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  1. ooh i love the styling too.
  2. everyone says she is one though...
  3. she's a natural red head isn't she? if so why are her roots always dark brown? shouldn't they be red?
  4. her body does confuse me. her sister is still super thin so it seems quite odd that she has become this "big girl" while her sister has remained stick thin. i know everyone has different genes but its quite striking because they were both so thin for so many years. ps - that was a really interesting article. i read the whole thing.
  5. sounds interesting. i wonder why....
  6. i now have italian and indian vogue.
  7. i bought UK vogue today. was quite good. apparently italian vogue is the best. i know many who buy it who cant even speak Italian - they still think it's worth it.
  8. could i please change to "Crackberry"? i don't like being reminded of my ex on a daily basis.
  9. Twelve Days: The Story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution by Victor Sebestyen
  10. I'm trying to find the best fashion magazine. I have a subscription to Australian Vogue and Russh. I have to say one of the best I've read recently has been Oyster Magazine. It had a fantastic interview with Karl Lagerfeld. What's yours?
  11. single ladies. never heard the whole thing and i dont want to.
  12. hostel 2. i couldnt even finish it and i love scary movies.
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