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  1. Well seems like Leo really isn't in the mood when he's not in mood LOL But he's also not a zoo animal so I don't understand why people think they allowed to treat celebs however they want. Australian radio hosts recall awkward Leonardo DiCaprio moment (...) His story prompted Sarah and Fitzy to chime in with a similar fail involving Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, who they'd spotted out one night at LA's Roosevelt Hotel when they were visiting the city. "You'd had a few drinks, Sare, and I dared you to go over and [ask for a photo]," Fitzy began. "He had his hat down, he had a cigarette in his mouth … the hand went up, 'I don't do photos', and Sarah just turned around and came back," he recalled, with Sarah joking that people should "be friendly at 3am". "And then I tried to get the sneaky [photo] on the side anyway and security got my phone," Sarah added. Source
  2. Another article about the whole Leo/dark money situation pointing out those accusations aren't making any sense at all LOL Fox News Attacks Leo DiCaprio For Funding 'Nuisance' Climate Lawsuits, Daily Caller Gets Confused In the US legal system, a "nuisance" isn't just an annoyance, it's a term of art used to describe either the use of one's own property in a manner that interferes with another's use of theirs ("private nuisance"), or doing something that hurts the community writ large ("public nuisance"). For example, a private nuisance might be like a neighbor's dog that barks 24/7 or cigarette smoke that drifts up into your child's bedroom, while a public nuisance would be if a company dumps toxic waste into a river. The dozens of lawsuits against fossil fuel companies on the grounds that the carbon pollution from their product represents a public nuisance that's raising sea levels, worsening extreme weather and otherwise hurting public health, are known as "climate nuisance" suits. The climate is the subject of the public nuisance lawsuits. If you're talking to someone who knows all about it, you'd refer to them as "climate nuisance" lawsuits. It's also worth noting that "nuisance lawsuits," are not at all the same thing as "frivolous lawsuits." A frivolous lawsuit (or motion, or pleading, etc.) is one that wastes the court's and other parties' time, money, and resources with no reasonable legal or factual basis for success and attorneys can be sanctioned for filing such a lawsuit. It's Rule 11(b) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and every lawyer learns it in their first semester of law school. We say all this, because a story that Fox News ran this week (by dedicated climate disinfo guy Thomas Catenacci) accuses Leonardo DiCaprio of funding climate nuisance lawsuits. The Catenacci story, republished at the NY Post and picked up by the Washington Examiner tries real hard to turn some emails to and from academics talking about climate lawsuits into a scandal by calling a funding recipient a "dark money group," (despite the story coming from a dark money group and former tobacco lawyer now funded by the fossil fuel industry). But the person who apparently replaced Catenacci at the Daily Caller clearly needs an explainer. Kay Smythe, "news and commentary writer" at the Daily Caller, headlined her copy+paste version of Catenacci's story as: "REPORT: Leo DiCaprio Used Dark Money To Annoy People With Climate Lawsuits." The Caller's staff apparently either itself thinks, or wants its readers to think, that the point of these lawsuits isn't to hold companies accountable to clean up and repay the public for the damage caused by their pollution, but is instead just annoying them with "nuisance climate-related lawsuits," using the term in the colloquial sense instead of the accurate legal sense it's being used in the FOIA'd academic emails that form the basis of the attempted hatchet job. In their zeal to look clever, the Daily Caller confused the term "nuisance" for "vexatious" or "frivolous". For Smythe and any non-legalese-speakers in the audience, here's a sentence using the terms accurately: Chris Horner, who fed this story to Catenacci about the emails referencing the DiCaprio foundation support climate nuisance lawsuits holding fossil fuel companies accountable, is better known for getting paid by fossil fuel companies to target climate scientists with baseless or frivolous and harassing or vexatious FOIA lawsuits demanding they release their emails in an attempt to rerun the Climategate disinfo playbook. Given that the Daily Caller is less known for hiring smart reporters than it is for repeatedly hiring racist white nationalists, we can't say we're surprised. But since they were just copying the work of Catenacci without actually adding anything of value, it is impressive that they nonetheless found a way to make the sad little story of DiCaprio actually doing something decent with his money even more asinine! Source Little side note: The Daily Caller was founded by now-Fox News host Tucker Carlson.
  3. Idris Elba talking yet again about Leo Idris Elba has Leonardo DiCaprio to thank for his 'realistic' lion fight in 'Beast' When adventure calls, Idris Elba lets it go to voicemail. "If I go on vacation – and that's a big if – I'm good with sitting still," says the actor, who finds himself on the holiday from hell in his new survival thriller, "Beast." "My wife (model Sabrina Dhowre) is not that: She wants to be a tourist and get around, but I'm fine just being chill and looking at my environment. I'm very boring like that." Elba's latest onscreen outings are anything but dull: In "Beast" (in theaters Friday), he plays a widowed doctor named Nate Samuels, whose South African getaway with his young daughters (Iyana Halley and Leah Sava Jeffries) is thrown into chaos by a ravenous lion. And in "Three Thousand Years of Longing" (in theaters Aug. 26), he stars as a genie who must grant three wishes for a lonely scholar (Tilda Swinton). (...) "The actual fighting of the lion was really difficult," Elba says. "There were no lions used in the making of this film," so he worked closely with movement performers and stuntmen in motion-capture suits to create the computer-generated predator. He also re-watched 2015 survival drama "The Revenant," in which Leonardo DiCaprio gets brutally mauled by a grizzly bear. "The bear sequence that Leonardo does is really realistic and is sort of a benchmark in terms of what we wanted to achieve for the audience," Elba says. "Because everyone who watched that was horrified." Full article
  4. Gabriel Byrne about Leo and working with him in THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK. Also Leo should be killed from some psycho? 😯 Gabriel Byrne is a big admirer of Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘He was on an assassin’s hitlist – how do you deal with that aged 23?’ Irish actor and filmmaker Gabriel Byrne, 72, on the night someone tried to bottle assassin’s target Leonardo DiCaprio – and carrying more luggage than Joan Collins. You worked with Leonardo DiCaprio on The Man In The Iron Mask. Did he deal with fame differently to someone such as Richard Burton? I admire the way that Leo has dealt with it because he experienced fame on a global scale. What that brings out in people can be truly unnerving and sometimes scary. Somebody smashed a bottle and tried to stick it in his face one night at a party. I recount in the book that Gianni Versace was assassinated and Leo was one of the people on that killer’s list. I remember the day after, Leo was walking on to the set surrounded by five security men because they were afraid he was going to be next. How do you deal with that at 23? Source
  5. Glad to hear. Also thx for the "easy" explanation @oxford25 It appears he didn't like ELVIS so I guess you're right he's just pissed. And also highly unprofessional for a critic. https://www.worldofreel.com/blog/2022/8/ac1vtxvkp7vbooq1efet1nbhyq9007
  6. ^To me it sounds more they spent money strategically to change politics for the cause of climate change. What's maybe not necessarily a bad thing -sometimes you just have to fight dirty because everyone around you is fighting dirty too- but it's still illegal. It also seems like it wasn't Leo but his back then CEO of the foundation who made those poorly decisions. Still unclear how much Leo was aware/involved in all of this. No wonder he gave up the foundation in his name. What a mess. Yet again
  7. It also seems like Leo (or his former foundation) is a bit in trouble? To be honest I only understand half of this article. I couldn't even tell what he or the foundation is being accused of. Maybe someone can explain in easy words? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/leonardo-dicaprio-funneled-grants-dark-money-group-fund-climate-nuisance-lawsuits-emails-show
  8. A bit more input about upcoming THE WAGER. Martin Scorsese's The Wager: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know After Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are reuniting for Apple TV+'s The Wager. Here's what to know! Apple TV+ has been dominating viewers' screens since its November 2019 launch, quickly rising in priority on users' subscribed lists. The streamer has attached Martin Scorsese to The Wager, based on author David Grann's historical nonfiction epic, with Leonardo DiCaprio to star. This will be Scorsese and DiCaprio's seventh project together, after movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, Gangs of New York, The Departed, Shutter Island, and soon, Apple TV's Flower Moon, also starring Robert De Niro. What can we expect from this all-star duo's seventh reunion on the screen? Imperative Entertainment's Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomas are producing with Scorsese via Sikelia Productions, while DiCaprio and his partner Jennifer Davisson will produce through their company Appian Way Productions. The executive producer is Richard Pleper through the Eden Productions banner. A lot of weight is being thrown behind this project, so let's jump into what Scorsese and DiCaprio fans should know about The Wager and Grann's critically acclaimed novels! The Wager: The Plot Bestselling author David Grann's soon-to-be-released 2023 novel The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder is a tale of shipwreck, mutiny, and murder, according to preliminary descriptions. The novel centers on thirty barely alive and emaciated men who washed ashore in Brazil on a desperately improvised raft on January 28th, 1742. The men are survivors of a top-secret treasure hunting ship, His Majesty's The Wager. During the imperial war with Spain, the ship wrecked while in pursuit of "the prize of all oceans," a Spanish ship loaded with priceless valuables. After months of being stranded on a desert island, the surviving men built the raft and drifted at sea for a hundred days before landing as heroes on the shores of Brazil. This isn't even the story's most interesting part, but what happens next is. Six months after this event, a raft in even worse shape washes ashore in Chile, hosting three castaways who had a very different perspective of the events recounted by the thirty. According to these three castaways, the thirty heroes of The Wager were guilty of the worst treason imaginable in His Majesty's navy: they were mutineers. Accusations fly, and the stakes are acquittal or execution in Grann's intense tale of loyalty and betrayal, truth and lie, anarchy and duty. The Wager: The Cast & Crew The only known names attached to the film at this point are Scorsese and DiCaprio. Though we have yet to see Killers of the Flower Moon, which is due to be released in May 2023, we can expect that Scorsese will lend both to it and The Wager his distinct, haunting, and immersive style to the tales. The harshly divided subject matter of The Wager gives the legendary filmmaker a lot to sink his teeth into as a master craftsman. It is sure to be another committed performance by DiCaprio, who also made the survival drama The Revenant so unforgettable. The Wager is a story with human drama, gruesome visuals, and unforgiving motivation, which is up Scorsese's alley. The international setting and enormous implications of the story's premise are very contained to this one time period, this particular affair, and this era of dominance of the British Navy. We can only assume Scorsese will capitalize on its broader themes and relevance to the larger population. All he needs is DiCaprio to bring it to life. We look forward to hearing more casting announcements in the months to come. Other Related Projects to Be Excited About This isn't the only Grann novel that Apple TV+ will be adapting. Tom Hiddleston is set to headline and executive produce the film The White Darkness, a harrowing polar exploration drama based on the novel of the same name with Soo Hugh and Mark Heyman. Apple TV has also finished production of the Grann-written, Scorsese-directed, and DiCaprio-starring Killers of the Flower Moon based on the Grann novel. It was also produced by Imperative and is set in an oil-wealthy Osage Nation in 1920s Oklahoma. Grann has proven himself to be an engrossing, dynamic novelist, and it is exciting that the mammoth Apple streaming service has so eagerly devoured his works. Seeing such original and prolific authors get their due in mainstream Hollywood is an inspiring development for cinephiles desperate for new, never before seen stories. There have been a lot of complaints that mainstream Hollywood is all sequels as of late, so Apple TV's continuation of its reputation as a hub for brand new blockbuster content is music to many ears. It's about time more new novels, especially ones as unique and special as Grann's, was seized and developed for TV-watching audiences. Release Date The Wager novel will be available on April 18th, 2023. A release date for the film adaptation has not yet been announced. Source
  9. I haven't seen any of those top 5 performances but Austins and I think he gave one of the best performances I ever saw (in a biopic). And yes claiming Leo needs a "weak" year to get a chance for his 2nd oscar is... very poorly worded lol But I also think all those awards aren't anymore what they used to be. They lost everything special to me.
  10. Erewhon Market in Studio City, Calif. (August 14)
  11. One more KOTFM snippet of Jordan Ruimy (well it's more his opinion but whatever lol). Oscars: Clayton Takes on the Best Actor Race .. I already tackled the Best Actor race on 08.05.22 Variety’s Clayton Davis is more or less in agreement with what I consider to be the current top 5: Austin Butler (Elvis) Brendan Fraser (The Whale) Hugh Jackman (The Son) Bill Nighy (Living) Adam Driver (White Noise) Others: Tom Cruise (Top Gun: Maverick), Daniel Giménez Cacho (Bardo), Christian Bale (Amsterdam), Jeremy Pope (The Inspection), Diego Calva (Babylon) I’m more prone to believe that, given this seems to be a fairly weak year for prominent male lead performances, Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: Maverick” should be taken very seriously. It’s such a weak year for male acting that if I were Paramount/Apple I’d really try hard to push that December deadline on Scorsese/Schoonmaker for “Killers of the Flower Moon.” This is the absolutely perfect year to release that film and campaign DiCaprio’s performance. Source If Tom Cruise wins an oscar for that overwhelmingly cringy Top Gun performance I'm done with the oscars forever
  12. First look at apples upcoming show Shantaram. HQ
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