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  1. Don't know if this Gatsby review was ever posted but it's on point (agree with mostly everything) https://www.douxreviews.com/2013/05/the-great-gatsby.html Beside from this I will never ever getting tired about Leo in this damn sweater So you can imagine what a smiling Leo in this damn sweater is doing to me I was always wondering if he has ever laughed in a movie more often? I mean look at him all smiley and beautiful. I need more of happy Leo in my life, seriously Good lord, he's so gorgeous Last one because the way he looked at her is really every girl wants to be looked at *dead dead dead*
  2. I remember in the actual book "Body of Lies" Roger has a girlfriend named -I think- Alice (Aisha isn't a character from the book) and they have lots of lots of steamy sex When I read it (after I saw the movie) I was like wtf why isn't this is in the goddamn fuck!ng movie? To be honest the movie was almost nothing like the book lol BUT I have to say I think his innocent relationship with Aisha is very sweet/something different/more complicated and I love Leos chemistry with Golshifteh Farahani (they would have the most gorgeous babies ever I swear). She's so beautiful... Here's another INTIMATE scene I wished it would be in the freaking movie: - if, by chance, you’re waiting for me… - for what? - well, if you’re waiting for me i just want to let you know that you’re gonna have to wait forever because… i will never, ever touch a muslim woman first. i won’t. (Source) I love that quote
  3. ^Coincidentally I watched Django last night with a friend Wondering if Tarantino is still planning this director's cut (for netflix?)... I'm dying too see more of those Candyland scenes Christoph Waltz look LMAO escepially the "love story" of Candie and Sheba Why is it that always (or mostly) Leos intimate interactions got cut from his movies? It's not fair My friend was wondering if he's or if he's not banging his sister btw At least they seemed to have a very physically relationship (lots of touching, hugging and kissing)... any thoughts?
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