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  1. Leo looks kinda cute like oh it's a rainy day I could be wet without my slicker Most men I know doesn't even have one LOL This one is adorable
  2. Leo via people he's not dating german model Lorena Rae. On the other hand he said the same about Nina so I don't how how accurate it's this time http://people.com/movies/leonardo-dicaprio-lorena-rae/
  3. Have to post those pics because to see Leo without a hat is even more a pleasure
  4. Big thanks @oxford25 to scan the whole article for us. LOL to the claiming about '15 photos'
  5. ^Funny article and very nice photos ... can't get enough from his vacation man bun The 3rd one is SO bossy Thanks for sharing and looking for Star Magazine @oxford25
  6. If someone would buy this magazine and could scan those 15 amazing photos I would be grateful forever Denial via gossip cop: https://www.gossipcop.com/leonardo-dicaprio-kate-winslet-lovers-romance/
  7. Has someone more or a better quality of this?
  8. Looking for Juliet? Can't help but thinking immediately at this scene
  9. ^Omg dreams come true Thanks for posting @calibi
  10. Thanks everybody for sharing thoughts about those pics with Leo and Alexandra Trustman... whatever they doing they're hella cute
  11. Another one... his hair
  12. Can we please talk about those pictures? What are they doing?
  13. They raised 30 million dollars so far!!! http://people.com/movies/madonna-delivers-surprise-performance-at-leonardo-dicaprios-charity-auction-30-million-raised-so-far/
  14. Thanks for all the amazing pics... Leo & Kate, siiiiigh Hope they raised a lot of money