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  1. I've seen Maria Fernanda Yepes play a prostitute in Sin Senos no hay ParaĆ­so with Carmen. I like Maite Perroni
  2. Does anyone know where these pictures are from? Photography: Jo Duck Styling: James Dykes Model: Dani Seitz
  3. I see a connection (dread, rasta trend). She is a maneater. I'm so lost, I can't believe she is dating Marley's son lol where have I been?
  4. Rogue


    this girl who's name I'm not sure of from tumblr - it's a gif of a model http://romanorums.tumblr.com/post/14545264366
  5. holy crap, when did this thread turn into uncensored nudity in like..... every flipping post??
  6. I'm looking for close ups of her face in her We Found Love music video, has anyone found any? thanks
  7. Rogue

    Barbara Mori

    does anyone have this in HQ, I am dyinggggg thx xox wow.. I just re-posted and asked for something that's on the same page i posted on :S i'm so off bz wave lengths right now *editttt*
  8. Happy birthday! :)

  9. Hey, Big Happy BIRTHDAY, enjoy the celebration.

  10. Happy Birthday! :D

  11. happy birthday alexa!

  12. Rogue

    I've been commenting a bit lately. thank you ;) lol

  13. Thank you :) <3

  14. Happy Birthday! :)

  15. Lyon

    Can't believe it's been 7 months since your last comment :o

    Anyways Happy Birthday :)

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