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  1. Looks like the site only ships to Australia. I'm sure its a matter of time before Glossier starts shipping internationally! Have you tryed anything from MILK makeup? They look like they have kind of similar vibes to Glossier in that there are alot of natural glowy products they offer.
  2. A youtuber I like did a Glossier review and she's in Australia and she listed the website she got it from let me see if I can find it!
  3. I wear it over foundation! It blends amazing and gives you a natural flushed look. I got the shade "dusk" which is a more peachy/ bronzy. I reapply halfway through the day and literally the tiniest ammount works. That's why I like it even though this product is smal, I can see it lasting a LONG time! And yeah, would look great without foundation too if you were doing a natural day and wanted a flushed/natural awake look. I think im gonna get that Bite beauty lip stuff😁
  4. Update on the Glossier. Can't see myself repurchasing the eyebrow stuff. It's good, I like it and looks great, but its soooo small, and for the price point isn't worth it I'd rather spend an extra couple dollars and get some Anastasia brow stuff. The thing I actually didn't care much for at first, The BalmDotCom, is actually my fav product from them now. Leaves my lips moisturized for a good 4 hours before I reapply another little bit, and leaves them looking really healthy! Smells great too! The primer sample is pretty good, I might order that next with the 10$ off voucher. Cloud Paint is great still, so far I can tell the product will last for a very long time.
  5. I'm not sure what went down, but yeah seems like they stopped being friends pretty suddenly.
  6. Never seen this photo of Leo and Nina!
  7. Thanks for the info^ @everyboulevard Glossier update! Packaging was so cute, but man the products are tiinnnnyyyy. Though I will say this, a little goes a long way with all the products I got, which is nice. The boy brow is amazing, very Cara Delevigne, tube is hella tiny but one dip on got both my brows perfect! Fills in sparse areas and fluffs them up! The cloud paint is amazing too, I got it in the shade "Dusk" and it adds a perfect amount of color to your cheeks, looks so natural and makes you look fresh and awake! I need the more pinkish toned colors! https://www.glossier.com/products/cloud-paint Balm dot com is great, smells like coconuts and stays moisturizing on the lips. Nothing too amazing about it though. Not sure if the price point is worth the size, but Boy Brow and Cloud paint were amazing, and a little went a long way with each product, so I guess the price was justifiable, and they looked great.
  8. I thought the same too Barbie! IDK when it would have been taken though, before Wolf filming or right after?
  9. Very true, the direction and acting was a large reason The Shining was such a success. But I haven't read his novels, so I guess I can't say that these films that I thought were good were necessarily true to or in line with King's writings.
  10. I thought Stand By Me, 1408, The Shining, Shawshank Redemption and Misery were all really good movies This movie is apparently going to be rated R, which I like. They're willing to go all the way with the scares!
  11. Thanks for pointing out that I forgot to delete that one as well.
  12. Thread cleaned. Any extensive or off topic conversations should continue in PM. People are aloud to state opinions but please refrain from being nasty. Thank you! ~katchitup
  13. Barbara Palvin 25Bojana Krsmanovic 0Hannah Davis 0Kate Upton 10Kelly Gale 0Lais Ribeiro 0McKenna Berkley 5Rose Bertram 5Vita Sidorkina 5
  14. They look like they are having such a good time! Don't know that I"ve ever seen this pic before:
  15. You can hear Nina in Orlando Blooms instagram story.