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  1. Jade Bahr

    Brad Pitt

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood set in Los Angeles, July 16th 2018
  2. Nice arm(s) Like it when he's wearing his shirts like this
  3. ^His curly hair I've saw him several times when he was in Berlin back in 2009 and 2010 (can't believe it's so long ago)... he's even more gorgeous in person, nothing I could forget ever, my oh my. I even saw Bar (she was with him), she was stunning too. He was always really nice to us fans, nothing like you sometimes read in the press or hear from other people. Maybe he was in a good mood that time
  4. More from the Mark London guy The Charlie Chaplin bus is so cool (2nd pic - don't know how to save it) Thanks for all the great updates and welcome @Balevendriaukr
  5. Finally some set pics Thanks everyone for sharing. Leo looks good - and his butt too, like some of you mentioned before
  6. Me 2!! I still can't believe that even James Cameron never made a Titanic Director's Cut. There are so many beautiful deleted scenes I want back in the movie (especially the freaking hot kiss in the boiler room - still curious what he had smoked when he decided to cut this scene) Same for "Gangs Of New York". It always felt as if something was missing there, especially in the 2nd part of the movie. But yeah at this point not a single director's cut from a Leo movie.
  7. ^Hopefully her parts won't be cut like last time... would love to see all her scenes with Leo in "Django Unchained"!!! Wasn't Tarantino talking about a Django Director's Cut or Mini Series at some point? Wondering what happened with those thoughts...
  8. Jade Bahr

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    ^I think it's a pretty normal reaction... I mean if you care for someone you didn't care only for some parts of this person but for the whole person. His love life is a part of him and that he never dated a woman about 30 is telling very much about him I would say. I mean it's his life, his decisions (of course) and I'm not this kind of fan who thinks I'd know better what's good for him than he does (I mean I don't know him and I don't know the girls he's with), but of course I have my thoughts about his love life LOL To me he always seemed pretty happy in his life so yeah, that's the main thing.
  9. ^I'm really curious what Leo is thinking about those stories... is he laughing about it or is he more like who is this crazy girl?
  10. Jade Bahr

    Charlie Hunnam

    Charlie Hunnam photographed for The Rake (2017)
  11. Jade Bahr

    Charlie Hunnam

    New film poster - looking good
  12. Jade Bahr

    Gaspard Ulliel

    Gaspard Ulliel at the Cannes Film Festival on May 10, 2018.
  13. Jade Bahr

    Gaspard Ulliel

    New ad
  14. Jade Bahr

    Gaspard Ulliel

    Gaspard Ulliel photographed by Matthew Brookes for Monsieur de Chanel campaign, 2017
  15. Jade Bahr

    Gaspard Ulliel

    Gaspard Ulliel for an unknown photo shoot in June 2018