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  1. So Happy for Grace ! Did I miss the official announcement that Lily was out ? did she say something ?
  2. finally some neeeewwsss I'm so happy ! (hi everyone ) I'm SO excited about the movie it already looks great !
  3. haven't been here in a while (hi everyone) so who's definitely leaving ? there's no way everyone is staying right ? Lily and Behati maybe ?
  4. She looks absolutely stunning !! Love her new hair !
  5. OK that dancing piiiiic ! Margot also looks amazing on the other pictures. I can't wait !!!
  6. How cool is that pic from the set of Titanic ! I wish we had a proper making of the movie
  7. I've been away from here for too long ! happy new year everyone, it's finally the come back of Leo on the big screen He looks great thx everyone for the news and pics !
  8. So .... this is the place we come to discuss his relationships what do you all think these days ?
  9. I can join if there’s a private group chat about this lol
  10. She looks great and seem happy, I hope that’s the case, I wonder what it will change for her career, it looks like she wants to be more « out there »
  11. 😂 This moment will never get old. I agree that the Globes are usually more fun than the Oscars, people are having fun at their tables and enjoying the night
  12. I was freezing too !! That’s probably why I don’t remember 😂 Damn I’d love to smell Jude Law ! What is it with all the smell talk ?
  13. haha no, I should ask if she noticed! I don't even remember what he smells like 😂 it usually goes too fast. I know I like his hand grip and his eyes are absolutely mesmerizing when you're close to him, that's the first thing I noticed also I remember telling myself "he really sounds like jack" which is completely stupid
  14. we saw him together a couple’ of times usually at premieres or at the hotel but he never stop for her to take a picture unfortunately. And the other night she was at his hotel and by some miracle the name of the hotel didn’t get around much. so she went and waited .... until 2.30 am, he got back to his hotel. And since it was almost just her he was super kind. He asked what her name was and told her it was really nice to meet her. I’m so happy for her cause she’s the nicest, she’s been a fan since forever and that moment was quiet and not in a rush she deserved it we used to joke around that the day she goes blonde she will have a picture... and it happened 😂 last time we saw him she had red hair thx everyone for the lovely comments about my friend
  15. Oh well that’s my friend !! Haha I’m so happy for her she’s been trying to meet him for years. I’ve been lucky but it took her more time but it was a great moment
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