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  1. Wooooow thx everyone for the videos this is so cool. although I wonder how they can film properly with everyone screaming lol
  2. I don't even remember The Revenant coming out at the same time as Star Wars lol I love both haha. Leo name can make people go see any movie. Replace Leo with anyone else in The Revenant and, although it still a good movie, I'm pretty sure the line at the theater would have been different
  3. Haha I didn’t know I had such an influence 😂 thank you !! I can’t wait !
  4. I had two short encounters with him at two premieres occasions and he was the sweetest also ... he’s gorgeous in real life lol Thx everyone for the news, I hope we get more set pic ! What is the release date of the movie pls ?
  5. #snooze but still enough to make you feel important on Twitter lol
  6. Zach Braff comment is hilarious ?
  7. That story is so incredible ! I agree everyone loves Leo (they have to right ?)
  8. He looks SO SO SO good ! lost a bit of weight, nice tan. looking fine Leo ! Thx everyone for the news !
  9. Leo is suppose to attend a private charity event next Friday in France. Will keep you update if he actually shows up
  10. It's often controversy when there's a living relative to someone they want to make a movie about. Although the movie is not about Sharon Tate, but I agree that Leo knows how to pick his movies, he pulled out of Steve Jobs after his wife asked Bale and him not to participate, so he knows when to sign and when not to. The Manson thing is historical in one way and it didn't happen yesterday. I also agree that it will probably turn into something fictional, Tarantino is not known for historically accurate movies. So, wait and see. Thx everyone for the news and pics !!
  11. OMG finally something official ... I'm already picturing that Premiere red carpet it's gonna be something !! Can't wait for the shooting to start !!
  12. marinebing

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    the picture we’ve been waiting for (or not)
  13. marinebing

    Jasmine Daniels

    I didn't know her until today but I think she looks very sexy ! Lots of great "vs material" shot on her instagram ! Hope to see more of her