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  1. ^Maybe you got a bad one I have the shade "Heathers" and its fantastic!! That being said I know formula can vary among colors Their lip glosses are actually pretty great too, I'm not a huge fan of gloss, but their's is super pigmented and just drys glossier instead of matte. I would recommend trying an Ofra liquid lip. Honestly out of all the liquid lip formulas I've tried, Ofra is by far my favorite formula. Super creamy, great color payoff and not drying I've wanted to try Colourpop for SOO LONG One of these days I'll cave and order! I actually have enough liquid lips, but I really want some of their eyeshadows! They look so pigmented! One of my fav Youtubers used this one, and the color payoff was amazing https://colourpop.com/products/blow-me-away
  2. Looking at the reviews online it seems alot of people actually like the VS Matte Lip. But I don't know, for $14 I can spend an extra couple of bucks and get a really good Anastasia liquid lip or something. Also I tried Ofra a couple of months ago and have to say I'm impressed. Bought a liquid lip and its super creamy and highly pigmented. Doesn't get very dry like some liquid lips do. Long lasting, and made to order too. I got the shade "Sao Paulo" https://www.ofracosmetics.com/collections/long-lasting-liquid-lipstick/products/long-lasting-liquid-lipstick-sao-paulo And Too Faced Sweet Peach collection liquid lips are pretty nice. They are super moisturizing and go on more like a gloss or a balm rather than a matte liquid lip. But the color payoff is nice (not super great though) the formula is pretty comfortable for everyday wear!
  3. My friend has Morphe and LOVES them! Though thats not to say the hype around them might alter her perception of their performance. I hear great things about Sigma as well I have OK skin and I like the natural "no makeup" makeup look alot. I'm tan with blonde hair and brown eyes so I do alot of highlighting and "glowy" makeup. I'm ordering my Glossier products on Friday including the flavored balm and boy brow, I'll let you know how I like them I have the Modern Renaissance palette! Its amazing and I reach for it everyday! The colors are so pigmented and so blendable, all colors in that palette pair well with the other colors. I didn't get the Master Palette by Mario when it was around and it was only limited edition What was the other Anastasia eyeshadow palette?
  4. Also want the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette SO BAD (If anyone is looking for a new youtube beauty guru, Isabella Fiori is the bomb ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rNkl6yFn6c&t=59s
  5. Me I really want some Morphe brushes. I have to say though I'm really obsessed with soft buffer makeup brushes now. I used to use a beauty blender and notice that I'm using less product with the buffer brushes. ------- I really want to try some Glossier products Especially Boy Brow and Cloud paint https://www.glossier.com/products Next paycheck I'm going to give it a whirl!
  6. Thanks ladies! Ben with a Leo mag
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRn0tr9FKuJ/?taken-by=fredericks_hollywood&hl=en
  8. +
  9. So whats up, did she win the model search?
  10. ^I love those Arezzo ads
  11. Dior Addict
  12. Free People March 2017
  13. these pics
  14. Like when you call a guy Daddy, its slang for like he's a hottie or you are a huge fan of them etc. It's a social media slang thing. You often see under hot celeb guys people commenting "HES DADDY " He looks so good in glasses! Thanks ladies!