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  1. Lil Dicky about Leo True though I wish he would wear his hair always like this
  2. ^I love it too and beside from the little -not coming true- hope to hear Leo rapping (or singing #omg) I love that he accepted the titanic theme because it's my favorite movie (and I'm not sorry for ). Leo via twitter
  3. Thanks for the Cannes update @BarbieErin. Of course a premiere there would be GREAT but Tarantino shouldn't rush the process. I'm always afraid it could be damage the movie itself, like GONY. Never had the feeling this version was the one Scorsese dreamed decades from (maybe I'm the only one). A Leo/Charlie on screen combo would be like a wet fantasy coming true
  4. I've watched Triple Frontier with Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund on netflix. What a dream cast, literally Always wished Oscars part in Body of Lies would have been bigger. Loved his dynamic with Leo in this movie
  5. Pretty sure I never saw this before Another gallery one:
  6. From yesterday Not seeing very much of him but I'm ok with his broad shoulders Great pic and true words
  7. Is he wearing a head band in the triple selfie? #classic leo style Thanks @BarbieErin for the updates. I was beginning to wonder where he is
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