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  1. This is on point, girl. Couldn't agree more I think I have to re watch Total Eclipse tonight Maybe a whole film about Brandon would have been a lot better. At least then I would have watch the whole thing and not only his part even if 90 minutes of Brandon would be a little exhausting Best of Brandon Darrow I love how the crowd had actually posters of Leo in the 1rst gif LOL This whole part was like fuck the heartthrob image aka leo mania (even though I don't know when exactly this movie was shot - before or after Titanic?)
  2. ^Always liked her so much She seems always so loosed, warmly and beautiful (inside and out). Can't remember ever got a negative vibe of her. She's one of the few actors/actresses I watched movies just because she's in. @kellybsblover I know Leos fans who are counting "Total Eclipse" to their favorite Leo movies/performances. Personally I would say his performance here is indeed one of his best. I can't put my finger on it but there is something in Leos perfomances when he was younger what he lost when he got older. Some kind of lightness, fearlessness... maybe it was the innocence of the youth we all lost at one point naturally. I was very much surprised about "J. Edgar" I have to say. I thought it would be a dry biopic about an 'old' boring dude I don't care for a bit LOL But I loved the dynamic between Leo and Armie Hammer Leo really made this Hoover guy so human, I (almost) felt pity for him covering his desires all his life. The scene after his controlling mother died, standing in front of the mirror (in her dress) was just heartbreaking. And to be honest I never heard of the Lindbergh baby before. So most of the historic hints in the movie were pretty interesting to me. Beside from this the cast is just awesome: Next to Leo and Armie are Judi Dench, Naomi Watts, Ed Westwick, Josh Lucas, Adam Driver, Damon Harrimon (who played Charles Manson in OUATIH and Mindhunter) and the ever hot Dermot Mulroney (always had a soft spot for him 😏)... Source
  3. I never was a big Gisele fan (actually I disliked her a lot when she was dating Leo but I was young and a bit jealous of her LOL) but I think she's a business woman and she wanted to sell her damn book. So I do think she knew exactly what happened when she wrote about her time with Leo even without saying his stupid name lol. It's business I guess. Is it a shady business? Hollywood? Hell yes. And Leo being all secretive about his private life makes him even more interesting and the same time kinda vulnerable. I don't know how successful her biography was actually but I only remember the headline about her ex boyfriend. Must be kinda frustrating when your fucking famous ex is still making more headlines than everything what happened after him in her life
  4. I agree with this - partly. But power isn't just the outer appereance of a relationship - far more important is the inner cohesion in my book. And at this point of view Leos status seems much higher than Giseles in their relationship. Correct me but everything was fine between them when she submitted to his conditions. But when she decided to change things for her own fucking good he wasn't willing to support her because for him everything was just fine? Actually this is most selfish behavior ever LOL If people really think this is how a "healthy relationship" works I'm a bit worried. But that's exactly why she ended it I guess.
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