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  1. @calibi the pic is from 2006 or 2007, the girl put a smiley face over Bar:
  2. Barbara had the best SI shoot this year, hands down! (These shots )
  3. Views on this years issue.. Barbara-Had the best shoot this year. hands down. Styling, bikinis, her poses were much improved and she was in her element for sure. Cover worthy shots in almost every picture. Best shot: Hailey- Great shoot, the Finland location is awesome! Beach shots are nothing special. Best shots: Nina- Seriously fire the team that shot and styled her this year. Didn't they learn after Erin's tragic shoot last year? Nina is one of the best SI models and a lot of the shots aren't anything special. Though these shots are very good, IMO coverworthy: Hannah F-Like Nina she got tainted with bad styling, though part of the reason her shoot is bad is because she has lost way too much weight. This is about the only good shot: Lais- Had an amazing shoot this year, beautiful location. Like alot of people said though the pics are more focused on the location rather than her. She still looks great though, I'm sure she'll be back next year! Best shots: Mckenna- Her body paint shots were amazing. I hope we see her back next year! The rest....don't really have an opinion either way.
  4. OMG pic leak of a pupper!
  5. But if its three cover models why was Kate the only one at Kimmel?
  6. Seriously tho, Kate's career has begun a downword spiral and shes lost quite a bit of buzz she used to have. I still can imagine she would sell more mags than the girls I would like to see get it instead though.
  7. Nina will be on Access Hollywood Thursday: Quote Season 7, Episode 110 February 16, 2017 Access Hollywood Live Nina Agdal; Michelle Monaghan; Natasha Bassett.
  8. Tommorows show: Then Thursday's show has Nina on it (I guess that means she didn't get the cover, unless she'll be featured two days in a row?)
  9. The SI cover model will be on Access Hollywood tomorrow..
  10. From Kate Uptons thread^
  11. IMO that looks like Chrissy...
  12. Sams pics are baad, like body ok but her facial expressions
  13. Chrissy's shoot isn't half bad.
  14. Please refrain from posting the SI pics (as they are image leaks currently) until the cover is revealed to the public. Thank you! ~katchitup