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  1. {name}

    Movie, TV & Game Soundtracks

    ^Omg, I f***ing love this song It's beautiful and heartbreaking like it was written for the movie or particular for this character. Have to re-watch this movie pretty soon
  2. Beautiful picture of Leo He always was a little (art) nerd Thanks for the pic with Stan Lee @oxford25... don't even remember this meeting, I have to say
  3. So much love for Leo here More unseen ones Xavier Dolan continues to celebrating his love for Leo
  4. Pretty sure I've never seen this pic...
  5. {name}

    The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    He's in fact the biggest (movie) star we have right now and I think he attracts people in many different ways, not just in one: Movies (both men and women), look (positive and negative), engagement (Climate Change, animals, etc), private life (many people still can't comprehend him - does he really like the women he's seen with or is he gay)... sometimes he's acting like the biggest living contradiction, I think that's why people still care for him (beside from the fact being a movie legend). I don't think there is another actor nowadays with such high inspiration and influence of so many generations in so many ways After his ocsar speech 'climate change' was the most googled term of the day, just for example. His oscar win was like the biggest thing ever in the history of oscar wins. He turned a movie like "The Revenant" into a giant box office hit. Plus the simple fact that he 'met' probably every model in the world makes him in this forum always a topic no matter if you want it or not Favourite female models, hard to say. I like Elizabeth Turner, Lorena Rae, Toni Garrn... I didn't know Camila Morrone before she dated Leo (here we go again) but she's stunning too I'm mainly in the model world, because of Leo I have to admit What are your favorites @Enrico_sw?
  6. I wish you a very happy birthday, Leo! Thank you for finally filming a new movie Lots of love 💋
  7. I was wondering the same when I heard about it in radio today
  8. {name}

    The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    Well let me try... Leo is someone who is successful for -I don't know- some decades now. I think many of us had a (huge) crush on him back in the 90's (nothing I have to explain, I think LOL). I grew up with him and his movies and yes of course this fact matters. How can it not? And yes, I'm still attracted to him. To be honest I'm just bored with all the Chrises (Pines and Hemsworths and what are their names), playing always the same superhero dude while looking freaking perfect with all their muscles. Most people aren't able to say who is who, I mean, that says everything already: There is nothing special about them. Beside from his model attitude -but honestly he lives probably the life most in this forum are dreaming of so how is it strange that a man likes young beautiful women? (show me the man who doesn't)- Leo seems a pretty decent guy to me who don't know how to dress himself (he's wearing the same stupid clothes like he did before his super stardom). He seems like someone you can have a serious conservation with and lots of silly fun the same time. He just lives his life in the best possible way and gives (most of the time) no f*cks what others think about him or his look or body. It's something very refreshing particular in a world where people are obsessed with their look. Now imagine the self-confidence you must have just doing your thing in such a world - it's like none of all the rules apply to him. So the real question is: How can you not admire him? (And I think most people do more or less or in secret otherwise he wouldn't capable to hold that level of extreme success for such a long time). I've met him once and believe me he isn't unattractive at all
  9. Seems like director Xavier Dolan is a big Titanic fan... can't blame him Would be interesting to see Leo work with a young director. But Dolan clearly favors Kate Winslet