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  1. General Celebrity Gossip

    Today it's been 10 years that this lovely human being was going to a hopefully better place
  2. Loved underlined - he's such a cutie
  3. Thanks for responding @BarbieErin and @oxford25 I'm not familiar with Eastwoods career but this sounds truly a lot like Leos character description. I'm really curious and can't wait to see Leo on set
  4. Love the one with the little boy Interesting read about Leos upcoming role what sounds not that typical what he plays normally... what do you guys think is he playing a fictional character or will his character based on a real actor?
  5. Seeing Leo and Orlando makes me think I would like the idea those two doing a movie together a lot
  6. First nothing for so long and now Tarantino AND Scorsese? That would be truly awesome!!! Life can be so good
  7. ^It's cute to see him deeply interested into something He seems always attentive then. Like that about him.
  8. Such news makes every day better Finally a new movie!
  9. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    ^Me 2
  10. Gosh he looks really handsome here Thanks everyone for the great updates
  11. Last movie you saw...

    The Greatest Showman - totally in love with every single song
  12. ^Kinda sadly they have to say this again and again. Sometimes I really wonder why people don't care more of their own lives instead of creating wild theories about a mans life they don't even know Otherwise it's probably a compliment that his life still fascinated so many people that they always talking about it.
  13. Wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR (hopefully with a new Leo movie )!!! You guys are the best Leo fans out there!
  14. ^Now he looks really like a burglar