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  1. Kaley Hoben

  2. Lorena Rae

    She could be the most flawless looking human being ever.
  3. Carmella Rose

    Is there a longer video?
  4. Kaley Hoben

  5. Stephanie Rayner

    It would make so much sense to cast her, so they won't. There has to be some hippo somewhere they'd rather squeeze into a bikini.
  6. Danielle Knudson

  7. Stephanie Rayner

    Thanks for the video clips. Can't wait for more Steph. Best swim model out there in my opinion.
  8. Kaley Hoben

  9. Danielle Knudson

    Something wrong with her lips? I can't notice. That banging body is distracting me.
  10. Stephanie Rayner

    Thank you, Modelove
  11. Stephanie Rayner

    No doubt, my new favorite model. Does she speak in any of the videos? I want to hear her Australian accent.
  12. Stephanie Rayner

    Wow, she's perfect!
  13. Jemm Moore

    Wicked Weasel
  14. Jemm Moore

    Wicked Weasel
  15. Jemm Moore

    Hi! I'm Jemm I am 23. I have been modeling part-time for the last 2 years. I was winner and cover girl for Maxim Australian Swimwear Model of the Year 2016. I love any avenue where I can be creative. I danced and competed for 15 years and did numerous musicals. I am a hard worker and get the job done but I'm also a self proclaimed dork and like to have a giggle. I will try anything thrown at me even if it envolves me laughing at myself along the way. Thank you for reading! Regards, Jemm