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  1. She's definitely one of my style icons. Her sleek and simplistic style is 😍Thank you all for the updates!
  2. This cover is BEYOND gorgeous. 😍 Thank you all for the updates!
  3. I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do but thank you all for the updates and nice to see you all again
  4. Wow Leo is sitting next to Camila! Didn’t think that would happen. Kinda cool to see him with a date at the oscars after so long (even though she didn’t walk, still lol). Im not watching live but BZ is helping me keep up to date. Also hey everyone! 🤗
  5. Forgot to post but I saw the movie last week! Not my favorite Leo or Tarantino movie, but still enjoyable and enjoyed all the performances. I actually left the theatre kind of angry at the movie, but the more I sat afterwards the more I began to like it. Leo's character was SO endearing and hilarious. I wouldn't be surprised if he got an Oscar nom, though I think other performances warranted awards more than this one. And that ending?! WOW
  6. Oh my does he look DAMN good in that black on black tux Thanks everyone for the updates! I really am so happy with how well the film is doing. I really can't wait to see it and discuss it with my friends. Looks like we'll get to see Leo in a comedic light again like we did in Wolf. He is so good at comedy and its great to see that side of him. I love seeing how proud he is of the film and how he and Brad are really grateful audiences are enjoying it! Also Leo and Cami look damn cute
  7. I actually think Tyra looks amazing! Good choice for a cover, and well think her body looks damn good. Hunter on the other hand. I'm all for being inclusive but that isn't just curvy, that is unhealthy
  8. I LOVE the trailer. But DAMN IT I already want more Now we begin to anticipate a full trailer! Also Leo looks so good
  9. Who is the blonde model on your avatar?

    1. katchitup


      Hi! It's Delilah Parillo :) 

  10. Do you guys think we'll get a sneak peak of the Once trailer at some point during the Oscars?
  11. AWE YES I AM WAY TOO EXCITED FOR THIS. Come on trailer, come on....
  12. So I've been giving some Morphe products a chance and can say I like what I have so far. I got a nice crease blending brush for about $6. Great brush for the price! The Jaclyn Hill palette is great, got it for my sister for Christmas and ending up stealing it for a couple of intense makeup looks. Other Morphe eyeshadows I have been mehh on, but the Jaclyn Hill palette lives up to the hype for sure. I have a couple friends who are makeup artists that swear it's their favorite pallet as well. Still using that Fenty Beauty foundation. Even though I have dry skin, cutting it with Argon Oil gets me the coverage I like without being too drying. I also have eyelash extensions now! They are so worth the money. Waking up looking like a natural beauty, worth it
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