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  1. Tarantino about his son Leo (who's not named after the Leo we all know ) and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood novel (which I finally pre ordered ). Actually he's more talking about other novels but whatever
  2. It's The Sun so I don't know how accurate it is but here's the update about Leos island I requested for LOL
  3. It was kinda ironic because "The Revenant" came out in germany around her birthday. So the one Leo movie she didn't like was one of the main topics at her birthday party (or more the question if Leo would finally win the damn oscar) lol At least she never doubted he would win but if you ask her today she tells you she still would've prefered he had won for TWOWS It's just not her kind of movie. Dark, dirty, bloody and brutal. I think she didn't look at the screen most of the time because of all the blood and pain and suffering and violence and dirt and death and more
  4. ^You're doing it all wrong Every time a Leo movie is showing in cinema I let all my friends and family know when they have to watch the movie with me. Because they all love me and know my crazy leo fan ass for over 20 years they just do it. Mostly without hesitating Nice side effect: I can watch the movie many times in nice company on the big screen. I still remember my brave mother watching "The Revenant" which she found AWFUL just for me
  5. ^Well you haven't missed anything because like I said no other cut of all of Leos movies was ever released. Every finished movie we are getting to see is always just a little piece of so much more. The original cut of Titanic is what? 11 hours (or was it 'just' 5 lol)? However. Same for Django Unchained. Same for Body of Lies. Scorsese had to cut "Gangs of New York" down because the studio said so... it's actually kinda sad we are never going to see the movie he had really in mind for 30 freaking years. Bunch of missing possibilities you see?
  6. Next a Director's Cut, Mr Tarantino? Seriously, why didn't get one single Leo movie another cut? I feel so many missing possibilities here ๐Ÿค 
  7. Just taking a moment for a deep look into those ocean eyes ๐Ÿ˜ More Titanic is trending again (last time on netflix):
  8. Never saw "Raging Bull". Actually I never saw any Scorsese movie without Leo. Does it make me a bad person?
  9. Have to post this because who needed cards to predict this???
  10. Always had a soft spot for a blonde Leo (I mean even MORE than usual) so I'm all in with the new look and volunteer to unbutton this black shirt further ๐Ÿ˜
  11. ^Today you can "fix" technical every voice of course but still since the singing scene in OUATIH was such a challenge for Leo I would have loved to see him that much out of his comfort zone in "A Star Is Born" Plus Leo as a hot, troubled, sweating singer who falls in love while playing piano and guitar and singing love songs? Oh hell yes pls
  12. Nice surprise. Thanks for sharing it. About Leo and singing: I think the biggest mystery for me will be forever when Eastwood wanted to cast Leo and Beyonce in "A Star is Born". I'm really really curious how this would have worked out since Bradley Cooper is singing A LOT in this movie
  13. On the rising starโ€™s 24th birthday, take a look at her best beauty moments
  14. Interesting question. I don't really have the ultimate answer but there is for example the Black List where writers can publish a script to get the chance of a movie in the first place. I think it's not easy for a screenwriter to turn the idea from paper into a movie. So publishing a script is probably the only chance to get those scripts "out" and to find people who read them. And of course there are etablished directors/screenwriters who write their own scripts like Nolan, Tarantino and Cameron who would NEVER published a script before the finished movie. I remem
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