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  1. Bella Hadid

    She was among my fav's in this years show. Her body looks insane, and her looks were beautiful
  2. Makeup Wishlist

    I don't know why, but the Fenty Foundation just works hella good on my skin. I find it to be a really good deal for the amount of product you get too. My go to is the Lancome stick foundation, but it's pretty expensive and the product doesn't go a long way. If you go to Yonkers they are having some hella good deals on makeup purchases. My mom bought a Lancome gift set for $65 and it included 2 full size mascaras (pretty sure those are already $25 a piece) plus a full sized makeup remover, two lipsticks, two lip gloss's, 2 mini eye shadow pallet's (ehh) and a sample perfume. Plus it comes in a large black tote with a tassel and is super cute! Pretty sure all the other brands in Yonkers like Estee Lauder, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, etc. are doing similar gift box's.
  3. Makeup Wishlist

    I love the foundation! I don't have much to cover and I think I just really like the finish on it. (Matte, with a hint of sheen/dewyness?). It definitely isn't full coverage I'll give you that. And the more you blend it out the patchier it gets. But you just have to continue to work it. I got several compliments on my skin the first day I wore it which was pretty cool.
  4. Makeup Wishlist

    Can we talk about how Rihanna's foundation is just about the best thing to ever happen?! Tried a sample out today and it is amazing! Great finish, a little product goes a long way (you get a lot of product in the bottle too) and its only like $30! Recommend any makeup lovers here try it!
  5. I know it's been a minute But thank you all for the updates!!!
  6. Last movie you saw...

    Aaannnnnnnnnddd thoughts? I've heard of House Of The Devil, I've been meaning to check that one out! Like it was said above, 28 weeks later is really good (especially considering sequels are never that good, let alone horror movie sequels!) but I still think 28 days later is better. Better characters and storyline, not to say the sequel didn't have good ones either!
  7. Last movie you saw...

    OKEEE @Stormbringer include you in this too I'll have to Youtube it on a day off VHS 1 and 2 are found footage type horror movies, and both are so unique, a must watch for any horror movie fan. They are horror anthologies so each movie has like 5 little movies in it, all with different monsters or scary situations, all by different directors which was kind of cool. Some of the short films within those films were amazing, some I wish went on much longer (the first film in the first movie with the girl from the bar? Still gives me the creeps ) The Babadook is probably the best made film that I listed above. I would actually say its alot more of a drama than it is a horror, but really great plot and symbolism throughout the movie. Great acting too. This is the type of movie to win awards and all that jazz. 28 Days Later- Hands down probably one of the best, if not the best, zombie movie! 30 Days of Night- One of my favorite Vampire movies. The styling of the vampires is very scary and realistic, I also like the setting of Alaska during 30 days of no sunlight. Don't breathe- Best horror film of the past year IMO. Though its more of a thriller, the acting in it is so good, and is so suspenseful. Jane Levy is a really underrated actress, and Dylan Minnette is very talented, I Can see him becoming a respected actor in the future of his career. Just google these film titles and you'll see what they are all about
  8. Last movie you saw...

    No I haven't, but I know Japanese horror is supposed to be quite good actually! I'll have to find it online sometime. Looks like a good found footage horror film What kind of horror movies do you like? I can recommend which of the ones I listed above you should watch first
  9. Last movie you saw...

    I know you weren't asking me, but I"m kind of a horror movie fanatic! I highly recommend: VHS 1 and 2 (so many good short films in all of these) Don't Breathe (more thriller than horror but still) 30 Days of Night Cabin in the Woods (more comedy than horror, but very entertaining nonetheless) The Babadook (one of the best dramatic horror films ever made) Trick 'R Treat 28 Days Later Check any of these out for a good time if you haven't seen any yet
  10. Elsa Hosk

    ^Exactly, looks like a princess. Beautiful and that color makes her eyes pop
  11. Cintia Dicker

  12. Cintia Dicker

    Departures Magazine May/June 2017
  13. Cintia Dicker

    By Jerome Duran
  14. Thank you for all the great pics!