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  1. Very interesting read!
  2. Emily DiDonato (2016) -8 Genevieve Morton (2012)-7 Marisa Miller (2007)-6 Nina Agdal (2015) - A -9 Nina Agdal (2015) - B-7
  3. Sara Nina Kate Anne Emily Stacy Marissa Karen
  4. I absolutely love this look
  5. ^He's not really buddy buddy with them, but he is never aggressive or mean to them. He just covers up his face and keeps doing what he was doing.
  6. Don't know that I've ever seen this shot, think its from his VIBE photoshoot with Jamie Foxx I forget how good he looks with dark hair
  7. Awesome article detailing how Leo (and Denzel Washington) are one of the few rare actors working today that are able to get audiances to the movies. The Important Reason Denzel Washington And Leonardo DiCaprio Are Still Movie Stars http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2017/01/06/the-important-reason-denzel-washington-and-leonardo-dicaprio-are-still-movie-stars/#71a92be577c1
  8. Cintia turned 30 about a month ago!
  9. new Dicker Swimwear
  10. And this from Growing Pains. How cute!
  11. Never seen these pics from Romeo and Juliet: