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  1. The caption is my actual mood so I leave it here for all of you #spread love not hate
  2. He looks really hot in that black hoodie... little gangsta, I like it
  3. ^He's talking a lot about having a own family (remember that 'Jack Nicholson' interview "a good story to telling my kids" or something similiar, same in "Before The Flood", now here the wife thing)... sometimes -just in my wildest fantasies- I'm asking myself if he would be capable to have a secret family hidden from the world
  4. If that mean another love story with Leo I'm totally in!!!
  5. I just found this post by accident and thought this cute story fits perfectly because of the birthday mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRMELIN!!! Plus it's not a bad photo of Leo AT ALL
  6. Short clip of Leo at the grammy after party Beautiful fan pic with some lovely words about Leo
  7. I was always wondering why Claire Danes attended this premiere (with Leo)? Any ideas?
  8. Another dinner date Pretty sure I never saw this pic before:
  9. I live my life. He's part of it. Thanks for the updates @oxford25
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