odyssey was probably my favorite of the entire franchise. But I played as Kassandra, not Alexios!
  8. She's a cutie. Also, for making the topic:
  9. Also, Taylor Morland doesn't yet have a BZ topic? Someone should get on that!
  10. I wouldn't say her walk is great, but at least she is walking like a model who has seen a catwalk before, which is indeed much better than most who do Miami Swim Week. 😛
  11. That hairdo makes her look like Ruby Rose a tiny bit.
  12. Anyone know what the source is for this Bo gif?
  13. I still have the feeling she has lost a couple of pounds. Not a huge amount of weight, but just enough to be noticeable.
  14. Kind of weird she is nearly 29, I always think she is like 23-24 at the most.
  15. A very hot soccer mom, then. Suddenly all the dads are volunteering to take their kids to practice. 😛
  16. I'll never complain about her in bridal gowns, she always looks incredibly beautiful in them.
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