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  1. Love this "He is still looking to young to play Howard Hughes". True
  2. Charlie Hunnam

    From a party at Hawaii. Those moves, my oh my
  3. Charlie Hunnam

    I truly hope all this shirtlessness will show up in the movie At Hawaii (with female co star), April 22nd 2018 Source: Popsugar
  4. Even Lainey is unable to oversee Leos hotness this time. Just sayin'
  5. Da man looks super fine, oh lord
  6. Good to see Irmelin around Leo
  7. Another unseen set photo, this time from good old Titanic times
  8. ^Lord he was so hot in "The Departed". Love him as Billy
  9. Two more via dailymail
  10. Thanks everyone for the updates. Like the way Cami is holding his neck Hope the tweet about filming with Brad Pitt next week comes true!!!
  11. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    ^But no dementi that he's dating Camila this time... interesting
  12. Sebastian Stan fans loving Leo very much right now for this