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  1. Makeup Wishlist

    OMG thats terrible. I had Immature makeup CEO's doing crap like this. Some of these brands have no respect. @toodarnhot I have no idea why they would do something like this. It's just straight up dumb business. There are literally no shades for even medium complexion girls. Rosie herself may not even be able to find a shade like WTF.
  2. Makeup Wishlist

    ^Are people calling her out for it? Come on that's just stupid at this point. I'm white and pretty sure a majority of those shades are too light for me, how is anyone any darker or with different undertones supposed to find any shade match? It's ridiculous. I hope they get called out on it, it's a shame people of color are just an after thought. It's ignoring an entire market that spends tons of cash on makeup
  3. Makeup Wishlist

    ^I know I"ve really reeled it back too. Around Christmas I decided to clean out my makeup and I threw away sooo much and still had soo much I swear I have thousands of liquid lips that are all pinkie mauve colors (but they have different undertones, I swear ) @toodarnhot Not to mention, I think the Soft Glam pallet has three repeat shades, so it's a no from me. I really wanted the Mario Pallet, I hate that they don't sell it anymore I've gone to just re-buying my staple pieces. I don't know if you guys have ever tried Gerard cosmetics (I know they are kind of an influencer brand) but I have this lip liner pencil in the shade "Cher" and it is the bomb! I just reordered another after I ordered my first last year. Slightly darker than my natural lip color, perfect for lip contouring and making the lips look bigger than what they are. They are super creamy and pigmented, worth the money for sure. https://www.gerardcosmetics.com/lip-pencil.html
  4. Aya Jones

    Happy she's back
  5. Makeup Wishlist

    Damn, Anastasia Beverly Hills needs to slow down with how many new products they are releasing Out of all the new launches from her brand, anything must haves for you guys? (Soft Glam Palette, new bronzers, highlighter, new liquid lipstick shades) Not crazy about the Soft Glam palette, though I'm digging the color scheme more than Prism or Subculture. You just can't beat Modern Renaissance. I'd be curious to see how their bronzers perform. I really like my Too Faced Chocolate soleil. This new liquid lipstick is calling my name though
  6. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Agreed, well said!
  7. Danielle Herrington

    Congrats Danielle, I'm loving the cover!!
  8. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I'm in the minority but I am loving the cover. Danielle is gorgeous, though I do think this shot would have been better. Overall though the issue and model lineup was pretty disappointing. Ben Watts had the best shots out of the bunch, Alexis looks plastic as HELL (I had to laugh how she just posted on her Instagram how she is about self love like girl clearly your not because all you've been doing the past 3 years is ruin your face). I have a friend who is a photographer in LA and he knows for sure that her and Jay's relationship was all contract and they were never even really together. Girl is faker than all get out. Chase looked great. Hope to see more of her. Kate Upton is beautiful but its getting a bit boring at this point. Got to move on already. Out of all the plus models that shot, I think Kate Wasley's pics look nice.
  9. I want to see Leo working again, and I like Tarantino movies but I don't know about this Manson project. Besides the revelations about Tarantino, I kind of agree with Debra Tate that a movie like this could be pretty tasteless considering it's about the real life greif of a horrific event. We know Tarantino's style, and he includes a lot of gore and comedy, something with subject matter like this could come off as pretty tasteless. If Manson and the murders were just a small element of this movie, and rather focused on LA during the time of the murders I think it could work. Like, if it goes a kind of biopic route perhaps? But if it goes all Tarantino style (ex. Kill Bill) making light of the situation and glorifying and "gore"ifying the murders, making it a "fun" movie, then I don't that's good at all. But then again Django Unchained tackled some pretty touchy subject matter and still worked. I don't know! This sucks because I want to see Leo working again SO BADLY. But I also don't want Leo to take a role that could get him backlash. Thank you all for the updates BTW!
  10. Jaime King

    LOVE this^ photoshoot!
  11. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Thanks for the info!!
  12. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Thank you! Anyone have any idea when the Valentines Day campaign was shot/who shot it?
  13. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Just curious, are the VS 2018 Valentines Day campaign pics out yet?
  14. Kate Upton

  15. Heidi Klum

    Stunning new editorial! Harper's Bazaar Germany February 2018