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  1. Any ideas when those pics were taken? Source said august 2016 ... he looks hella fine especially in the 1rst one
  2. Can't wait
  3. ^He looked handsome at Globes
  4. Maybe he's nice to the nice ones, who knows. Like I said he isn't always like grumpy cat when paps are around Sometimes it's depending about his own mood I think.
  5. Didn't know Affleck is that tall
  6. @*Luna* Like I said before he wasn't always like this. It started with Leo-Mania when everybody went really really crazy over him. I think nobody can imagine how difficult and totally out of control this time was for him and it must be tough not too loose the bright side of all. And well he isn't always mad with the paps. Sometimes he just ignored them sometimes he's even smiling. Personally I don't understand for a second why he have to be nice to the paps lol They are blood suckers without any respect for limits and privacy. They would do anything for the right picture of him. He became such a big moviestar because of his outstanding work, not because of them. So he owes them nothing in my book.
  7. He looks hella fine in that b/w pic Great forbes article about Leo and Denzel
  8. Few more shots from Nina
  9. Yeah you said it, his mom, not him lol Never saw him confronting the razzis except a very few times when they became too pushy.
  10. +1
  11. ^I think it's about having control about his life especially when he goes private in a public place. Bad pictures means bad value for the paps.