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  1. I've seen Maria Fernanda Yepes play a prostitute in Sin Senos no hay Paraíso with Carmen. I like Maite Perroni
  2. Does anyone know where these pictures are from? Photography: Jo Duck Styling: James Dykes Model: Dani Seitz
  3. I see a connection (dread, rasta trend). She is a maneater. I'm so lost, I can't believe she is dating Marley's son lol where have I been?
  4. {name}


    this girl who's name I'm not sure of from tumblr - it's a gif of a model http://romanorums.tumblr.com/post/14545264366
  5. holy crap, when did this thread turn into uncensored nudity in like..... every flipping post??
  6. I'm looking for close ups of her face in her We Found Love music video, has anyone found any? thanks
  7. {name}

    Barbara Mori

    does anyone have this in HQ, I am dyinggggg thx xox wow.. I just re-posted and asked for something that's on the same page i posted on :S i'm so off bz wave lengths right now *editttt*
  8. {name}

    I've been commenting a bit lately. thank you ;) lol

  9. Thank you :) <3

  10. {name}

    Music of 2011

    ALL the weeknd songs, free on their website... I can't stop listening to this
  11. {name}


    wow. Candice has some of the nicest curves.... one of the nicest bodies I've ever seen, her waist and hips... I'm so jealous!! thanks so much for the pictures! This year looks amazing. Happy Adriana's hair is the right color again
  12. Why are so many ppl bashing Adriana, she's a veteran and has been doing VS almost before her pubs started growing in. Vs would not be the same without her. Uhm Yeah Rianne & Marloes all the way... bring Balti back!! for the person who said Snejana - ... she allergic to food, so I don't know when that will ever happen
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    batana ojon oil.... treatment or shampoo what ever. it changed my hair like no other product. I actually bought batana shampoo from a supermarket in the capital of Honduras... I know they sell a batana product at sephora that is crazy over prized, but I hear that works too. gives you the healthiest, thickest, skinniest hair you could ever ask for.
  14. {name}

    Blake Lively

    ugh, i'm insanely envious of her killer body
  15. British Harper's Bazaar, hands down. I only buy the September & March editions. others italian vogue numero zink w v
  16. {name}


    I didn't realize that, they were from that spread. thank you
  17. {name}


    anyone know where this is from and if there's any more like it? thanks Valentina's face is cover by the teddy, but it's still cute. it's so sweet what is written.. from what I can understand it says "we are going to have more children, doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl. more in the future" am I right? Portuguese ppl hahaha
  18. {name}

    Gerard Pique

    does anyone know who he is dating now? he use to be dating this little short girl back when he was a kid... MAN oh MAN is this guy hot!!! He makes the world cup a little more exciting than it already is... gorgeouss
  19. oh I really love this girl... I just noticed her on twitter through a models.com tweet. Is she part Asian? Brazilians are so diverse and beautiful. Newer and fresher Rianne Ten Haken? Maybe.. just maybe.
  20. {name}

    Charlie Hunnam

    wow this guy is panty creaming!!!
  21. {name}

    Eau De Parfum

    Lola - Marc Jacobs Green Tea Ocittane
  22. {name}


    i wonder why? they are a little sexy, no? hahah
  23. {name}

    Ugly Shoes

    wow those are horrible :s
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