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  1. All seasons of Growing Pains are now avaiable on amazon prime Is that an original quote?
  2. Those ... in the movie title are slowly irritating me. Sometimes it's "Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood", above it's "Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood". So what now?
  3. Chris Flop Hemsworth is all I gonna say about it
  4. ^Kind of a bummer, kinda not. Wondering what went wrong with the deal Didn't say Leo once a director have to convince him from his vision? Maybe del Toros wasn't capable of doing it. For me it's typical del Toro and it's one of his biggest problems: he said one thing and is doing the exact opposite. But I have to say I trust Leo 100% when it comes to choosing movie projects wisely Even if that mean we have to wait of them a "little". But boy, please don't waste your precious 40s with doing nothing (again) P.S.: Can't believe some people truly believe he passed the project because of money. Not that a suprise but here's yet another replacement for Leo in Eastwoods upcoming Ballad of Richard Jewell: http://collider.com/sam-rockwell-clint-eastwood-ballad-of-richard-jewell/
  5. Scott Eastwood was there too. Leo and him seems to be good friends I got the feeling. Larger pics:
  6. ^Just love his hair And everything else Great pic thx for sharing @BarbieErin
  7. {name}

    Margot Robbie

    Just breathtaking
  8. Press said so - various sources (not saying they're always right, but still):
  9. ^Leo is giving me Gatsby vibes here Thanks for sharing @oxford25
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